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January 2004 babies Lock Rss

I haven't given Colby any baby tinned food and he usually eats what we eat. He has had egg in meals and has just recently had a boiled egg. The baby health sister told me to try the egg white first by dipping a bread crust in and letting him try it. If he has no reaction then he should be ok to start on eggs.
I think a Heinz egg custard would be ok because it is made for that age group.

Kym - Mum to Jada (27.09.01) & Colby (21.01.04)

Strange all the totally different advice we get given!!

I was told to give the egg yolk first, then if no problem the egg white!! lol There is advice for everything, then advice to contradict everything!!
Morning all
we have had a very eventful weekend! At lunch time on Saturday I put my finger into Mackenzy's mouth, & I felt her first tooth! Her 2 bottom teeth have been sitting under the gum for months, and each day lately I've been checking, so I got a big surprise. This morning she has woken up grumpy, so maybe its starting to hurt. But, she hasn't had any other 'symptoms'. Then on Sat arvo, we went to see Santa, in Myer. She just loves Santa, and I wanted to get a photo - but I knew that seeing him on pics, and from a distance is very different to sitting on his lap! My hubby came as well, and he held her as we started talking to him. His helper handed him a toy, and she was hooked. I placed her on his lap, and she laughed, and pointed at all of the decs that were around. She even smiled at the camera at the right time. Unfortunately, we won't get the photos until Jan, but I'm still happy to get them.
I've also noticed a huge jump in her cognition, she seems to be so much more inquisitive, and workig hard at problem solving. She is also walking around furniture, and pushing any thing that moves. We thought that she would be walking by xmas, but at least she'll have a tooth! Maybe walking by her b'day on the 12th??!!

Sorry this is sooo long
hi my son Dakota, just made January 2004. He nearly came 18 Decemjber 2003. Instead he arrived by c-section 9th Jan 2004. My other son was born by emerg c-section 22/02/2003 pre-eclampsia. Now you know why I didn't want the younger one in dec '03. I cherish both boys,but it is hard to believe 3wks Sat Dakota wil be one and six wks later his brother will be two. We called our first son Tainui. Dakota has done alot of things earlir than Tainui, walking is one he started at 7.5 mths pulling himself up and crawling, I said he would be walking by christmas. He is now standing and unsure of the first step, but I know that won't be far away. Tainui had a right club foot which meant he didn't crawl until 10mths and walk till 15mths. Dakota has four teeth where tainui nearly had his full set at the same age. So they are at different stages. Dakota eats anything whereas tainui is a fussy eater one minute he eats and the next don't want to know. Well midnight is upon me. Time flys must go before Dakota decides to wake up. margaret

margs,S.A 11mth & 22mth babies

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the board, so bear with me:) I'm Stephanie from Vic. Michele is 12 months on the 5th of January. She is already walking and extremely active. She sleeps about 11 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day. She is still eating mostly my pre-prepared food and not really eating much of what we are. Well she does, but it's modified for her. And there are 10 teeth and more on the way.
I look forward to meeting you all and hearing more about the babies born in january.
Welcome Steph - love your daughters name (hehehe). You most be looking forward to her 1st birthday - only a few days away!

I am planning Mackenzy's birthday party - we're having an afternoon tea/party in a few weeks, and I'm trying to think of food that I can have for other 1 year olds. Does any onehave any good ideas? I'd appreciate them

Hi ladies....back after a while with no internet... sad
Anyway I had to tell you all...Jai walked the other day for about 30 seconds...hubby and I were very impressed with that effort...
Hope you all had a good christmas.
We got some news for the new year....bub two is on its way....!
In regards to your post Michelle what about for food suggestions:

*finger sandwiches or make sandwiches in shapes with a cookie cutter
*fruit salad
Well there some thoughts anyway...good luck with it all.
Take care mums

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Em, congratulations - what great news! We plan to start trying for number 2 before too long.

Thanks for the ideas, I'm going to make jellies (with juice) and put them in separate cups, and I'd already thought of the muufins and pikelets. I really like the idea of the shaped sandwiches.
Thanks again

Hi - just a quick update on my boys, they will be 1 in a week so I am getting ready for the party, just a late lunch for family really. They are both standing alone and Ruben has taken a few steps. Hopefully wont be long before they are walking around. Hope you all had a wonderful xmas (we certainly did!) and good luck as all your babies turn 1!
Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a fantastic christmas,
Paige was scared of most of her toys except her bear in the big blue house dvd!, that was until my hubby & I took 3 hours to unwrap & untwist all of those twisty things, she is now playing with everything & kissing every toy which is very cute
we are now in countdown mode, only 12 more days until Paige is 1 & I cannont wait until her party, I think I am the most excited!.

has anyone started their little ones on cows milk yet?, Paige won't touch it, I am wanting to stop breastfeeding but not having much luck, she hates formula but does have 240mls if made into a smoothie mixed with fruit & yoghurt, I am about to try the toddler formula hoping she may take that.
Just wasn't sure if I was the only one who's bub doesn't like cows milk?

hope you all have a great weekend
hi to jelli
My son dakota is 1 today, but we will be having a party next week. As we have just come back from aweek in Broken Hill. Dakota is now on the go he started walking why we were away, he is still a bit woobly but he is up to about 6 to 7 steps before he falls over. I am at the moment giving Dakota half formula and half cows milk to see how he goes and will decrease until he is all cows milk. He eats most things and seems to be doing alright, so I let him go. He is alot heavier looking than his brother even though there is only a kilo difference. His brother is very loving towards him now and gives him kisses and cuddles. But Dakota can also be very antagonising towards his bro, and try and get him in trouble. He thinks, well hope you all had agreat christmas and new year.
See ya my email is
margs 12 mth and 22mth

margs,S.A 11mth & 22mth babies

Happy Birthday Dakota!
My hubby was 30 yesterday, and I'm trying to get over the 80 odd adults and chn that we entertained last night - thank God for great weather, and a fabulous in ground pool. Mackenzy turns 1 on Wednesday, but we had a small party for family that had travelled for Dan's party, today. I'm getting very excited, and I'm trying to remember all of the things that started happening this time last year.
Mackenzy has taken a few steps, and is really stready on her feet, dancing, squatting etc, but just doesn't want to take more than 2 steps at a time. Maybe it'll happen by her special day...

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