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APRIL 2006 BABIES Lock Rss


I was looking here and noticed there was no april 06 babies so i thought i'd start one....

my dd ALIERA MARIA was born on the 2 - 4 - 06
that's gonna be easy to remember 2 4 6 anyway she was born in victoria (we moved interstated when i was 37 weeks!!!) after moving from WA she was 5 days early and it was a quick labour compared to my first!!! well i hope to hear from other mums with babies born in April 2006...

hope your having a great day!


katie VIC dd 30/8/03 dd2/4/06

Hi Katie,

I have been waiting for an April 2006 to begin. Yay!

Sophie was born on 7th April (3 days overdue), 3.3kg, 49cm long and 32.5cm head circumference. Like you I had a very quick labour. She was born 90 mins after arriving to hosptial! Much quicker than my first.

My first daughter Emily is now 15 months and they are getting along really well.

How are you coping with your little one? Is she feeding and sleeping well?


Alice, Sydney, Emily 18.2.05, Sophie 7.4.06

Hi Ladies,
My name's Debbie and I gave birth to my 2nd child Calin on the 5th of April. I was 3 days over. He weighed 8 pound & 8 ounces born. My labour lasted 3hrs. Completely different to when I had Brylee as I had her within 6hrs on her due date and she weighed 6pound 6ounces, she's 3 now.

I'm bottle feeding as my milk dried up after 2weeks. I live in NSW.
Hope everything is going well for you and your babies.


Deb, mum of Brylee 3yrs & Calin 6 months, NSW

Hi Katie, My daughter LuLu Cameron was born on the 19th April and there were some complications with her birth. She swallowed meconium fluid and was transferred to Marter Mothers and put in ICU. Very scary for my husband and i but thank god she is happy and healthy now. Look forward to chatting to you.

Tracy (Brisbane)
Hi Everyone,

I had a baby girl on the 7th of April 2006. She is just beautiful, i have 2 boys aged 4 and 3. We named her Shakira Ally. It was a fairly simple birth and we were both fine. She was born at 4:21pm and weighed 6lb 13oz.

The only trouble we are having with her is that she is constipated on breast milk and formula.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Anyway she has just woken up so i hope to talk to you all at some stage.

Good luck with all your bundles of joy.


Amanda, Vic, 9wk Baby Girl


My son Blaze was born on the 15th April, he was 3kg and 45cms long. Labour was 11 hours but didn't feel that long at all.
Blaze is my first baby and everything is going well.
Good morning Katie & Ladies,

I too had Madeline on the 02/04/06. This just happens to be her grandfathers birthday and his grandfathers birthday. I was 7 days overdue in and in hospital with blood pressure problems. The labour was 16 hours and I only had gas, some tearing involved also but would do it all again.

Bub weighed 8p 1oz was 53 ccms long. Now she is almost 3 months. She smiles, coos and sleeps very well. My husband is very hands on. So it seems I have the best of both worlds. I find bub's is sleeping longer in the day with the colder weather and I can get more done around the house.

Love to hear from you all soon.

Rebecca, NSW

Hey there,
I am Victoria and my Daughter Emily was born 06/04/2006 she weighed 7lbs 4oz she was 2 wks early. She is so beautiful me and my partner love he very much he is really good with her.

Victoria, WA. Emily 06/04/06

hi there,
have been waiting to reply for a few weeks now but had been having trou ble logging in. My son ethan turns 13weeks today and if any one can remember back that far lol it was good friday, yes i spent all of easter in hospital as ethan was born csection as he was breech. My darling son came four weeks early and i was due to have he turned the following week. As well as i had only finished work two days proir and was looking forward to lots of tv watching and sleeping. But ethan decided he wanted to be here ofr easter as well. I was a painless labour from the time my waters broke to when he was born was just over two and half hours as they weren't going to wait and see as he was diffently still up the wrong way. Any way look forward to talking to you all and disscussing the highs and lows of parenthood oh by the way this is our first and love it.

syd. now mother of two


My name is Cassie.

My son Hudson was born on 1st April at 7pm - after 12noon so not an April Fools baby.

I used hypnobirthing techniques and had a very relaxed labor. Hudson was born 90mins after arriving at the hospiatl. They were going to sen dme hom because of my calm state they assumed I wasn't in labor. How wrong they were!! I didn't end up making it to the birthing room.

Hudson is a great boy. He starting sleeping through from 7pm-6am from 5 weeks. He has never slept much during the day until last week. I started putting him into a routine. After a few days where he creid for over 1 hour he now is going to sleep easily for four 1 hour sleeps a day. I wish I had done it earlier!!!

Talk to you all soon.


Cassie, Brisbane

Hi All,

I have an April 2006 bub too! My DD - Alyssa - is our first born child and was due on 21st March 06 but was two weeks overdue and born on 3rd Aprill, 2006 at exactly 9:00pm.
Alyssa was 8pound 3ounces and was 55cm when born - yeah... a very long baby!!!
I had a fantastic natural labour albeit very fast as I was induced with prostin gel and my waters broke naturally and contractions came on fast!! But, all in all... it was great and we really feel so blessed to have Alyssa in our lives!
Alyssa is now 15weeks +2days old and she is now 7.530kgs and 67cm long! She's a chubby bubby but because she is so long she doesn't look that chubby (does this make sense?) - And 'cause she's so long she doesn't look almost 4mths old either - people are always telling me that she looks more like a 6mth old baby. Anyone else facing the same sorta thing?

Anyway hope you're all having a fantastic day and GOOOOOOOOOOOO APRIL 2006 BABIES!!!! YAY YAY!

Mum to Alyssa 03.04.06 & Liana 07/01/08


My bubba girl was born on the 1st of April on the Sunshine Coast. That was her due date.
She was 8p14oz. She is my first baby.
We are toying with the idea of solids.
Does anyone have any ideas for getting her to sleep longer thru the night. She is currently sleeping 5 hrs then a 10 min feed then 3 hrs.

DD 1/4/06 2nd Due 18/1/08

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