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Babies from the "Due November 2011" thread Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I suppose i'll start the thread by introducing my georgous baby girl.

Amelia Julie, was born on the much sought after date of 11/11/11 (like mummy told her to) at 1.23am. weighing 9 Pound 4 (4200g) and 50cm long. she came into the world after 1.5 hours of labour (24 mins of actual pain)

Couldnt be anymore proud to have a beautiful baby girl and her over protective "Big brother".

Feel free to join in on this thread. We have all been there for each other while we were pregnant and uncomfortable, seems only fitting to be there through the good and bad times of parenting smile

Amelia sleeps all day/all night, wakes up every 6 hours for feed/burp/change and then goes back to sleep so nothing much happening here yet (not that im complaining)

yay, we're finally getting a few bubs born to start up this thread smile

my little girl Jessica Skye was a good girl and came 1 1/2weeks early like she was told (to avoid other b'days). born 29th oct 2011 at 2.18am after only a few hours labour but 2hrs pushing. weighing 6 pound 8 (2.9kg) she is the second girl for us but she gave us the gift of being able to hear (both myself and dd1 are hearing impaired).

two weeks later she is still having a feed every 2-3hrs, especially since the last few days have been pretty hot. i'm still waiting for her to sleep through at least half the night, but i think i might have to wait a little longer smile
anyways, must be off, gonna try and do a few things while she's meant to be going to sleep
Congrats to both of you on your lovely little girls!!! Great birth date Manda. DP really wanted that for our DS too smile

My DS Jacob William was born on the 31st of Oct, weighing 7lb3.

We had a few nights early last week where he slept 5 hours gasp but unfortunately is back to 3 hourly feeds. His dad is being great at night time, getting up with us to change nappies and burp. I am not looking forward to when DP goes back to work on Tuesday.
What is everyones plans for night feeds when your other half is working? I am planning on letting him sleep but am a little daunted by this!

I had mastitis flare up today sad it SUCKS but am taking it easy. Not having an easy time feeding this little man...
Please someone tell me BF gets easier?!?!?!
Hi guys,

Ella-Rose was born 4 weeks early on the 14.10.11 she weighed 2.35kg or 5lb 2oz. She was a tiny 47cm long.

Ella-Rose now weighs 2.66kg and put on 200gms in tha last week. Good girl!

I am trying to breatfeed her and did really well until my expressed breastmilk I had from the hospital ran out. The pump I have at home is a hand pump and no where near as good as the electric pump at the hospital. I have added a formula feed at around 8-10 pm. This has resulted in her sleeping between 3-7 hours at night. Although famous last words as last night she woke and fed (brestfed) at 1am, 3am and 5am.

She is a very spilly baby and I have now got her on baby gaviscon. For baby number 1 this was very effective but has not worked so far. The other thing I am trying is Soy formula. Baby number 3 is dairy intolerant so I cannot rule it out with her. If she is dairy intolerant I will have to cut all dairy out of my diet for as long as she is breastfed.

As to the quiestion does breatfeeding get easier. Like most thigs you practise it does get easier. I would encourage you to seek advice and get the latching checked if it hurts too much. If the nipples are damaged you could try a breast shield but these can reduce supply.
i finally had emerson james who was due 10th of nov but was born 2:47am 14th of nov he waighed 3.5kg 4p 14oz and was 51 cm tall just a quick one as baby need a feed
Congrats to all you ladies who have had there babies. I cant wait to join you in this thread, but i feel like this baby just doesnt want to come out!!
congrats to everybody smile

my darling daughter was born 8 nov weighing 3.3kilos and 50cms long. she is picture perfect! she looks so much like her big brother, you know they are siblings it melts my heart. big brother adores his sister, always kissing her and trying to hold her! he helps me look after her its gorgeous!

she is feeding every 2 hours, it feels like im constantly feeding her lol i am bf and its the best thing ever, i didnt bf my son because he was tongue tied but she has taken it right on. its so easy and feels so natural i love it smile she is sleeping a lot also, and starting to be awake a bit more too. she hates her baths and getting changed, and is forever doing a new poo for me to clean!

