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January 2004 babies Lock Rss

Well there seems to be a thread for every other month so I thought I had better start one for January. Anyone else got babies born in January 2004? Mine were born 13/01/04 7.03 + 7.04am via emerg c-section.
I cant believe that they are nearly a year old - 6 weeks this thursday.
Hi Kica, I was just thinking the same thing1 My daughter, Mackenzy was born on January 12, at 8.02am after a VERY long weekend. I can't believe that her first year is almost over, and not only am I thinking about her 1st Chrissie, but her first birthday party plans are underway.
By your post, I gather you have twins, and must be very busy, and getting ready for a double celebration - its so exciting!!
Hope to continue chatting to you and any other parents of Jan babes

Have a great day
Hi Kica and Michelle, my son Jai was born on January 31st (just made a Jan bub!) at 8.15pm after a 13hour labour....but well worth every minute.
Its amazing when you think back just how much they have changed and grown....a little baby not so long ago being held in our arms for a fair bit bigger and no longer able to sit and play for 30secs let alone lay in our arms for any length of time... oh the joys of being a mother/father.
Anyway it would be good to chat with mums with bubs born in Jan...discuss milestones etc...
If anyone cares to chat sometime I am on

Cheers Em.

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Em

I was going to add you to my msn list but for some reason it isnt working at the moment! I agree with you about how it wasnt long ago that they cuddled all the time and now its like yeah whatever mum smile I must say that my boys are so fun - its really cool hanging out with them, and I imagine that as they get older and can do more stuff it will be better.

My email is or my msn is

Hope to hear from you
Hi,I just wanted to share my daughters latest talent with you - I can't believe how quickly they pick things up! My dad made her a little wooden car (Herbie like), and she has ony just (yesterday) taken a bit of interest in it. She began rolling it along the floor, and I added the 'brrmm' sound, and she copied!! This morning she has spent a long time playing with it, and has continued making the sound.....funny how she won't say "mum", no matter how often I say it.
Aren't they funny little things -

Hi Kica...just letting you know that I added you to mr msn list...
Hope to talk soon

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi all,
I was happy to see this post, I kept seeing all of the othe months and wondered where January was!, I cannont believe that this time last year I was the size of a house & couldn't go anywhere unless a toilet was within meters!.
Paige is doing new things everyday & we cannot believe how much she has changed even in the last 2 months, she is such a little person now!
are any of your little ones pulling themselves up on things?, Paige is pulling herself up on the coffee table & I even caught her trying to get up onto the lounge to get the tv remote.
I still cannot believe how fast the last year has gone, within weeks it will be christmas, then Paige's first birthday I cannot wait.
hope to chat to all you January Mums soon!
hi, my name is bayleigh and my little girl,ava, was born 7th jan at 8:30pm after a 115hour labour! i was due 29th of december but she was determined to stay in there as long as she could!
i agree that it is amazing to see all the new things they are learning everyday. ava is walking and has 7 teeth(6 of which she got at 6months) she also says mumma, dadda, lala(my sister is called carla and that is what she calls her) poppa, nana, NO(she had to learn it at some point) ta, tata(bye bye) hi(followed by a wave) bubba, and then there is the constant jibberish lol. i do wish she would grow some hair though as i am dying to tie it ijn piggytails! the good thing about irthday being so close to xmas is that when they have the big no deposit toy layby's that go till xmas eve, i can also put all her bday toys on it too! ava also loves riding on her car. she has a carebear one and she hoons around on it beeping the horn. she tried to climb on our puppy and go for a ride on her the other day. it was so cute! i cant believe that i have been a mummy for almost a whole year! it feels just like yesterday i was popping her out and i'm sure all u guys feel the same way! our little babies are growing up!!!!!!!

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

Hi all (again),
I Had to update everyone on what Paige did yesterday...she stood up on her own! (ok it was only for about 2 seconds!) then she tried to walk & push a box with her musical pony in it that we got from the lables thing, I cannont believe it! she may just walk before her first birthday!
Sorry to bore you all - just an over excited mum
Hi guys,
Elz, Mackenzy is also standing, each day for longer and longer periods - very exciting! Yesterday she was standing, and then touched her hands on the floor, and then stood upright again! I also hope she'll be walking for her b'day (12/01).

A question to all - Mack has started to display a little bit of a personality (her dad calls it attitude), where she is pinching, trying to grab at my face etc. I tell her NO, and pit her down so she doesn't have my attention, but she starts again soon after. I've been thinking that it coincides with her being tired, but I'm not sure if this is a good enough she just trying to express herself? Anyone having similar things happen?

Another boy to add to the January list - Ashton was born on the 22nd at 2.08am after - sorry - only 1 hour of labour. And he was a wopping 9pd 4oz! He is such a wonderful happy little boy. Our family is now complete with a girl (4yrs) and boy. Ashton is climbing on and into everything!!!! It doesn't matter how many toys you put in front of him to play with, he will find the one thing in the room that you don't want him to touch - when you say NO, he will stop look at you with his big puppy dog eyes and turn around and touch it anyway - the joys! Standing - just waiting for him to walk. Hard to believe he will be 1 in 6 weeks - where has the year gone!

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

ava also pinches and she occasionally tries to bite me. i'll tell u what, those little teeth of hers are killers!

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

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