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I am a new mother of a boy born on 23rd of may his name is ethan john.
Would anyone like to have a chat

mel, vic, ethan and locke

Hello, I am new mother too, my baby boy, Toby was born 15th March. Would love to chat

Net, QLD

hi mel,
i just answered your post in due dates v's real dates as our sons have the same name then went in to this topic and noticed your name again only to discover when i read it they have the same middle names, my son has just turned 13weeks and boy has it flown. it has been a rollcoaster of emoitions but wouldn't trade it for anything. its amazing how much instanst joy they can bring in to your life. Iwonder if your ethan is full of character like ours. He is very much is own person who loves his sleep and food but can be a bit stubborn sometimes when it comes to sleep especially through the day unforutnatly he has a mother and grandmother from a childcare /mothercraft nurse background so he doesn't have much hope. Although its different when there your own you can't hand them back at the end of the day or when your shift finishes. Any way look forward to hearing about you ethan as they are only about 6 weeks apart
ebs syd

syd. now mother of two

Hi I am also a new mum of Isabel, who is now almost 4 months.
I'd love to chat.

Bec, QLD,

Hi All,

I'm a new Mummy to a little girl - Alyssa Poloni born on 3rd April 2006 at 9:00pm. She was 8pounds3ounces and 55cm long (yeah...very long!).

I had a great natural labour apart from a bit of prostin gel to induce as I was 2weeks overdue. However, everything else was natural, my waters broke naturally and my contractions came on hard and fast - it was a very intense labour lasting only 4 and 1/2hrs and only 1and 1/2hrs from when my waters broke to bub actually being born!
Having said this, I am worried that my next labour will be much faster (as they say that happens don't they?) - scarey thought!!!
Alyssa is 15weeks +2days old today and weighs 7.530kg and is 67cm long.
She's a happy baby who is a great sleeper and eater... just like her Daddy... LOL!
Have a great day all!!!

Mum to Alyssa 03.04.06 & Liana 07/01/08

Hi there all new mums. Congrats to us all for a job well done!!!
I have only just found this and i think its great.
I am a new mum to a baby boy. Rhyse was born on the 28th April.

Please contact me if you want to chat

Tanya & Rhyse
Hi Mel, Hi there I am Melanie, I am 31 going on 32 soon, and I live on a farm, but don't work on it as I am a new mum to a 1 month baby boy Jack. I live on the outskirts of Pirongia. I would love to be friends and chat. Look forward to hearing from you.
Hi I am Melanie and I am also a new mum to a baby boy who was born on the 1st July 2006 and his name is Jack Harley.

I would love to hear from you and be able to chat and email each other.

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