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Babies born in August 2004 Rss

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to hear from other mum's who have had babies born in August 2004.
My second little boy 'Oscar' was born on the 01/08/04. I have an almost 3 yr old boy 'Jack'.
We live in Goulburn.

Katie, Jack & Oscar NSW

Hi Katie

My little boy "Jayden" was suppose to be due 3 Aug 2004 however came a few days earlier 29 July 2004.

So you have 2 boys ! Happy with that ? or will you try for a girl ?

Talk to you soon


8 month old

Hi guys, my little girl was born on the 13th August this year...the amazing thing about it is she was due on the 3rd but waited until the 13th which is exactly one year to the day my best friend had her little boy.

Must be some amazing kind of link they have.

Amanda & Heidi 11 weeks

Heidi's Mum

Hello all,

My first baby 'Nathaniel' was born 10/08/04. I hated almost everything about being pregnant but I absolutely love everything about being a mum. My partner and I are already discussing when to have the next.

Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

Hi i have a baby boy a bit earily on August 27th he was meant to be a sept baby
Congratulations on your baby boy. How is it all going now? Has he started solids? It's amazing how quickly they grow up, once they start eating food!

Katie, Jack & Oscar NSW

Hi there Katie I have 3 boys the youngest born 27.7,04. Ages range from 9yrs, 31/2yrs and 51/2 mths. My youngest has decided that he needed to keep up with his older brothers and had been caterpillar crawling from 4 mths. He has since decide that crawling on all 4's is much faster! When we told people of the impending 3rd child, everyone just assumed that we went back for a girl. The thought of having a daughter was always something I had wanted to experience, however we just wanted the joy of another child. I found out what the sex was before the delivery becuase I have friends who had 2 boys and went back for a girl and ended up totally disappointed when they delivered another boy. I didn't want my first thought of my baby to be negative, so if I was going to be a little disappointed I wanted to deal with that before our little bundle arrived. When I was told I was having a boy I grinned from ear to ear, I didn't care, I just knew I was happy to have a baby. I did get a little sad that night but not because this baby wasn't a girl. I was sad because I know I wont have a daughter as this is our last child. Luckily I got over my sadness pretty quickly. I have neices, and cousins and friends who have girls, so when I have the urge to go pink, I just buy for them. I also bought a female dog and gave her a pink collar! My boys have inherited my dolls and my husband gets to do the macho "boy stuff". I wouldn't trade any of them for a girl ever!!!

ps I still insist the toilet seat be put down after use even if I am the only female in the house

mum of 3 boys


Ihave a baby born on the 3rd of August. Her name is Isabella and she's my fourth baby, but six years behind my third child.

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi Everyone,

Cayley Jayne was born bang on due date - 15th Aug 04.

She is now sitting by herself & just starting on the 2nd feed of solids a day (boy what a mess!). Nana & Grandad got her a swing for Christmas - boy is that fantastic!! Absolutely loves anything that moves.
She has just about grown out of her bouncer (Is about 80% for both height & weight on the average scal - so a little bigger!) - Will be such a shame to lose the bouncer - great for putting her to sleep on those really cranky days!
She is only moving around on her mat at the moment, but much prefers lying there with no nappy!

Have only just found this post. Will be great to catch up with parents of other babies the same age to compare milestones etc - It always amazes me how babies of similar ages can be so different in their accomplishments - Guess you can only use all those hundreds of books as guidelines!


Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Hi Andrea

Jayden normally has his day sleeps in his bouncer and we have kept the cot just for his night sleep. However he is growing out of it as well ! I have bought a portacot that is in the lounge room and I am trying to get him to sleep in there during the day but hates it ! Where does Cayley sleep during the day ?

8 month old

Hi Melinda,

Day sleeps are a bit of a problem aren't they!
We had the portacot in the lounge for a while, but it was taking up too much room, so she is back in her cot. The way I differentiate (spelling??) day and night, is I don't shut the curtains during the day.
Cayley has never really liked the portacot anyway.

Boy will I miss that Bouncer - Cayley has about grown out of hers too!.


Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Im really enjoying that bouncer while its lasting him. Even tho his feet are hanging from it ! I will see what I am going to do

8 month old

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