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jayden started soilds yesterday!! yay so excited, he took to it really well. just having one meal at night.
yeah we were pretty excited when joe started his solids as well. I'm starting to give him breaky but dont really know what sort of things to give him i mix fruit in with rice cereal but he desnt really like it so im not sure if hes just not ready for it or he just doesnt like it.
Hi everyone,
Zebadiah has been on solids since the week before christmas. We jsut started with apples and slowly introduced more tastes after 4 days of each new food. I started with a couple of teaspoons at lunch time. He now has half a jar at lunch time each day. His favourite is the apples I think thats because we gave it to him first.
Anyway took Zebadiah to the doctors yeaterday as he wasnt sleeping, was so unsettles, was vomitting a lot (and he has reflux lol so this on top was ridiculous) etc anyway turns out he may be allergic to pumkin. So we have to keep him on fruit only for the next two months and then try again!!

jayden just started having farex for breakfast and loves it. he has been waking up screaming at night, and i cant think of a reason, think it could just be nightmares.
When zebadiah is given farex he wakes up scremaing through the night also..I try to avoid it as it gives him bad wind pains. MAybe try birping Jayden when he wakes?

thanks will try that and also heard that water after the meal it helps too. so thanks.
Hey all, Sam is now 15 months old and getting into everything and getting so big and he is walking and love his food and got about 8 teeth I think.

He goes to daycare 2 days a week and he like it but loves caming home after the day is at the end, and thinking about starting toliet training with him when he is about 18 months old and see how he goes any way.

How is everyone else little ones are going?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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