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November 09 babies Lock Rss

Hi Girls and bubs,
Thought I'd give an update. My beautiful two bubs are just gorgeous 8 months old already!, Zak my true little angel sleeps from 7pm to 7am, He's on formula now cos he was getting too big for me to hold on the pillow with Kyra and was taking all my milk, he is rolling, but not crawling, still no teeth but all my other kids never got them real early. Kyra on the other hand, is still b/f still really tiny, her reflux is better but has a bit of a temper! (like her mum when things don't go right) lol. Rolling but not crawling,and no teeth either. True little treasure to me.
Has anyone used a teething necklace, baltic amber before? Did it work? I bought some for my two little ones but still no teeth so I don't know if they work.

Did anyone have a c-section and did they have any trouble with it?
I'm still getting soreness along my scar, very tender and red. My first and only c-section and I wish I never had to have had it but I had no choice.

Take care all
XXXXX grin

Hi Girls

So nice to see that all the babies are doing well.

Danni - good to hear from you. i was wondering how your twins were going. sounds like they are going great. Hope that Kyra's reflux gets better soon, my DS had it and was on medication until he was 25 months. I havent tried the teething necklaces. I had a cs with my DS and it took a long time about 2 years to get all the feeling back etc, i hated it beingn touched near there it was an awful sensation. Ive changed my name but was ShanB on the due Nov 09 thread.

Zoe is going well, she's 7 months now. Started solids a month ago and she's starting to get into it. Still bf her. She hasnt got any teeth yet and isnt crawling but that makes things easier. Zoe is babbling heaps, and into touching your face and giving kisses, it;s very cute.

take care
Hi there,

My twins, Addison & Rhys were born on the 24/11/09. 5lb 11oz & 5lb 5oz. They are 7 months old now, boy times flies when you are busy!!

They have an older brother Aiden, he was 2 on the 12 May.

A few familar people on this thread!

Dani - I'm with you. I hated C Sec too, but I had no choice as both were breech. I have the amber necklaces but my two are still gummy too. They wear them during the day but not when they sleep. They do show signs of teething & it is not seeming to bother them so maybe the necklaces are working???

Hope everyone is keeping well!

My little girl Shenae Isabel was born on the 19 nov 09 at 7:16pm, 8pound 6oz, 52cm.

At 8 months she is still waking 1-2 time a night for a feed, i have tried to just give her the dummy and see if she will settle herself back to sleep but hasn't worked yet. I am hoping that when she finally gets teeth (no sign of any yet) she might start to sleep through the night.


Hi All
Good to see some ppl from other forum.
Was thinking the other day if anyone knows if Toni is doing ok and If she was expecting?
really felt bad here I am with all these kids that sometimes I could do without lol,(on bad days)(these school holidays have been bad have three on meds cause they are sick.......... ) Back to school on Monday can't wait!!!

Well the lastest news here is Kyra is crawling, everywhere! No teeth as yet, they are still wearing their necklaces, Zak has 2 teeth and I didn't know he had them until they were there. They came through with no problems, but hey being a mum of six I spose I don't have a lot of time to keep checking!
I am still B/F Kyra but Zak is on the bottle it was getting so hard with two of them feeding at the same time. Zak is still Mr Boomba and Kyra is still little missy moo, she is very petite. She is 9 months old and still in some 00.
I have found out I'm going to be an Aunty again in Nov, I'm hoping my SIL has a girl just so Kyra isn't the only girl for the whole family.

Well thats all for me at the moment, Hope you are all having a ball with your little ones.
Take care
Danni XXXX grin

Wow I haven't posted here for ages!! Good to see everyone is going well.

Jami is 8 and a bit months now, rolling everywhere and sooo close to crawling - she can actually crawl backwards, just hasn't got the hang of going forwards yet lol... She has a smile that lights up a room, and a temper that is ferocious. She just adores her big sister, and is always looking for her. She is saying a few words already - she said dad first much to my hubby's delight!

Tannah is a wonderful big sister, I'm so proud of how she helps out and talks and plays with Jami. Although I'd be happier if she dropped the 'I'm 3 and I know everything' attitude!

Has anyone used a teething necklace, baltic amber before? Did it work? I bought some for my two little ones but still no teeth so I don't know if they work.

I've had a teething necklace on Jami for a few months now - I wasn't too sure if it was working but she's cut 2 teeth in the past 2 weeks and apart from one night where she was a bit unsettled, she's been great. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Hi everyone! My daughter Emma was born on the 19th of Nov at 7:22am weighing 6lb10! 12hours before hand i was told she wasnt engaged, most likely to have her 2weeks late but no lol she came the next morning, two weeks early and it was a quick first labour (1hr6mins drug free) so after i got over the shock of her being here it was great lol!

Shes now 9 and a half months old and is crawling and touching everything grin still breastfeeding and still havnt had a full nights but that will come eventually!

Be great to talk to other mums who have november babies, my address is [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from yous smile
Hi Ladies,

My baby boy Hunter was born 2weeks early on the 16th November after i was induced due to cholestasis. Labour was extremely quick (15minutes!!! I kid you not). He's almost 1 now and has only just started commandoe crawling.

xxx Becka

Hi my name is Tracey and I had a little boy born on the 9th of november 2009 weighing 7lb 13oz, I also have a DD who is 20 months old. Would love to hear from other november 09 mummies.


Tracey smile]

Hello Tracey,
We had our 2nd Little Boy on 26 Nov 09 in Whangarei, He was surposed to be an elective C-Section (due to a past complication with an eptopic pregnancy) but he decided to come a day earlier and become an emergency C-Section, all went OK. I would love to find other parents with kids born in the same month. We know 3 other parents with kids born on the same week as our first boy but none as of yet with our second.
Warm fuzzies

hi my name is Taneka
my babygirl Ella was born on the 26 November weight 7.7kgs and 49.5cms long but my due date was the 28. i was induced but had emergency c-section.
im so blessed to have her.

I'm sort of new to the Huggies website, and haven't really done much in the way of communicating with people.
I was wondering if you wanted to be Huggies friends as our kids share the same Birthday... 26 Nov 2009
Let me know what you think....
Warm fuzzies
Hi there, my daughter was born on the 16th of November 2009 weighing in at 7lb 7oz =)
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