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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

Ibu, colic is basically unexplained, regular crying (like I think they say at least 3 hours a day, 3 times a week)... they have different theories as to what causes it, like maternal diet and immature digestive system, I think it's basically related to their little tummies get very full and uncomfortable. Poor little Charlotte gets so distressed she won't feed or sleep and cuddling and soothing techniques were not working at all, she would cry and scream for hours at a time everyday and I could do nothing for her sad I got infacol drops from chemist and it's working well, she still gets a very hard tummy and I have to massage either the small of her back whilst she is lying across my arm or massage her tummy, eventually this makes her poo in a rather explosive manner and she calms down has a feed and goes to sleep!

Reading about all these June bubs having their 6 wk check ups, everyone sounds like their doing well (with the exception of usual newborn issues). I'm a first time mum and did not realise how demanding this would be, but I am getting those first smiles now, DD is 4 wks old... makes up 10 x over for the hard times!

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Hey everyone smile
Well Mia is STILL sick! I feel so sorry for her sad she is slowly getting better though. I've taken her to the doctors 4 times but there's nothing they can do as she is too young for medication (and since it's viral not bacterial antibiotics wont work anyway).
Mia is such a windy baby.. I spend hours burping her sometimes! I give her a bath and massage before bed to try and get all her wind out which kind of helps. I'm so glad I've never had any issues with BF (I've got good aparatus according to the midwife lol!) Well i hope everyone is well!
Hi Mamas,

DH goes back to work this week so my baby-moon settling in period is nearly over.

Gideon has been such a lovely relaxed baby. He still needs feeds every 3-4 hours overnight but goes straight back to sleep after a nappy change. He is smiling & vocalising all the time and very rarely cries. The worse time is when he is in his car capsule: twice he nearly became hysterical and was a sweating mess when I got him out. Today (the second time), it was during an hour long trip back from my parents so I pulled over and gave him a feed which settled him right down. Still heartbreaking though!

Poor Gideon's 'baby pimples' flared up terribly this week. In one afternoon, it all merged into a big burnt-looking mass. The poor little bugger. I thought it looked like eczema as DS1 used to have it but has mostly outgrown the effects. Next morning, poor little Gideon's cheek was crusted in yellow! After an early appt with the Dr, he diagnosed eczema and put him on an antiseptic wash and a very mild cortisone. After three days, it's mostly cleared up. At least I know the routines to reduce outbreaks: cool compresses and moisturiser so hopefully we can keep it under control. DH and I both have asthma & hayfever. Eczema is a related and hereditary allergic condition. Does anyone else have problems with eczema?

Declan & Mias Mummy: Gideon is on to his second cold already! At least it is a mild one (snuffly nose) but it still makes feeding & sleeping harder than it should be for a 5week old! I hope Mia is feeling better soon. As for the wind: we call my hubby the "burp whisperer". I just have to hand him Gids and out comes a massive burp! Even if I've been rubbing his back for 15minutes.

Nodrog: That swing for Georgie looks sooo comfy! What a great idea: my boy loves to feel snug when falling asleep so I usually hold him but that looks like it could do the job. (I was going to make some joke about how the only other time you might be able to fall asleep covered in vomit is after a few too many beers on a uni pub crawl but I chose not too.....oops! tongue)

Skubala: Ohh! Those smiles melt my heart!!!! wub Hope Charlotte's tummy is getting better as it matures.

Tahra & Kate: God that would have been scary. Hope your DS is all better now.

BrookieB: That's great that Mikayla is doing so well. Hope the check up went well.

Declan&Mia's Mummy: Still sick, poor little munchkin! Is she getting better now? Also, I have been giving miss Charlotte infacol but have also found that lots of tummy time throughout the day, even if she's asleep is helping her pass wind, does this work for Mia?

After 5 weeks of trouble BF, I got DD tongue tie snipped today... and noticed a change immediately. She attached first time perfectly and for the first time since her birth feeding was totally pain free! I have seen so many nurses/doctors/midwives and an LC to get this feeding problem sorted because they told me her tongue tie was not that bad... but found a doc who specialises in it and he said it was bad enough to be causing problems and wah lah it's already improving! It goes to show that when you instinctively know something isn't right you have to be persistent! I'm so relieved now.

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GabesMama: I have eczema but so far Charlotte isn't suffering from it so fingers x! I remember having it as a child and it was awful. Mum would say don't scratch but I just couldn't stop. Even now I still get breakouts, I find it's good to not bathe/shower in water that is too hot and when it gets really bad try to only shower every 2nd day (washing smelly bits everyday though)... this helps to keep skin moist as water dries it out making it more itchy, also I try to not wear too many clothes to bed and only wear cotton day/night. Perhaps you could try these things on your little ones. Obviously it's the middle of winter and therefore hard to limit clothing but this may help when the weather warms up...

