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June 2010 bubs Lock Rss

My baby was born on the 11th. Henry Clarence Antony, 4.1 kgs, 51.5 cm. Born by emergency c-section.
Join in!
My little boy Jason was born on the 17th, 4.12 kg, 50cm and 4 hour labour natural.
disturbed_angel, I dont think I have ever seen a baby that little!
Busy_bee, 4 hr labour lucky you! lol I had 15 hrs before the c-sec. I wanted to do it all natural but ended up having the epi after 12 hrs.
Steph1990 - that was from first contraction till he was born my second labour was defiantly quicker. DD's was 8 hours so i halved that.

How are your bubs going? Jason suffers reflux and wind so on losac for the reflux and infants friend for the wind this is after trying lots of other stuff. Not the best sleeper but getting there starting to self settle which is good. My little piggy at 8 weeks weighed 6.2 kg which is a great. Very different to me as DD was that at 5 months and is still skinny.
I have been looking for a June thread! My daughter Georgia was born on the 23 June (3 days before my birthday!), weighing 2795g and 48.5 cm long. She decided to make her appearance 9 days before the due date smile
my baby was born on the june of 3rd weighing 8lb 12oz 3.9kilos and length was 52cm and head cir was 34.5cm. he was 6days early as i had t be induce as my waters were breaking for 5 days.

My little girl, Lily Antoinette was born on 19 June, also by emergency c-section. She was 9 weeks early, weight 1.370kg, length 38cm. She's been home from the NICU for almost 3 weeks now and is doing fantastic!

Is anyone else still sore from their c-section? Mine particularly hurts when I sit up in bed ...
i am still sore from my c-section and its been 11 weeks, i hate it.
Hi All,

I was due in July but my beautiful baby girl Hannah Louise was induced early on the 23rd June (snap Georgiajake!) She was 3.25kg and 46cm and at her 8 week measure had grown to 4.7kg and a massive 50cm tongue Can't believe she is already 2 months! Isn't it so cool talking to ur bubs disturbed_angel?!
Hope you're all having a good week smile
Lol Tigg! The 23rd is a good day:) It has gone so fast - it's funny how when your preggo it just seems to drag, but once they are here, it flies. My little one was weighed today and she's 5.4 kg and 57cms. A far cry from the tiny little 2.8 kg, 48.5 cm at birth. She was so small that I was actually abit scared holding her. I hope everyone has a great weekend xoxo
Tigg - Im loving DS talk to me it's so cute and all his smiles.

My dear little boy has decided to self settle yay but has thrown his okish night feeds to 1 hourly from 12. Im not sleeping that well as you can imagine. He has 3 one hour or more day sleeps without any fuss.
Hi Everyone
My littlest man was born 27th June weighing 4.07kg and 50cm long. His name is Kohen Ross. I was induced 10days late, my waters were broken at 2:10pm and he was born at 4:10pm..i was in labour for a full 55mins! No pain relief at all as I didnt realise I was pushing lol DH was still reading his book!

Kohen is doing great and his big brother Brayden just adores him grin

Hope you are all well and your little ones are well too:D

Steph xo

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