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***DECEMBER 2009 BUBS*** Lock Rss

Okay guys January is here and December is over so it's time to start a new group. This thread is for anyone who has a baby who was born in December 2009 (or was due in December 2009) to just chat about our bubs and general life.

If you want your bub's details added to the list or edited PM me.


06/11/2009 - Austiger - (Tracey) - ASHTON MICHAEL BAUGHMAN 6.53pm 4lb & 43.2cm

18/11/2009 - 3minimunchkins - Laylah Charlotte 6pound 4 oz

20/11/2009 - mummytoalhali (Jane) - ROGEN PATRICK DELOS 3.37pm 7lb 5oz & 49cm

21/11/2009 - alp5479 (Alyssa) - JAY BRIAN PATTERSON 4kg & 51.5cm

21/11/2009 – 4thtimemum (Sonya) – EMMA JADE 6lb 13oz

21/11/2009 - Charlie2mum (Colleen) - ELLA ROSE 7.03pm 8lb 2oz & 51cm.

24/11/2009 - Sherron - ADDISON LEE 8.52am, 5lB 11oz, 48cm & RHYS JAMIE 8.53am, 5lb 5oz, 48cm

25/11/2009 - Tam005 - RIANA JEANINE HUMBLE, 1.55am, 1.89kg, 45.5cm

25/11/2009 – Mum77x1.5 (Eliza) – MIA SHANNON HART, 9lb 4.5oz

25/11/2009 - Becksa (Bec) - MITCHELL CONNOR LINCOLN, 7lb 10oz, 54cm

25/11/2009 - CE-EC09 (Cassy) - XAVIER JAY EVANS, 8lb 5oz

26/11/2009 - Kird08 (Kirstin) - RACHEL ELISE, 10.09am, 3.01kg, 49cm

28/11/2009 - Felix79 (Sarah) - FLYNN JAMES COOPER, 5.16pm, 8lb 7oz

29/11/2009 - McMum (Bec) - TATE ANTHONY, 8.37pm, 8lb 2oz

30/11/2009 - mumof2 (?) - EMMA LOUISE, 7lb 6oz

01/12/2009 - Selsbels (Selena) - ROXIE BRIDGET, 5.58am, 6lb 10oz, 48cm

01/12/2009 - Pinkdaisy (Renee) - JAKE ARNOLD, 10.59am, 6lb 4oz & ELLA MARION, 11.01am, 5lb 1oz

03/12/2009 - PrincessDaddynMe (Tash) - SOPHIE EMMA, 3.45kg, 47cm

04/12/2009 - Sturn (Shana) WILLIAM HAMISH SHANE, 6lb 11oz, 48cm

06/12/2009 - Kezzabelle (Keri) - SOPHIE WILLOW BARKER, 6.37am, 7lb 1oz

06/12/2009 - Caszie87 - Macaulie Mandoza Nyamuzinga at 10:59am: 10 lb, 3 oz; 56cm

07/12/2009 - rachelm156 - Sophie Betty Horsfall 3.06am 8lb 5oz

07/12/2009 - Sky_mum (Betsy) - JACK CHRISTOPHER CLEMENTS, 10.48am, 8lb 14oz, 55cm

