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January 2004 babies Lock Rss

Mackenzy doesn't have any teeth yet (!!), but does occasionally put her mouth over my arm/leg as if to bite

Hi there,

My son Ashton was born 18th Jan. Also can't believe it has almost been a year!!! He was born by emergency c-section after going into distress after 4 days in labour. Perfectly healthy, happy little boy. He has been standing for nearly 4 months now, and walks around holding things, but has absolutely no intention of letting go! (such a BOY) lol

Though, even though he can't walk yet, he loves to climb, i found him standing on top of his walker this morning - I nearly had a heart attack!
Hi All,
Hope you all had a good weekend,

Michelle, Paige also grabs & pinches at my face & neck, she has recently found earings & all the women in my family have to take them out before getting a cuddle so I think that may be what she is going for, she has started to bite my arm or sholder while I am holding her, I do the same & yell NO which really scares her & she ends up crying & saying Dadda - which makes me feel worse!.
Newmum04 I cannont believe your little man was ontop of his walker!, I didn't strap Paige into her high chair once & found her standing up & leaning over the back of the chair I nearlly died, neadless to say she is now always strapped in!.
earings, necklaces, piercings you name it. if it's there ava will find it and give it a good yank. she is so factinated by the shiny jewlery

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

Morning all,
I can't believe how interested Mackenzy is in Christmas. the bright and shiny colours of the wqrapping paper and tinsel really attrcts her attention, and we have to stop when ever we see Santa - either real, 6ft blow up version, or hanging on a tree. It is such a fun time, and I never would have thought she would have been taking so much notice - we cannot wait for Christmas day, I'm already planning how we'll start our day, and making sure the camera is ready, and video camera fully charged!

Hi All
Well Ruben and Karlos were 11mths yesterday - only 1 month to go now smile I have just sent out all the invites to their birthday party!
They are doing so well - Ruben has started to stand for a few seconds all by himself, and they are both really good with the hungry hippo toy that they walk behind - cant wait for them to start walking its going to be so much fun!

They are loving xmas and all that goes with it - like the tree, Santa and the wrapping paper! - We will also be making sure the video and digital cameras are ready for the big day.

They are both pinching me as well - mainly when I am giving them a b/f - but they also like earrings etc.

Well better go - heaps more to do before xmas - only 11 days to go
Hi ladies....well guess what, yesterday Jai took 2 steps fell down and then another 2 when we got him back up....its amazing watching them attempt new things and seeing their persistance.

Anyway chrissy is nearly here and like your bubs Jai is really excited by the presents under the tree, the lights and all else that goes with it...

We are looking forward to taking him Christmas light looking as around here there are so many houses all done up to the max...thats our next chrissy adventure.

Well best of luck with all the last minute shopping. I still have a few more little things to buy!

Bye... Em

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Everyone,
My baby boy was born Jan 21st, '04 at 3:15am weighing 9pd 2 oz. He was 10 days overdue but (thankfully) he came along naturally. His name is Colby Jay.
He is now just 10kg and cruising the furniture. He loves swimming lessons and dancing to the Wiggles.
I can't believe Colby will be 1 next month.

Kym - Mum to Jada (27.09.01) & Colby (21.01.04)

Morning everyone,
Hope you are all well & not too stressed with christmas around the corner!
Paige is terrified by Santa & our christmas Tree, I thought most kids were, but maybe she is just different, she likes to point & say Ah but when we get up close she freaks out & tries to climb up me! - no Sant pics this year then!.
Have a good one
Has anyone else noticed a HUGE mental jump from 10 to 11 months? With Ashton, I have noticed that he suddenly seems ALOT more aware of himself and his surroundings... He has realised cause/effect.. i.e if i do this, this will happen - turning on the light, attempting to stack him toys, and putting balls through holes. He is much more interactive and so VERY active.

He is 9.9 kg

Has been standing since 8 months, no hurry to walk so far! But stands on his own for about 5 seconds (until he realises he is and sits down!!)

Looking forward to hearing all about your babies
I have with Colby. If he takes a toy from his sister he doesn't just sit their anymore, he takes off because he knows she will try and get it back!

He is also leans on the footstool, pushes it to where he wants to go and trys to climb it to reach things! Colby has been cruising for a while now and walks if you hold his hand but has no real interest in walking solo yet. He will walk behind anything that moves - chairs, port-a-cot and even a plastic roller tub.

He is just over 10 kgs and will eat almost everything you put in front of long as he can feed himself!

When is everyone going to start cows milk? Colby drinks soy milk with his breakfast and is only having 200-300 mls of formula bottle a day. He isn't interested in bottles much anymore. He drinks water and soy milk from a sippy cup but won't drink formula that way. I was thinking of trying him on cows milk when this tin of formula is finished. He will be a bit over 11 months by then. My dd started cows milk just before her 1st b'day.

Kym - Mum to Jada (27.09.01) & Colby (21.01.04)

I was just asking my hubby the same thing today.. when we should start cows milk.

My son is a shocker to get to drink his milk, always has since starting a bottle at 3 months. On average I manage to encourage to get him to drink around 550mls a day (formula) he still uses a bottle, will not drink his formula from a cup. He has VERY SMALL sips only from his cup, I think more to show off and play with it than to actually drink.. and refuses juice.

After saying that he is a HUGE eater, and would eat anything put in front of him

I was thinking of starting him on cows milk around the 12 month mark, so in the next few weeks I guess!

Have most people tried egg? I only did the other day, but not whole egg, just Heinz egg custard in a tin.
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