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January 2004 babies Lock Rss

Happy Birthday for yesterday Dakota!!!!

congratulations to Dakota & Mackenzy on taking those first few steps!!!!

Paige is still in the walking around furniture mode, I am waiting for her to let go of the lounge but she seems happy to hang on at the moment.

I tried Paige on the Toddler formula (s26) & she was not at all interested (after I brought the whole tin), and she seems to be getting sick of the bannana smoothie & only drinking half, I have tried every fruit possible in a smoothie but she would only take the Bannana, but now she is not so Interested, I am tempted to try a little nesquick but my peadatrition said that I was not to do that & that she was to only have plain cows milk, it's a realy struggle with her only weighing 7.4kgs, my hubby thinks I should just give it a go & flavour it with whatever she likes, but I am still unsure.

How are all the party plans going?, I have just ordered Paige's cake & found a Pooh bear one that has the same picture that is on her invitations & is very cute.

Michelle You are game having 80 people over!, that's how many people at my Wedding!. I know what you mean about thinking about this time last year... I keep thinking back about what we were doing & me going through a mad rush to wash the clothes line! I was insane!.

Have a great birthday on Wednesday Mackenzy!

have a good one
Hi everybody,

I have been out of action as we have moved states and have been very busy unpacking,etc and have not had a chance to get onto Huggies. Saw this post and would reply as my son, Jordan is a January baby.

Jordan just turned one yesterday! Time has flown so much and cannot believe that this time last year he was this tiny newborn! We had a little family party for him yesterday and he had an absolute ball. Especially with his cake! He had it everywhere! Made him a novelty number one cake and thought it turned out quite well.

Jordan has 5 teeth now with more on the way is crawling everywhere really fast and walks around the furniture really good too. Can stand up by himself. He has taken steps in the last 2 weeks with the other day taking 3 steps really good. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks he will be walking wobbly.

Congratulations on the news of second bub and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the beautiful bubbies turning one or have turned one this month.

We all have done a wonderful job!
Hi all - only 2 sleeps left!!
Elz, I have been trying to decode on a cake for months - and I think I've decided on a Pooh Bear cake also, and I'll get serviettes, plates etc to match. I'm going to have a go at the cake myself (I must be nuts!), I'm not very skilled/crafty/imaginative etc, but I'll have a go. We're not having her party until the 23rd, but on Wednesday night we're having family over, and I'm going to have an ice cream cake - it'll be hot, & she should like it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JORDAN - 5 TEETH! Mackenzy only has 1/2 of one!!!

What a great idea (banana smoothie), to get them to drink milk. Mack will drink water until it comes out of her ears, and she's only having 1 breastfeed a day, just before bed. She will just let the milk run out her mouth. She eats a lot of cheese, but I've just started thinking that she might need more dairy. Mum tries her on flavoured milk, and she drinks a little, but still not a lot.

I started back at work today, in childcare, looking after othet people's chn. I'm only working 3 days, but it is still VERY daunting etc etc. GParents are looking after Mack, so I know she's being very well cared for, but it is still very hard. Is any one else working?

I reminded my husband tonight of the wonderful job that I have done!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the Jan 04 babies!

My boys turned 1 today - Yay I made it!!!!!!

We are having a family party on Saturday, but had a small morning tea today with their friends from anti natel (sp) group.

Ruben has taken his first steps, Karlos has attempted but they both seem to have lost interest. Ruben has 4 teeth, and karlos has 8 - both are doing really well. Have just tried them both with cows milk (I am still bf). I put banana and vanilla yog with it and made a smoothy which they LOVED!

For the ones who are still to turn 1 later in the month HAPPY BIRTHDAY for then, hope you all have great days
yeh, ava's birthday was great fun! we had a carebear cake which i made! and ava got spoilt rotton! how has everyone elses birthdays been so far!

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

Hi all - Happy Birthday to all of the racent 1 yr old bubbies!
Mackenzy's birthday was last week, and we are STILL celebrating.We had a small party on the Sunday b4 her bday, one that night, and another party planned for this Sunday. It feels like all she is doing is opening pressies since Christmas. Now she'll have to wait a whole year before anything else!
She has well and truly got the hang of the unwrapping process. It has been so much fun. She is now taking more and more steps each day, and less crawling. Very cute!

