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April/May bubs Lock Rss

I had my baby girl on the20th april she weighed 8lb 13oz i was induced due to high bp.
im happy to join the facebook group my email address is [email protected]
my girl was born 5th May (I was due 24th April!), so I was 11 days overdue. She came 2 days before I was going to be induced... I think she secretly knew I didn't want to be induced!
L_Milligan wrote:
Hi I'm Lisa, I had my 2nd son on April 5th, weighed 9 lb 14 oz, 54cm long. Where abouts do you live? We're in shakey Christchurch and keen to chat with other mums in chch and see how they're going with all this stress!

mu baby boy was supposed to be born on the 5th as well but chose to come on the 1st
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