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October 2007 babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone

My little girl Victoria was born on 3 October 2007.

Wondered how many other Huggies members have children born in October '07, particularly the 3rd.

Also, if anyone is in Brisbane & would like a play date, let me know.


my daughter Indiana was born 26th october 2007
sorry but we live in NSW


My daughter Kalista was born 8th October 2007, and we live in Melbourne.
Hi my son was born on the 9 october 2007 i live in canberra!
Hi there, my 3rd daughter was born on 15th October 2007 i also have 2 daughters older than her who are 5 and 4 then i have a daughter who is 2 and she was born 4th October but in 2008 and i also have a 7 month old son. im not in Brisbane but live 3 hours south in Grafton NSW but visit regularly as i have friends and family up there still.
heya, we live in New Zealand
my daughter also born on 26th October 2007, via Caesarian at 8.17pm wink
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