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APRIL 2006 BABIES Lock Rss

My baby girl was born 17 April ( a week early)
at Logan Hospital- Brisbane Qld @ 11.15am
Weighing 3180grms.
She is such a beautiful & contented baby.
She nows sleeps right through the night ( 7pm- 6.30am) which has been a great relief. She started doing that at 12 weeks.
She is learning to roll but hasn't fully mastered it yet.
Hope all is well.


P.S. Are there any brissie babies who have a baby around the same area who lives near the Greenbank- Browns Plains area.

Renee, Qld, Mother of 2

My bub, Blake Scott, was born 2 weeks early on 12th April. He was an induces labour and was born after 13 long hours weighing 10lb 12oz. Doctors say he would have hit 13 pounds if he would have gone to his due date. All natuaral birth which i was happy about.
Hi all,

I have just registered with Huggies. My beautiful son was born 070406. His name is Fred. He was a wonderful unexpected surprise. I have a 13 year old son from a previous relationship. My partner also has a 15 and 11 year old daughter. Fred was most unexpected. He is just adorable. He has slept all through the night from 8pm - till 9am since he was about 8 weeks. However during the day he only needs about 3, 20 minute power naps!!!! He is now also on solids as well as formula.

He is a very happy baby. Loves floor time however hates tummy time!!!!


mother of 2 plus 2 step children

Hi There!

Well, my first baby was born on 6.04.2006! And I must say he is a great baby! He sleeps 12 hour nights! 6.30pm to 6.30am! Although not a very good day sleeper! A little catnapper, unless we are in the car, he will sleep all day!!
He unfortunately has reflux also and is on Karicare AR, and it works a treat so far. He also is having farex and some apple/pear or bananas once a day!
He is also growing out of his 000 clothes, having to put mostly 00 on him now as he is pretty long!

Look forward to reading what everyone's April Baby is up to!


Thought i would join in.

My son was born on the 5th of April and weighed in at 8lbs 6oz, 51cm long, and a HC of 35cm, my active labour was fairly quick 5.5hrs, i had to be induced as i can't have a baby without needing to be for some reason. He was posterior and i ended up having to have a episiotomy, because they had to use that vacumm thing lol, but it was all good.

Cohen is now 4 mths old now and was weighed and measured yesterday, and was 8.43kg, 66.5cm long and his head was 44cm he is a big boy especially for a brestfed only baby!!
And he is almost sitting up now!! Abit slower then my daughter but still very good!!

Me(Liz) 21, DP(Craig) 24, Anna 3, Cohen 10 months

Hi there

My daughter was born on the 21st of April. She is 7.8kgs & 64cm long, the health nurse said she is short & fat. She hasn't attempted to roll yet & hates tummy time with a passion. She is starting to chew on toys, constantly has red cheeks & drools heaps. Teeth are on the way! She loves to kick her legs, suck her hands & gurgle to anyone that will listen. She is almost laughing, we're looking forward to the day she manages to laugh out loud. She is also loosing her once thick dark hair & now has bald patches & fine wispy bits of hair on top, looks a little like a balding old man. She sleeps through the night, & has three 1-2hr naps during the day. She has 5 feeds of around 150-200mls.
Bye for now!!

[Edited on 13/07/2008]

Hi I hope you don't mind if I join the group. Declan James was born April 25th (ANZAC Day) and this was his due date too. He was 7lb12oz (3510g) 50cms long and his head circumference was 35cms.
My son was born April 17 2006 - His due date! How happy was I ...
First baby. Easy pregnancy. 8 hour labour then emergency c-section for breech! Sadly not picked up earlier by my midwife (no comment ) ..
I was determined to have my baby with no drugs and as calm as possible.
I started labour at 7.30am my due day and on arrival at the hospital at 3.30pm I was 8cm dilated and good to go. Only problem being I was having a breechy! I was really dissappointed as my midwife did not follow up on my 20wk scan which showed him breech. From then on it was assumed he had turned. For my first baby i'm glad i managed to go to fully dilated with no drugs and now i know what it is like. Except the pushing out bit!!!
My daughter Charlotte Anee-Maree Banks was born on the 17th August 2006.
She weighed 9 pound 12 oz and she was 52 cm long.
She was born in nsw and was 8 days late.
16 and a half hour labour from the very first contraction. I had no pain relief and had a third degree tear.
She is my little angel.

Krystal, nsw, Charlotte 17.4.06

hey there ladies,
hope you dont mind if i join in.
my little monster was born on easter sunday(outta all the days i was really looking forward to chocolate bunnies and yummy roast for lunch,but treston had other ideas) 4 days over due.he weighed 3.64kg and was 51cm long.he is nearly 5mths old and weighs nearly a wopping 10kg. is he too big? i got him weighed about 3 weeks ago at the chemist and the nurse couldnt believe how big he was,she told me not to feed him anything else but fruit, was awful she has given me a complex about his weight, how much does everyone elses baby weigh?
Hi guys,

My son Isaac was born in April - 28th. April must be the month for good looking babies! lol

Isaac is so fun to have around - very vocal and happy. We had a rough start with him and at only 11 weeks he was in hospital and needed a head operation because he had a fluid build up. That was scary. They drained the fluid and now all seems ok.

He is doing everything he should be except sleeping through the night!!! Oh well, can't have it all ;o)

Loren - mum to Zac born 28/4/06

Kalani Renee, 3.1k when born was 10 days over due.
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