Hi All,
Hope everyone's parties went well over the weekend, I have had a crazy week, it was Paige's Birthday on Wednesday & we had dinner at my Mum's with all of my family I made three cakes & only 1 turned out & my oven blew an element!, We had a great time at her BBQ lunch on Saturday for all our family & friends Paige had a great time, I cannot believe my little girl is now 1!, it just seems crazy!. She hasn't taken any steps on her own yet, but is very content pushing around my foot cube & walking behind it, not sure why we spent all that money on the stride to ride walker!, but she has just about cut her two top eye teeth, & decided to stop breast feeding all together on friday, so it's time to crack out the bottle on wine that I have been chilling in the fridge for about 3 months!.
Michelle - how was Mackenzy's party?, I bet she has this party thing down pat now!
Have a good one!

HI Elz - Happy Birthday Paige!!
What a bugger about your oven!! I made a Pooh Bear cake using a Pooh Bear shaped tin, I wasn't sure how much mixture it would take, (nearly 3 pkts), and I thought I had left enough space at the top, but, no, it spilled over whist it was cooking, and then I had to try a ladle it out, so I didn't have burnt cake everywhere in the oven - the things we do!. I am very pleased (and rather proud of myself), with the way the cake turned out. Mackenzy is now walking everywhere, and getting into even more mischief. Within 1 week she took a few steps at a time, and is now fully walking - Paige won't be long I'm sure.
We had a great party, it was great to have the bubbies swimming with their dads in the pool, it looked great. I'm really pleased that it is all over though, it was all a lot of fun, but now its time tyo get in the swing of 'normality' (if that exists??!!)

Happy Birthday to all the new 1 year olds.
My daughter is another January baby, turning one last week. She now has 4 teeth, with a fifth almost through. She loves her solids, but is not that interested in liquids - she has about 400ml per day of milk and water. She still has her formula in a bottle - we are slowly switching from formula to milk. She uses a straw cup for her water - she is not too keen on cups with a spout. She has started using a high chair in the last few weeks, and is enjoying being able to feed herself finger foods. She commando crawls everywhere, and is into everything. She won't sit (except in her highchair), or stand - we are seeing a physio who has given us some exercises to encourage her to sit - once she is sitting we will then concentrate on getting her to stand. She started child care in the last few days - as my maternity leave has finished so I have to return to work at the end of the month - she settled in quite well on her first day. She sleeps for about 2 hours during the day (1 or 2 sleeps) and sleeps through about 11-12 hours at night. She is very cheeky, and knows when she is doing something she shouldn't - grinning and crawling away when she is caught. She loves playing with her 3 year old sister, often following her around, and snuggling up together (it's great to watch).
Bye for now. I look forward to hearing what the other January babies are getting up to.

mum to 2 girls

Hi to all the mums of 1 year olds!,

It still seems weird to say 1 year olds!,
Paige is still not walking yet, but the video camera is on charge & set up in anticipation, she is continually standing alone for about 30 seconds but then falling back down onto her bum, luckly it's padded there!.
Michelle - good on you for trying the pooh bear cake you are more game than me, I cannot believe that you had to ladle out the extra, I thought that things like that only happened to me!.
Paige has been chatting more & more & seems to be coming out of her shell a little more & the shyness is starting to wear off a little & she is dancing up a storm to all the ads on TV!.Have a good one
Hi all, its been a while since there have been any posts, I guess everyone is getting grounded again, after what I'm sure was a very hectic January.

Elz, I can now laugh about the cake...I'm still very proud of myself. What to do next year?!!!
I adore listening to Mackenzy's constant chatter. She has got a lot of recognisable words/sounds/babbles, and she really tries to repeat the things that we say. She has quit walking, and now runs!! Once Paige starts, there'll be no stopping her. What are her favourite adds? Mack loves "Dodo", and anything else that has an animal, and a catchy jingle.
Has any one tried "Kindermusik" or anything similar?

Hi all,
Hope you are all having a good one

Paige is still not walking!
but she has now started to put her feet flat on the floor, bum up & then try to crawl/walk.
Paige has just discovered her belly button & calls it her bubba which is very cute.
Michelle, Paige also loves the Dodo ad, but really gets down & boggies to the goldern valley yoghurt ad, but loves the music to the begining of sex & the city - its on foxtel at 12 whilst she is in her highchair having luch she bops to it, she also screams & heads full speed to the tv at 8.30 for bear in the big blue house to dance to the begining song but to that one she must be standing & hanging onto something to bop!.
What is kindermusik? I have never heard of it
My hubby plays the guitar & this week he let Paige have a little go of it, she loved strumming & banging on the strings, it was really cute & loud!.
better get back to work
have a good weekend
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