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Was your baby born on due date? Lock Rss

No my DD was 10 days early
1st born was 3 weeks early, and 2nd born was 2 weeks early due to induction. The dates are only estimates. You can go early or be overdue. Or right on time.

1st 1 was overdue by almost 2 weeks and 2nd 1 had to hav her a bit early due to her weight being 5kgs. laugh
I had my born at 25 weeks.... well off my due date!
Yes, I went into spontaneous labour at 2am on the due date and gave birth before midday the day after her due date! It's as though the clock ticked over to her due date and she got the labour started! Too bad it dragged on wink
My daughter was due on october 6th and was born on 8th october, so nope not born on due date.
My first was born bang on due date smile
I found it funny that both my girls were born exactly 7 days past their EDD. The odds of that are rare.
I went into natural labour with both.
First emergency C-section from meconium poo that caused foetal distress.
Second posterior labour ending in the VBAC I wanted but my daughter being the 6% that don't end up turning back the correct way during labour,her head was on a funny angle and no matter how hard we tried, she was stuck so ended with forceps delivery. Once they adjusted her head, two pushes and she was finally out.
My little man was 10 days early.
Both of mine where born at 38+2
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