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Was your baby born on due date? Lock Rss

Just curious how many bubs were born on their due date. i had bub a couple weeks ago spot on due date smile
I think the official statistic is 5%, so approx. 1 in 20 babies come on due date. Mine didn't, she came the day her Nanny told her to - and at the time she told her to as well.

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First was a week over but I wasn't sure on dates and hadn't had a dating scan either. Second was on due date.
I had 2 due date babies!! Not planned, induced, or anything!! 2 spontaneous labors on their due date! I couldn't believe it! Especially when I went in to labor with ds2! I thought NO WAY! Haha it can happen!!
Yep. DD came on her due date. Lets hope this next one is as punctual!

so that is 4 of us (plus an extra one for 2 due date bubs from teena7 hehe) that is pretty kool.

yeah i read that is it only 5%.... but was wondering how accurate that was smile
My first was bang on his due date, 2nd was a week early. I've a feeling this one will be early too... No idea why. smile
Nope. DD1 was 40+4, DD2 was 40-4 (39+3) smile

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No, i was 3 days overdue with my DD and 2 weeks early with my DS!

Nope first was 38+6 second was 39+1
DD1 - on her due date spontaneous labour.
DS - 38weeks 5 days spontaneous labour
DD2 - 38 weeks spontaneous labour

All of my dates are based off the edd they gave me at my first scan with each. Admittedly, for medical reasons I wasn't going to be allowed to reach my edd with DS or DD2 so for both of them I'm simply glad to have avoided being induced smile.

My sisters have both had a child each, one had her son a month early and my other sister's son came on her edd.

Nope.ds1 was born 1 month early,ds2 was 5 days early and dd was born day after due date.ive never met anyone who has had their bub on due date
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