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APRIL 2006 BABIES Lock Rss

hI KATIE mY NAME tanika; My little gril was born five weeks early all's good now. Her Birth day was april 19th o6 12hours labor ; no drugs natural birth;Very good birth no problems.NSW Newcastle Area.
Hi, Have just joined.
Its great to hear about babies born in the same month.
My little girl was born on 24th April 06. She was in a hurry from the beginning. She was born at 36 weeks, labour started at 9:15pm and at 10:15pm i was holding her. We called her Ashlee Olivia Lucy.
She has a big sister called Jordan louise she is 3yrs 4mths old.

Have fun with your little one.
Hi all!
My last post I said my son wasn't sleeping through the night.....well, I'd just like to proudly state that the last couple of nights he has slept through! last feed at 9pm and first feed at 7am!!! Lets just hope it sure next week will be different but we'll just see. I'll just enjoy it while I can.

Loren - mum to Zac born 28/4/06

Hi Katie,

My son Cooper was born on the same day....thats nice to meet someone that has the same birthday as him. Cooper was also 5 days early, I was due on the 7th.

It would be great to chat about our babies as they are the same age. My email is [email protected]

Hope to hear from you.....also hope your enjoying the transition to solids...

Lisa : )

Lisa mum of Cooper 02.04.2006

Hi Katie,

My Eliza shares a birthday with your little one, 2 - 4 - 06. We live in Adelaide, moved from Sydney just under 2 years ago.

My labour wasn't so quick .... 13 1/2 hours, last stage was a killer!

Anyway good luck, 2 4 6, what a great day!


Cathy, NSW, mum to Eliza and Bella

Hi everyone out there with April bubs!My son was born 18.4.06,the day after my birthday!The only reason it wasnt my b'day was because it was public holiday and I was induced!He was 9lb 7oz,very big for my first one.How is everyone doing now we are all around 6-7 moths old?Isiah has 2 teeth and is trying his hardest to crawl.His sleep pattern has been great up til the teething started!

Boms mummy

Hi there

Its been a while since I last posted about my April baby. She is now 9.3kgs & 68.5cm long. She sits up on her own but topples over occasionally. She rolls from belly to back & has recently learnt to roll back over. There are no signs of crawling yet, she still hates being on her belly so can't see it happening for a while. She just cut her second tooth this morning. She is eating 3 solid feeds per day & loves pears & custard. She laughs & babbles heaps but no words yet. She is doing well.

Bye for now
[Edited on 13/07/2008]

Hi April mums

I'm not one of you but thought I'd pop in to offer you guys free digital photo birthday invitations as your littlies will soon be turning a big one!!

I made a few invitations up a while ago and have tried to sell them a few times on ebay without too much luck!

I really, really enjoy doing them so have given up with trying to make money and am happy to just do them for free... gives me something to do and thus keeps me sane!

They're listed on ebay at the moment so if you're after invitations, go check them out and if you like one you see I'll do it up for you, no charge.

(A bored sahm!)

Kate - Baby Girl aged 9months

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