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august 2010 Lock Rss

Anyone eles bubs born in august 2010 ella was born 12/8/2010
mine was.
he was due 13/08/10 but decided he would like to arrive 12 days later on the 25th.

his name is Blake.

August is a good month, his best friend is on the 18th, his half sister on the 31st, his uncle on the 24th and his dad on the 30th.
My little girl was born 2/8/10.

She was 4 weeks early.. was due 31/8/10.
My Daughter Janessa Jade was born 12/08/2010... roll eyes i was due on the 22 of August. She was born at 1.28pm and weighed 3480.
My gorgeous wee girl, Kaley Elizabeth was born on the 16th August at 2.40am. She was due on the 8th August and during the labour she actually went back up IYKWIM? Could not believe it, didn't think it was possible, but she did. When she did decide to come out she came out flying!

She weighed 7lb 5oz. So nice to hear of other August babies.
Hi everyone!

Our baby girl arrived on the 28th of August, she was due on the 25th. Macey Maree, born at 13:46 weighing 7lb 8oz and very cute smile

We are going really well!!

Hey Ladies! My little DD Chelsea Hannah was born on 4 August, though was due on the 5th August so prity much on time...despite everyone being convinced she was a boy and that I would go over (we evern got a few 'boy' clothes people had been that convinced!) Things are starting to get prity busy in our household as Chelsea is wanting to be more interactive and constantly wants to be doing something different and seeing what everyone else is doing- we have labeled her our 'sticky beak' lol.

Has anyone else found that their bubs nolonger want to go down for sleeps? Chelsea has really begun fighting her day sleeps and despite being super tired (red eyes, rubbing her eyes, being grumpy) will scream as soon as she realises im puttin her to sleep. If anyone else has any ideas would love to hear them, current we wrap her firmly and pat her to sleep as if we put her in the bassinett she screams until she is red in the face and at times holds her breath which isnt a pleasant experience for her or me!!

Glad im not the only one that feels clucky with a newborn, though i read something somewhere that it can last for up to 12 months post pregnancy and is part of the grieving process for your pregnancy. My DP was extreamly relieved when I told him this lol.

Has anyone got ideas for different things to be doing with bubs during their awake times?
Baby boy was born 14-08-2010
Xavier Michael James Jordan

Good times all round.
Hope all is well with your all.

Anyone from NZ on here, seems to be a lot of Aussie blood.
My lil guy was born on the 6th of aug. We had him back into the hospital when he was 3 weeks old with Bronchillitus (or however you spell it lol) he was in there for a good month...even went as far as to go into the ICU with a collapsed lung...was scarey times but he is better now smile roll eyes
I'm from New Zealand

our third baby is a boy "Boston" he's a wee dude.

as for sleeping durning the day have you tried puttin her down within the hour of her waking... new borns are only ment to be up an hour other wise they get over tired and cranky....

hmmm try telling my wee man that

so here are what i have tried and work....

put in bassinett and rock!!!1
vac all around the house dragging the bassinet with me
going for a shower again dragging the bassinet with me
you need to have baby in bassinet lol not like my husband and just takes the bassinet because he thought i wanted it in the bathroom and he brought it in munis the baby lol!!! men

we have a carry cot type pram and we go for a walk sometimes if we are going out and about and put him down in that... but i seem to be struggling to get him asleep every day too..... but they do need their sleep......
Our darling boy Joshua Aidan was born on August 21 at 1.17am, so only an hour and a bit after due date (and on election day in Oz). He weighed 7 pound 8.
His big sister (almost 2) adores him and is very helpful around the house, although she tests me out by hitting him or rolling him over sometimes.
I too feel clucky sometimes, but then I remind myself of our miserable I was in final weeks of pregnancy with sore hips, bad cough and cold and very little sleep... then I'm over the cluckiness (lol)
Josh is a little treasure - don't think we could do any better anyway! smile
My little man Kayde was due on the 22 August, Born on the 23 august weighing at 4.16kg, happy healthy little person and loving little brother to Adrian.
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