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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

Charlotte has been sleeping longer hours since about 5 weeks, having anywhere from 4 - 6 hours, waking for a feed then sleeping another 4 or 5 hours. The first time she slept 6 hours I woke after 4 and a half and spent an hour deciding whether or not to wake her! She looked so lovely and peaceful and in the end decided she would wake when she was ready, and she did! She guzzled both breasts in about 15 minutes! The only living creature I've ever seen eat so fast is my mums labrador! Since then I just wait for her to wake, I find she sleeps long hours overnight but cluster feeds for the first few hours of the morning. I figure as long as she is gaining weight and growing well, having plenty of wet nappies and seems content that I shouldn't wake her. Sleep is just as important for growth and development as food.

On another note, we got vaccinations done yesterday. They warned me that the rotovirus syrup might give her some diarrhea... and indeed it did. by 9:30am she had gone through 3 outfits and had a bath... some things not even Huggies wipes can cope with!

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Dani09 thanks for the link, DD has started moving her head in her sleep now and during the day I try to put her in a different position often, so not too worried now. She was starting to get a stiff neck and would get upset when I tried to move her head to the other side but it seems to be ok now and she is content with either side.

I saw one of your posts about your bub having silent reflux. Did you end up getting losec? Hope it's improving. DD gets some reflux and I give her infant gaviscon which helps. It's not everyday though

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Well we are having one of those days today, Sage has been screaming for no reason and I end up in tears, I hate feeling helpless and I can't seem to help her, she refuses to feed and takes ages to calm down, She did it while the midwife was visiting and she couldn't find any reason except she might be over tired.
She hardly sleeps much at all through the day but no lack of me trying.. sometimes she is awake up to 4 hours at a time, mostly just happy except for days like today when it all seems to go to custard....
fortunately she still gets a good 6-8 hours of solid sleep at night time although it is at the wrong time for me and 3am is the start of the day as far as she is concerned... anyway rant over.
I really am tired, can't wait until DH comes home so I can have some help. hope everyone else is going ok, I really do love this precious girl, just days like today get me feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Thanks BrookieB for the welcome. How did Mikayal go with her day sleeps today did wrapping help?

Wow dani09 very interesting and I'm so glad for your DS it correct before 12mths of age. I took DS2 to chiro when he was a newborn. His problem was his cranel bones where out of alinement from a fast delievery and his stomach was sitting to high. Causing bowel movement to be slow and his refulx to be worse than it had to be. After a few sessions he was completely different bub.

declan&miasmummy Chelsea isn't sleeping thru the night her second brother still doesn't now so I can't foresee her sleeping thru for ages.

Skubala wow 3 outfits after the rotavirus syrup.

triceratops Poor Sage hope she has settled down. I had one of those days today too the boys were being full on and Chelsea was really unsettled around dinner time add the power going off in the street at tea time fun games.

Have the MHN visiting tomorrow. I so hope she weighs Chelsea would love to know how much weight she has put on the last 2 weeks since her 4wk check.


Hi June Mums,

Wow, it seems like most babies are getting lots of sleep overnight now! Gideon did his first 6.5hour stretch last night!!! Yay! But of course I woke an hour earlier and just listened to him breathe. roll eyes Most of the time we are lucky to get 4 hours so this was pretty exciting.

Where do your bubs sleep? We have DS2 in a "first sleeper" in our bed. It's a hard sided padded 'box' that has a flap that slides between the matress and base to keep it in place. Great for breastfeeding but makes our bed awfully squishy. Usually it's DH that ends up making out with his bedside table.

Gideon's eczema is sort of under control- his face looks good but the whole back of his head is red. I slather his head in moisturiser three times a day: he looks like a mobster, but it is helping a lot. I had planned to trim his baby fluff hair soon but might hold off until it settles. We didn't cut Gabe's hair before he was over two and it was always fluffy and fly away.

I'm having a bit of a problem with oversupply at the moment and Gids is getting a bit too much fore milk. Lots of green poos and a windy tummy. So I've started block feeding him: only offering one side during one time block. Then swapping during the next block. Hope it settles soon.

Off to one sisters for another's bday lunch now. Unfortunately, her two toddlers are on antibiotics so hopefully I can keep Gids and Gabe bug-free.

Gabesmama - block feeding made a huge difference to Sage, hope it works for you too, it lowered the supply heaps so now she needs both sides again to fill her up - made her much more settled on the whole but now she needs to actually work sucking and gets frustrated when it doesn't come fast enough.
Going to a cranial osteo this afternoon so that'll be interesting, see if I can get her sleeping more in the day.
I wouldn't bother waking baby up for a feed unless they were not gaining weight, Sage seems to wake up at 3.30 every morning no matter if she went to sleep at 7 or 9. weird.

Hope everyone else is getting on ok.
I totally agree, if bubs is gaining weight let them sleep. sleep is very important, not just for bubs but for you too. mikayla slept through last night. most nights she only wakes once. thankfully because you can't do the 'sleep while the baby is sleeping' when you have a 3 yr old.

as a first time mum, I remember it all being a bit overwhelming, and exhusting. remember to ask lots of questions, and ask for help when you need it. no one expects us to know everything or be able to do everything, although most mums try to. sad being a first time mum is tough, but it does get better, and just like the memories of the birth, in time you will only remember the good things about these first few months.