08/12/2009 - Kelnick10 (Kelly) - IMOGEN KATE, 10.41am, 3.9kg

08/12/2009 - AlyceConnorRiley (Alyce) - HUNTER JAMES, 10.45am, 3.3kg, 49cm

08/12/2009 - BabyDreams_09 - TIA ISABELLE, 3.1kg, 51cm

09/12/2009 - lmg633 (Leanne) - BETHANY ADELL, 12.59am, 9lb, 53cm

9/12/09 - Helena_Nisbet - Noah James, 7lb 6 1/2 oz, 48 cm, 8.25pm

10/12/2009 - melsymoo (Mel)- ANDREW, 1.07pm, 9lb 8oz, 51.5cm

11/12/2009 - Tycus (Cindy) - JAYDA MAREE, 12.20am, 9lb 7oz, 51cm

11/12/2009 - peg10 - Isabella, 4:36am, 8lb

13/12/2009 - Pumpkin85 (Philippa) - CAED DUNCAN GEORGE, 1.19am, 8lb 3oz, 55cm

15/12/2009 - Gem21 (Jem) - BRIAN EDGAR HANSEN, 7lb 10oz, 49cm

15/12/09 Georja Elizabeth Duro 5.43 pm 6 lb 4 oz and 51cm

19/12/2009 - maddison22 - LACEY MAY, 6.02am, 5lb 14oz

19/12/2009 - molly - Madilyn Aliyah Gross 8lb 9oz 53cm

21/12/2009 - Elise~summer~ (Elise) - JACK JAMES MCDONNELL, 8lb 2oz

21/12/2009 mummadaisy82 - JASMINE JADE ZSOLTI 12:58pm 7Ib 4oz 52cm

22/12/2009 - mum2*bray*cor*livi (Hannie) - OLIVIA ERIN, 3.56am, 8lb 6oz, 52cm

23/12/2009 - NZ-Family (Leianne) - WYATT ANTHONY LOGAN JOHNSON, 2.55pm, 9lb 1oz, 53cm

24/12/2009 - Sheridan74 - BABY GIRL, 7.24pm, 8lb 10oz, 51cm

24/12/2009 - 2_busy_rugrats - MORGAN, 3.6kg, 52cm

25/12/2009 - Nicki4 (Nicki) - LAYLA FAY HILL, 7.22am, 9lb 9oz

??/12/2009 - njaszaa - ELSIE-RUTH JAN, 7lb 9oz, 50cm

27/12/2009 - Manda12 (Amanda) - Jaxson Rodney-John 7 pounds, 50cm

28/12/2009- EmG87- Annie Michelle 9lb 5ozm, 56cm @ 12.29pm

29/12/2009 - (Becca) - Jonathan`Douglas Aaron Hawkins, 7 pounds 10 and 49 cm

31/12/2009 - jaiya01 - Nate Russell, 8lb 13oz
Thought I'd delete mine and just have the one list smile
[Edited on 03/01/2010]

Thanks Tash for setting this group up! Can't wait to share all the goings-on with our bubs together... I have lots of questions even though this is our 3rd bub. Feel like I've forgotten everything!

Anyway, I copied the list again cos I changed my username from *two_monkeys* to mum2*bray*cor*livi

We were away at the beach for 5 days. It was nice for the boys to be away but I'm glad to be home and to get into some sort of routine! I feel like I am a fish out of water even though I've done the whole newborn thing twice before. Being up in the night has been hard... I am only getting about 6 hours sleep - 3 hours then Livi is up for an hour and then another 3 hours before my boys are up!

However last night was the best night with her settling quickly after a feed at 3am... instead of taking an hour and the other night 1.5 hours!!! I think I cried cos I didn't know what else to do to settle her! Overall she has been a good baby... feeding well and sleeping well (better in the day).

My nipples are starting to adjust to breastfeeding... which is a relief as it was getting so painful. I am also not enjoying the engorged feeling that comes with breastfeeding and going through breastpads like there's no tomorrow but that was the same with both my boys.

Other than that, I am still pinching myself that we have our baby girl and also that our family is now complete. I have to admit, I don't miss being pregnant at all... and even though my rings still don't fit sad and I have a jelly belly... I am glad to have bubs out!

Congrats to all those who had bubs while I was away. Look forward to seeing everyone in here!