as for myself, my body is getting rid of this fluid fast. i am waking up soaking wet in the night from my body sweating out fluid! my breasts are very swollen and sore, i am leaking through my breast pads constantly lol.

would like to hear how you all are doing and your babes!
Hello Mums

Ella-Rose and I have been busy we have joined a parent course for mums with new babies. Last Thursday we made footprint casts which was awesome. It is lovely to talk with these mums and for me to be reminded of some of the neat things that I did with my other kids when they were younger.

Ella was weighed today and continues to put on weight. Topping her up with Soy formula is helping to reduce the spilling. Her top ups are reducing though which must mean she is getting more from me. Yay. Although I did have to be told to eat and drink more. I am no feather weight at the best of times and was enjoying losing some weight. Through out my pregnancy I did not gain any weight and was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes as soon as my c-section wound could cope with it. Why oh why can't my body just chew up all the fat to breastfeed.

I took Ella-Rose and helped her choose her gifts for Christmas for the family. I set her a $4 limit per person and she did very well. Unfortunatly I love the shopping not so keen on the wrapping and I think she wont be very helpful at that. She was fabulous at the shopping just slept the whole time.
I forgot to mention that when Ella-Rose was shopping for the family, she managed to buy herself a couple of darling little dresses from Pumpkin Patch. Little Minx!
KA7747 - Sounds like a lovely outing you and ella had. smile judging by the happiness in your writing it seems like everything is starting to look up for you smile

It has taken Amelia 7 days to set her own routine and go to bed at 9, wake up at 3 for a little feed then wake up at 6.30 for a feed and stay awake. it took her bro 3 days but im not complaining, shes perfect and very well behaved and i know im lucky to have such a content and easy going baby smile she sleeps heaps but actually stays awake in her pram alot and just looks around, i couldnt ask for a better baby smile

I hope the rest of you ladies arent loosing too much sleep and are just as lucky as i am to have such a good baby. the month is almost over so hopefully soon there will be alot more chatter in here and alot more babies being born smile

Being a mum is awesome.

Ella-rose has poohed through all her clothes and when I went looking for a singlet for her she managed to vomit all down my front.

I have decided it is acceptable to wrap her in a cloth nappy and cuddle her while I drink my luke warm cup of coffee and overcooked pizza.

Most of the clothes that fit her are drying and not yet dry enough to put on her. Such is life and I am sure my husband will come home soon and ask why I have not done the dishes!

I recall with my eldest when this stuff happened I would stress but right now I am almost amused. I truly must be going round the bend.

Oh well I will enjoy my coffee and pizza, change myself and put some of Ella-Rose's clothes in the dryer. As to the dishes my husband can do them himself.

Hope you guys are all have a great day.
KA7747, sounds like your having lots of fun keeping clean dry clothes on both ella and yourself!! i have the same problem some days/nights, although i'm lucky i can put clothes on the clothes airer in the laundry overnight and they're dry by morning. we had pizza last night for tea and got to eat about 2 pieces before we realised that jessica had spewed so that was it for tea for me and into the bath for jessica!!
Manda, what's your secret to getting amelia to sleep from 9 till 3??? Miss Jessica usually goes down around 8, wakes at midnight, then again between 3 and 4 and then again from 6.30 on. i am lucky to get 6hrs interrupted sleep most night, the other night, it was 5hrs, and i had a flat out day the next day, which was yesterday.

Jessica is slowly starting to drink more (she's on formula as she wouldn't latch on and wasn't feeding properly) so i'm hoping she'll start sleeping a little more at night, and then i'll be able to go to bed a little later than 8.30 tongue she's normally pretty laid back, doesn't cry much unless she's hungry, got wind or needs a pooey bum changed and loves her big sister too who helps out with bathing and the occasional feed.

anyways, i'm off to do some dishes and washing while missy is asleep, till next time smile
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