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***FEBRUARY 2010 BABIES*** Lock Rss

Hi Mum's of Feb babies!

How are you all feeling? Hope your first few weeks with your babies have been fantastic and you are loving it smile

Our little girl Zoe Bella Thurston was born in Tauranga New Zealand on 27 February by emergency c-section, weighing 9 pounds on the dot. She's had a rough couple of weeks as she had to have a small operation when she was 11 days old, but she is really thriving now and I love every single second I get to spend with her (even at 4am in the morning when feeding her!!!)
Hi Cazalonia,

My name is Alisha i had my DD2 Marlee Jade on the 26th Feb after being induced cause i was 15 days over (longest 15 days of my life). Marlee weighed 7lb 12oz and was 54cm long.

We got Marlee weighed on monday and she has put on 1200 grams since she was born so becoming quite a chubba and grown 2cm's so is moving into 000's now.

i also have a DD Riley how turned 2 3 days after Marlee was born and she adores her little sister, sometimes a little full on with her but all in all not too bad.

Sorry to hear that Zoe had a rough few days put great news that she is thriving now.

Look forward to chatting to all the Feb mummies


Hi guys! Our son Korben was born on Feb 4... he was 2 weeks early and born by emergency c section after he pretty much got stuck. It was all complicated but he was very healthy, weighing 9 pounds 13 ounces. He's growin quick and already weighs 6.88 kgs, so chubby lol.
Time is flying right, they change so quick!
Hi lovely ladies,
I am really looking forward to chatting to some other Feb mummies also. My son Theodore was born on Feb 10, 2 weeks early by c-section (because he was transverse!), he weighed in at 3770g. We just had his 8 week check and he weighed in at 5.7kg so doing well but not as big as Korben!!! LOL. What a big bouncing boy you have there Neet. heheheh.

Alisha, my DD (now 17 mnths.. yep I am very busy at the moment!) was that far over too. I know what that 15 days is like. LOL

Cazalonia, great to hear Zoe doing so well now. You are better than I enjoying the 4am feeds. heheh.

Look forward to chatting with you all more soon.
PS. I am typing this whilst breastfeeding. hahah. Multi-tasking queen!

Hi Neet_t and bump23 congrats on the births of Korben and Theodore.

Emma - what a weight gain 2 kilos is awesome, its always great when you get them weighed and they have a great gain reinforces that your doing things properly smile. My other DD was 11 days so i really wasnt happy about the 15 this time but guess i should of expected it.

Neet_t what a great size Korben was when he was born (especially being 2 weeks early) and great to see he has kept up the weight gain

I weighed Marlee for her 6 weeks and she has put on 1500 grams since birth so she is now exactly 5 kilos. She is finally having a bit more awake time during the day which is nice because it felt like she was always asleep.

Marlee has slept for about 8 hours straight at night on 3 diferent nights now which i am loving and also quite shocked about as my 2 year rarely sleeps through and never did when she was little. So hoping Marlee keeps it up, would be really nice if Riley would sleep through on those nights also.

I have just started DD1 toilet training and she is doing great 4 days so far and only 1 accident the first morning she started so very happy, hopefully will cut down on nappies as we have been going through ridiculous amounts.

Sorry about the novel lol
Look forward to hearing from you all

Hi smile

Im Michelle, 22 yrs old and a new mummy! Hubby and I welcomed our baby boy, Noah, on Feb 15th. 4 weeks and 1day early! We had a bit of a rough start, he was born by emergency c-section due to placental abruption and spent 18days in Intensive/Special care. We are home now and enjoying every minute! Noah is gaining weight like a trooper, he loves his food & is growing up so fast! He is 8weeks old this week!

Looking forward to chatting with all of you grin
Hi lovely ladies,
How are you all going?

Michelle - welcome! Glad to hear that Noah is doing so well now. It must be lovely to have him home after all of that drama. PS. I love the name!

Alisha - what a beautiful photo! Marlee is doing so well - 8 hours... you lucky lucky duck!!! Theodore had his first night in a sleep sack last night (as he can now wriggle around the cot and out of his wrap) and slept 7pm till 6am with only one feed at 2am. I was excited about that!! Cannot wait for 8 hours. You'll have to let me know how DD1's toilet training goes. I have been thinking that I should start prepping my daughter for this too.

Hi Feb Mum's

Wow, this is the first time that I have ever jumped onto a forum!

Congratulations to you all on your arrivals!

My wee man Xavier is now 8 weeks old, born on 24 Feb 10 by emergency c-sect after spending 7 hours labouring only to be told he ain't coming naturally. He weighed in at 9.75 pounds born 3 days early and 55cm long. At the 6 wk check he was 6.49kg and 60cm.

Ran into difficulty with breast feeding so had to bottle feed from 5 days old. didn't know how to bottle feed as my 20 month old son Kayden was breast feed.

Xavier has cried a lot in the first 6 weeks and I have only just found out that we have been under feeding him. Since we have upped his milk in take he has stoppped crying all the time, butr now we've run into wind problems, reflux etc. So I am tired, tired, tired.

Its been pretty full on with him and his brother, am hoping that things will get easier.

Any advice on how to keep two children happy at the same time??

Look forward to chatting with you all and hearing more success stories from you all.

Bye for now Wana
Hi, smile

I'm new mum (still sounds weird) of beautiful girl called Sophie Skye. She was born on the 26th of february after 3,5 hours of labour (i know very quick, woke up at 4:30am and she was born at 7:58am). Sophie weight 6,5 pounds and was 54cm long.

At the 8 week check Sophie weight 4.54 kg and was 57,5 cm long.

I also have had trouble breast feeding, but I was able to express for the last 5 weeks and I hope that she is going soon back on the breast.

Looking forward to chatting with you all,

-OX- Jose
Our little girl Jordin was born on the 5th of Feb 6 days early. It was a long 17 hour labour all natural birth no pain relief. She weighed in at 7 pound 1 ounce the same birth weight as me when i was born she was 52 cm long.She nearly got stuck as her head was coming out she turned it so they had a second person come in and push my legs till they were nearly touching my head. Had a 2nd Degree tear as I have a little frame. She is thriving each day which makes me so happy. She is on both formula and breast as she has a bit of reflux and colic so we use the Karicare AR Thickened Formula which works a treat, To help her feel fuller for longer.

Hey Chicka's our little daughter was born on Valentines day and was two weeks late. I was going to be induce on the monday but after a 30 hour labour she came at 6.42 valentines morning. She was 3.3kg when she was born and 54cm long and i only needed one stich.

She is now Nearly 3 months and 64cm long and weighs 6 kg and absolutly thriving and she is such a happy baby. Unfortunatlly i couldnt breastfeed as i had to be put on medication but it was the best thing I did because now she has a happy mum who isnt upset all the time. I love her so much. : )
hi all

my daughter was born on 5 feb, 3 days overdue , 8lb 3 oz and 52cm, she is now close to 15 weeks and is full of smiles and laughter, time has gone so quick.... she is my first and im loving it.
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