Mikayla is doing well she is starting to grow real hair under her baby fluff. she slept better for her first sleep of the day, her mid day sleep is still pretty non exsistant, and her pm sleep was not to bad, going to try to keep this up to help when she is ready for a routine.

we had our house valuated today, we are planning a tree change (sea change) going to leave Melbourne and move to Bairnsdale. I grew up in the country so I would love my girls to have a country up bringing.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Georgie slept through last night!!! It will probably be a one off (I don't want to hex it wink ) but I'm claiming it!!! Hazel was a terrible sleeper, although she is great now, but she was waking 3 or 4 times a night when she was almost 2 so if I get a good sleeper this time round I'll be over the moon...
Sorry for the short reply - I've got to go and try and clean the house now that the terrible two year old is in bed...
Hi Mums,

We had Gideon's 8 week MCH visit this morning (5 days early) and have his immunisations booked in for tomorrow. Gabe (DS1) was always tiny: Just above the 10th% for weight, about the 30th% for height. Gideon is giant by comparison!! 50th% for weight and 75th% for height! I still had Gabe in 0000's for about 4 months and I've already put Gideon's away!

Today something great happened: I was putting DS1 to bed for his nap and reading him a story. I had Gids in the swing which he doesn't really like. Well, he started grumbling about it but I had DS1 cuddled up on the couch so just called out to him that I'd be there in a minny! Finished the story, heard a bit more grumbling. By the time I've tucked DS1 into bed, Gideon is fast asleep. grin Usually we pat him over our shoulder to get him to drop off or he's not a happy chappy! One hour on and he's still going! Added to that, last night he did an 8 hour stretch!!! Still can't believe it. The night before he'd been waking every 2 hours.

Now that I've had a week at home on my own with the boys, I've decided that it's time to start building up my fitness again. And hopefully budge some baby weight along the way! Well, it's really 'biscuit weight' as opposed to 'baby-weight'. laugh I've been piling them (boys, not biscuits) into the pram for afternoon walks which has been lovely.

Nodrog: How's the house coming along? grin Still flying?

Triceratops: Thanks for sharing your experience about the block feeding- it seems to be helping too.

BrookieB: Bairnsdale is such a beautiful town! We used to camp there at Easter for Judo Camp!

Yep still flying!! I'm not terribly consistent but my sink has been shining every night for 24 nights now!!
DH is off work between jobs at the moment (he is a builder) and it turns out that he is responsible for A LOT of the mess that is made in our house. Grrrrrrr.
Georgie slept through for four nights in a row!! Last night she woke up at 4.15 but then went back to sleep from 5 until 7.30 so I can't complain too much.
GabesMama I have a theory that my Georgie is a better sleeper because I keep shouting 'hang on a minute' and by the time I get to her she has gone off to sleep! With Hazel I would snatch her up at the first sign of a cry smile but these days I'm often busy with Hazel.
I'm trying to psych myself up to lose some weight. I've had to buy some bigger pants!! I am going to try and do the 30 Day Shred DVD that I have, it is by Jillian Michaels off Biggest Loser, at one point she shouts 'by now you should feel like you are going to die' laugh I have also dusted off my old Weight Watchers books, but I am SO HUNGRY all the time, that I haven't managed to keep within my points yet. You do get 7 extra points a day if you are breastfeeding, but I just eat everything in sight at the moment and I crave sweet food all the time! I'd kill for a bag of jelly beans right now!!
GabesMamma, so glad your little man stay asleep for so long! Little Charlotte has had a few 5 or 6 hour sleeps although last two nights have been horrible. I'm sick with a cold sad Boo. For two weeks she has been only waking once for a feed overnight and then the first night I was sick she was feeding every 1.5 hours! I'm told when you are sick your milk supply can temporarily drop, which would explain the more frequent feeds. It nearly killed me!

Nodrog, my DH is the cause of most of our mess and especially washing. I swear I don't know anybody who wears so many clothes, and because he is 6ft 4, his clothes are huge and seem to take up so much space. Between his smelly work uniforms and Charlotte's vomitty/pooey clothes I am so sick of my washing machine. I have a cleaner who comes for 2 hours once a fortnight to do our floors and bathrooms. She is my godsend and well worth the $60. Once a fortnight my house is completely clean, for about 5 hours until DH gets home.

Cutest thing ever... have started a little bedtime routine with miss Charlotte, bath, baby massage and then a feed. Then when I put her down in the cot I rub her little belly and whisper to her and she looks up and me and gives me the biggest smile then goes to sleep! So now everytime I put her in the cot, it's belly rub, whispers and big smiles. I absolutely love it!

Well this was my little break from doing tax returns and applying for paid parental leave. Back to the fun stuff, not.

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Well little man over his first cold which is great. He happy to sleep back in his bed. He 6 weeks old now 2 more weeks and he goes and get his needles sad. Might get hubby to take him. I cried so much when my first son had his that hubby came with me next time to hold my hand.
We starting a rountine with little man, he a easy baby, so it him showing me what rountine he likes.
I've already got his name down for kindy to make sure he goes to the same place has his brother will be attending and we being told that they will be attending there since their names where put down so early.
I already done the kids Christmas shopping and got ideas for my first sons birthday party and his presents. Plus making plans for little man christing type day. I just have to plan the 2 cakes that i be making for them.
Little man only wakes up onces on a good night 2 or 3 times when it's a really bad night. But his big smiles makes it all worth it.

Anyone got plans for Xmas? We planning to go to Brisbane since hubby auntie lives there and i've never being there.

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