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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

hi girls

so nice to read up on how everyone is doing. we have had a busy week Mikayla is now crawling everywhere, and last week she said her first word Daddadda, it is so cute to hear her little voice and she also got her first tooth. it is still quite low in the gum but the full width has cleared the gum line. yay. she also has her first cold.

her cousins (also 8months old) have just started childcare and have caught colds, and we spent a couple of days with them (my poppy passed away and we all stayed at my parents house for the funeral, really unavoidable)

I just had my 30th birthday. our flight got canceled when we tried to return home after the funeral, and the contracts are finally ready for the house we want to buy (we have been waiting 4 weeks).

looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Sorry i haven't being on for ages.

Little man has being crawling for about a month and sitting by himself for 3 weeks now he pulling himself up onto the funiture and just wants to be with his brother which is so cute.

Plus we tt our first son and he loves to wear his undies. Little master will be starting kindy next year and the tears are already flowing.

We started the girl diet, so we should be use to it by the time we ttc.

Our house is still up for sale, really hoping it sells before we have our 3rd baby but the boys will be sharing a room when little man older.

Hi there my name is Emma i am 25yrs old and i live with my partner and our 3 children Kaylee 6yrs old, Kyran 4yrs old and Zariah 9months old we live in Nelson in New Zealand Im sorry but i didn't read through all 13 pages of this post so if you still come on here please feel free to introduce yourself again smile.
hi emma

nice to meet you
my name is brooke I have two girls Cheyenne 4 and Mikayla 9 months
things are pretty quiet on here for a while, I think some girls have returned to work and I guess the rest of us are just going crazy running after our children.

mikayla started walking last night. OMG. DH was away for work so he missed it the poor thing. speaking of the darling she is getting cranky better put here down for a sleep

hope all are well and that the bubs are progressing as they should.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Hi everyone,

My first son is tt during the day and most morning wakes up with a dry nappy:D, so proud of him.

Little man is cruising around the funiture now and he stood by himself for 5 seconds and he fell down because i was so excited that i screamed. His brother gave him a kiss & hug. And tonight he was holding onto the coffee table and turned around and grab onto the lounge. So not long till he starts walking. Hubby brought me a new video camera and normal digital camera so i don't have to worry about the old cameras giving up when i trying to take him walking for the first time. I think i scared hubby because i told him i cry if i miss them moments on tape/photo

He loves food. Loves to try what's on my plate. Doesn't like baby cereal much he rather have his brothers weetbix or porridge.

I had to have my toe nail removed thankful hubby was finish work and look after his boys & they came & got me when i was done.

It's 5 months till we ttc baby no 3 and i already spoken to the doctor about getting my tubes tied while their doing the c-section.

Hey ladies
You might remember as Jenna, i was under another name but as i deleted my old email addy i made a new account.

We have Hayden who is 25 months old and Damien is 10 months Old on the 17th June :)We have started to TTC baby number 3, this month. My cycles have been a bit over the place lately so going to see how that goes, as im also still BF Damien.

Damien is crawling and gets up to his knees, waiting patiently lol till i catch up fully standing holding on smile
He is really enjoying all types of food, if it lasts enough for his brother to not steal it lol.

Are they any of you also TTC??

Hi All

Nice to meet some of you i wasn't sure if anyone still came on here but looks like a few of you still do smile I would be TTC baby number 4 but my partner said we have to stop at 3, to cut a long story short my partners father had a heart attack at age 44 and our darling Zariah was born the day he died im guessing the stress of the whole situation put me in labour and now we have ended up with my partners little brother as there was no one to take care of him so i kind of now do have 4 children.

Hope everyone is having a good easter and take care,

hi everyone

Little man is walking he being doing it for almost 2 weeks. He still alittle unsteady on his legs but he getting better everyday.

First he was taking 2 steps then he took 6 steps, now he following me around and he graps onto me when he feels like he going to fall down. It amazing, i love watch him follow his brother around.

We already planning his birthday. Just hope he enjoys himself.

hi girls

little mikayla is doing well, walking everywhere. she loves to dance with her big sister. she has had to learn to be tough as DD1 forgets to be gentle and more often than not Mikayla ends up landing on her bum but she just gets up and toddles of again.

I would love to try for 3 but DH only want 2. add to that we just bough a new house with only 2 bedrooms. so no room for 3 (watch now we will have 3) hehe.

we are starting to plan Mikayla's party. we move house the week before.
Mikayla is eating everything. mostly off my plate.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

We ttc at the end of june. The day after little man birthday. It was hubby's idea. I wanted to ttc in august but he said to me the other night lets start tt on our anniversary. Told him don't buy me anything for that day i just want to have a nice meal.

Little man birthday cake is going to be of a lion head. I got the plans on how to make it & decorate it & since i maded all of little master cakes fun things we will contunie with little man cakes.
We going to have a afternoon tea party for him when he daddy finish's work early. I just have to go & see my florist for cute ballons that she normally has & order him one. Plus we put a thing in the paper to wish him a happy birthday.

Hi everyone, I'm Kate and my little girl Lila is one on June 9th. Just found this site and think it's great there are things like this available for mums! I have a great group of mums/friends with babies around the same age as Lila but love meeting new mums. I am a stay at home mum and we have just moved an hour out of town so away from our friends sad still get in every week so Lila gets some interaction but I worry as she's getting older she'll need more and more but hopefully we can manage it! She's always been realy clingy and has just started to become more social and loves playing with other babies and kids. We are getting out and about here as much as possible but haven't met too many families as yet but is only early days smile
Hi all my little one was born 14th June 2011. Weighing 4pound 15 oz.
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