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GabesMama the baby hammock is AWESOME!! Hazel slept in it too. If they go in awake and wriggle then it swings and rocks them to sleep. I'm sure it has helped at night without me waking up to notice. Last night Georgie slept from 10pm until 5.10am which is the longest she has slept so far. Of course I got woken up by the cat at 3.45 and then chased it around the living room to put it out (even though we installed an expensive cat flap! She, for some unknown reason, will only come in it and not go out!) then stoaked the fire to try and keep the house warm as it is FREEZING here in NZ at the moment, so when I went back to bed I was wide awake and didn't enjoy the sleep!
I hope everyone is doing well. I'm off to pick up my free (well $30) carseat today. I'm lucky that I live in a licencing area, which means although you can't buy booze in the supermarket, you get extra perks like free carseats smile
Hello Ladies

Finally I am joining you from the Due June 2011 page!!!
Sage was born on the 29th June 13 days late after a fairly quick 8 hour labour, She got a bit stuck coming out and i needed a episiotomy. Weighed 8lb4.
Such a wonderful little baby and i adore her smile , she is starting to sleep 8 hours a night which is great, after 4 or 5am she feeds every 2 to 3 hours during the day. Growing so fast, she is already growing out of her 0-3 month stretch and grows, she hasn't been weighed since 10 days old though and she'd gained 200gm then.
Great to catch up with other babies her age so I can compare. She is a very windy bub and we have problems getting the wind out, does anyone have some tips on what works for them?
hi girls

Triceratops for he wind try, infants friend, infacol or grip water. also a little bit of warm water (boiled then cooled) has always worked for both my girls (thanks mum for that one) if all this doesn't help so postions to try are lay them across your lap and pat the back or lay bubs over your are holding their chin in your hand and one leg either side of your elbow. depending on bub size and your strenght this postion is great, even if you cant move the wind this seems to give some relief.

skubala that is great the the feeding is finally improving. a mummy's instinct is usually right. good on you for pushing until someone listened and helped you and DD.

aww nodrog poor gorgie, I hope her reflux settles down soon.

I hope all the sick bubbys are getting better.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Little man went for his first doctor check up last week. Doctor was very happy with the weight he put on and he said that i was doing a good job:D. The nurse at the doctor said he hitting all the marks with his weight and growth. Hubby and i can't believe little man nearly a month old already going way to fast.

On a bad note hubby sick and he trying to keep away from both of our boys.
Hubby already talking about us having a 3rd baby.
Little master loves trying to make his brother laugh, he getting smiles back so he laughs instead.
Little man sleeps almost 4 hours during the night then he has a quicky feed then goes back to sleep for about 3 hours. He feeds almost every 3 hours during the day.

Nodrog: Maybe the cat won't go out because it's so cold? I'm not much of a cat person but the one thing I learnt from my husband's family cat is that when it's cold outside (and I'm in Brisbane which has a fairly mild winter)the only place he wants to be is cuddled up to a human! I was in NZ in January... and I would not like being outside even then lol!

Triceratops: Infacol drops have worked really well for my windy little lady. You need to give them at every feed to notice a difference. The child health nurse told me that baby's often build up wind throughout the day, even if they are burping/farting etc and that's why they often go a bit feral at night. The other thing I've found really helpful is to lay her on her belly across my lap after feeds. Also, if I notice her belly is really hard, I gently rub the small of her back or give her a gentle belly massage, which often results in a high pitched squeel promptly followed by an explosive poo and a very content little bub! Warmth also works... a warm bath or a wheat pack against the belly. Hope those suggestions work! Oh and try not to let bub cry too much, they suck in air and make the situation worse... I was against using a dummy but ended up doing it simply to help the wind problem and now DD doesn't need it often because the wind problem is improving!

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my little blessings: Funny how hubby might want another... he doesn't have to be pregnant lol! My DH is still very shell shocked with this whole parenting thing, I think he had very different expectations. The night after she came home he said never again, one is enough and even now 5 weeks on he says he would be happy with just one but is saying that he MIGHT think about another, if he can forget how hard these first few weeks are! I want at least one more, we've had a very rough introduction into parenthood, but since we've had so many issues and managed to overcome them I have much more confidence (although not every day!)

How many people on this forum are first time mums? For those of you who aren't, how did you feel first time round?? I'm going to a new parents group in two weeks, looking forward to talking to other first timers!

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The first time i had my baby i was not use the night feeds, i had trouble getting up 2 to 3 times a night now i'm so use to it that i find it very easy to get up. Even when your baby starts sleeping threw the night you sleep light and you listen for every noise that they make. Plus i had my mil telling me how to do this or that and she use to live downstairs. This time around she not saying a word ( thanks to hubby telling her to keep her thoughts to herself) and she lives some where else.

Hubby wants to try for a girl next time around, which means i would have to have another c-section. I'm still sitting on the fence i love being pregnant i love having a baby but the c-section part puts me off.

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