Great job Tash.
Even though Emma is not a December baby, she was a due in December bub, so you all are stuck with me, sorry! Hope all is well with everyone today.
Michelle, hope things are improving at home with H. Your little man sounds wonderful helping you out, so cute, take care with yourself and don't overdo it. Remember a dirty house will still be there tomorrow(and the next and the next).
Img633 don't feel guilty about your breastfeeding, there is plenty of time to feel guilty about other things as they grow. AND there is definately nothing wrong with you, sometimes no matter what these things don't work out. Be proud of yourself that you have tried.
Take care, Sonya
Hi all, well done Tash moving us on..... will be great keeping in touch, you ladies have been such a help to me with my many varied questions.
Yay for us all having our bubbas in our arms.
Does anyone know how Roxie is getting on?
hey,good work tash for setting this up. its so good that we can all keep in touch on here after the babies have been born.

well jayda is going well, a bit of a night owl, feeding every 3 hours on the dot. takes about an hour to feed, burp, change her, then get her to sleep again, so its all a bit exhausting at the moment, but this stage doesnt last forever.

i finally get her weighed on tuesday as the clinic nurse has been too busy so far to come see us. if i was worried she hadnt put on weight, then i would have taken her to the chemist to be weighed, but she outgrew 0000 at 2 weeks old, so shes definately getting chubby!! then on wednesday i have to take her for her repeat hearing test as she failed her 1st one, but the midwife thinks it was because she wasnt settled enough, or there could have been some fluid in her ear.

well lets hope everyone keeps in touch as id love to know how the rest of you are doing with your bubs

take care

cindy x

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. (Am I supposed to click on the reply button of the last post or click on new post?)

Our beautiful baby girl is now 9 days old and we still haven't named her. What does everyone think of MoCuishle? It's an Irish Gaelic name. We didn't pick any names before the birth because we didn't find out what we were having and now we're having trouble agreeing on anything!

Anyway, better go. Daddys little angel is awake.
yay! hi girls smile so glad we can continue our chats...

good lucky cindy - i've got my fingers crossed for the hearing check (i'm sure the weight thing is fine!)

sheridan - i was so worried we wouldn't be able to name our bub at all. have got names picked that are irish-gaelic origins just in case i ever have another bub so feel free to use these - saoirse (like the actress from "the lovely bones") and siobhan and erin smile how would you pronounce mocuishle? i'm just trying to get a feel for it.

as for me and mo - we're doing well. like jayda mo's a bit of a nightowl too. not so bad now while hubby's home but i don't know how i'll cope when he goes back to work and needs his sleep!! but, yes, it doesn't last forever (it just sometimes feels like it lol).

i'm thinking of joining a mummy's group to help with my social networking skills in my area (have only lived there a couple of yrs and don't know many people in the area) and it's the first time i've done that. does anyone have any advice? would appreciate it!

other than that, not much to report. sad but glad christmas is over for another year. hoping next year xmas is in a gold coast appartment with lots of relaxing!!!

take care, chat soon, miss mo is a bit unsettled as we are away from home.



Hello Everyone,

Cindy lmao Rogen has just now at 6 weeks old moved into 000. He still could fit into 0000 but have to many nice 000 to put him into.

We are doing really well except he has silent reflux. Not very nice. I am meant to be having my 6 week checkup this week but obs is on hols until 1th so that is when I will go.

Better go to bed we are going strawberry picking tomorrow. Maybe the bear and I will just watch.

Daryl goes back to work on Monday after having 6 weeks off. How am I going to cope with 4 omg.

Take Care

Hi Everyone,

Jay is doing great, finally out of his casts and just has a strap and buckle on his legs. His feet look so much better already.

Not sure what he weighs now - he was 5kg just before xmas. the nurse isn't back until mid January. We also go for our 6wk checkup on the 14th has the dr isn't back until then.

I am still breastfeeding, Jay still feeds alot during the day but is getting better at night.

Well looking forward to hearing how these babies are going, Take carexxxx

Hi everyone,

Havn't been able to get on lately, having trouble with Wyatt.

My poor boy sounds as is he is in pain all the time. It's like he is constipated. (he has plently of dirty nappies tho)Hubby and i are taking shifts so the other can get some sleep. Not so easy with two other children who also dont sleep at the moment.

The only thing that works for longer than half an hour is a dummy and lying on his tummy on our chests. Has anyone had the same or similar. Its driving me batty.

Tash - I also have those pains, (along with bleeding like i did just after he was born)

Got to go wyatt is screaming again.


[Edited on 03/01/2010]

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