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Was your baby born on due date? Lock Rss

Nope Joey came 2 days after her due date, so 40+2 grin
DS#1 - born on his due date
DS#2 - born 38 + 3 weeks

I had DS 13 days early. kinda expecting the same thing again this time.

No, DS was 6 weeks early.
There is alot more people then i thought whose babies were born on their due date! Mine was born at 38+3 smile

Nope both of my kiddies weren't
Ds 40+6
Dd 38 a week early

Nope DD1 was 40+6 and DD2 was 38+6

Forever, for always and no matter what

Dd1 was 37+5
Dd2 was 40+1

My sisters newest addition was born on her due date.
my first bub was born on her due date. All natural, I went into labour close to midnight the day before due date and she was born 8am on her due date. I was quite impressed with that.
Two girls both on their due date, both spontaneous labour. Number three due in January, will be interesting to see what happens.
Only baby was 10 days early

#1 was induced at 15 days overdue. #2 came the day after her due date. smile
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