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April/May bubs Lock Rss

Hi im Nicky,

Thought I would start a new group for the ladies who's bubs were born and who are being born April and May.

Ive just had my 3rd DS, he was born on the 14th April 2011, weighing 7 pound 4 oz 51 cms long.

Hi I'm Lisa,

I had my 2nd son on April 5th, weighed 9 lb 14 oz, 54cm long.

Where abouts do you live? We're in shakey Christchurch and keen to chat with other mums in chch and see how they're going with all this stress!
Hi Lisa, congratulations on the birth of your son.

I live in Perth, how are you going with everything that is happening over in Christchurch?

Was a bit nerve racking being pregnant for two large earthquakes... more so the feb 22nd one though... I only had 5 weeks to go and all that went through my head was how in september heaps of women went into labour because of the stress. However bubs stayed put till 3 days after due date.

Things seemed to have calmed down here now, the aftershocks are still rolling in and every so often a strong one will have the heart racing. Asides from that I think most of us over here consider ourselves very lucky.
well i gave birth to baby Maja (mya) on the 20th of April (due on the 23 of may) she was 3kgs and 48cms..

lisa im glad you n bub r safe xoxo

nicky how is everything goin with bub?

at the moment i have her on expressed milk as my boobs r huge n she is too small to suck a full feed, she sucks for about 10 mins n then i top her up with the bottle.
her normal feed is 80 ml but last night she just wouldnt go down n wanted more she had another 20ml with in the hour and just cried she has bad wind n its hard to get in a feed within 30mins coz its so hard to burp her sad..but finilly she settled and then woke up 3 hours later n she seems ok now..
she is on day four of being home and i must admit i have gone back to my coke cola habit which i think contributes to her staying awake for a hour after her feeds :/...

today i have sworn off coke and going to start a healthier diet because i can really see how its affecting my milk n her! my poor chicken.

im having alot of probs with my boobs atm she get very blocked and painful and expressing is very hard as it takes a hour after every feed and at 4 in the morning its very draining!
i bought a double electric pump off ebay yesterday so im hoping that it helps more with the blocked ducks then using a hand pump and also hoping it cuts the time in half..

but all and all we feel so blessed to finialy have a bub after so many heart aches.

Just having a stalk grin

Marinela, good to hear you and bub are home and going well. Just wanted to let you know you can buy big bottles of caffeine free diet coke! smile smile You prob wont like it if you only drink normal coke, but I drink diet normally anyway, and dont notice the difference without the caffeine..

Congratulations ladies on the births of your little ones smile

Ive just had baby number 3. Ella Jade on the 13th April she weighed 9lb1oz and 51cms. So far everything is going great, she feeds and sleeps really well. Fingers crossed she can keep it up!

Hope everything is going well for everyone.

Hey everyone, its good to see our group is growing, hopefully more will join us as the month goes on.

Marinela- glad everything is going okay, im expressing too as well as breastfeeding, I bf during the day and bottle feed at night, except i dont have any problems expressing, It only takes me about 10 mins to express 100 mls from each boob, I usually feed Justin off one side during the day and keep offering that side even if he has a 10 minute break as he needs the hind milk to help with his jaundice and then i express the other side and freeze it. Ive got so much in the freezer (about 3 litres) and hes not even 3 weeks old, im going to need a whole separate freezer just for my stash! lol. I hope the new pump you have bought helps you heaps more, Ive got an avent electric but i can get more and faster using my manual one so ive packed the electric away and will sell it.
I cant stop eating chocolate and im sure this affects Justin a little, ive been trying to stop but with all the easter eggs we have i just cant help myself. I also had a Kahlua and coke last night, just one though and it was so damn tasty! yum yum.

Hi SSJAE, congratulations on the birth of your baby girl, I love her name, its very sweet. How are you finding it having 3 kids? I find my older two fight like mad!!!! (they are 5 & 2) how are they with her?

Cant wait till your in here to Danielle!

Hi All,

I had my third child - Cooper on 26 April he weighed 3.49kg (7pound 11). So far things are going good so i hope they continue that way. Just wondering if you all swaddle your babies as all my kids didnt seem to like it and would try to escape. But i would like for it to work so maybe it is my technique?


sorry some how posted same comment twice, so have deleted second


Cant wait till your in here to Danielle!

Me either!! grin


i like the caffeine free coke lol but we just tend to buy normal for DH i will have to grab some bottle with our next shop i have a huge headache right now and im still bleeding heaps n lots of clots i guess my body still cleaning out sad


Omg i wish it took 10 mins to express lol i have a avent hand pump n it still takes forever mind u have a great flow i think im just slow n hald asleep lol..i have a huge stash too lol!..Maja jaundice looks like it has gone right down she is looking so much better and feeds alot better im gonna try persist more with BF i normally have a shower b4 i BF and squeeze out the first bit so she can latch on otherwise she cant coz they r way to full..i cant wait until she can just latch on and empty me out!

i still cant believe how many of us in may had bubs in April lol..

i must say im loving life right now im tired as hell but life is just so different we always have the in-laws over and people are starting to pop in to see bub. im just loving the atmosphere and love feeling all the love n warmth in the house if that makes sense

hope everyone is well big hugs n kiss's to all the new bubs n make sure u all sleep good for your mummies xoxo
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