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January 2004 babies Lock Rss

Hi all - Gee, how slack have we (I've) been!! Thought I'd add a post to see if any one is still out there.
After reading the past posts, I can't believe how much has happened since Jan/Feb. Mack is 16mths old this week, and I've counted about 100 words that she can say (with recognition to an object), and she understands so many more. She is getting cheekier each day, & is loved more everyday. Since she was born, I have always said "Mumma loves ya, & Dadda loves ya" when I put her to bed. The other night I did this, and as I walked out of her room she said "Mumma, Dadda, Sash (dog), Nanna, Patch (Nan & G'dads bird!!), Gnda (G'dad). Now we say to her "Mumma/Dadda loves ya....who else loves you?"...and she goes on and says a variety of people she regularly sees. ADORABLE!
I am working 3 days, which isn't too bad. Mack's both set of g'ps are able to look after her, so I don't have to pay for c-care...I work in c-care, & I don't think it would have been fair to have her there. Anyway, I've just check my bank account, and I am so excited that I have earnt just on $10000 so far!. We are saving every cent - that was one of my conditions on returning to work - and we should start building our new house by Christmas - can't wait - except that we are owner building, so that might be a drag!

Can't wait to hear from others

Hi Michelle

I have been thinking I should post something in here for awhile!

I have a little time now so here is a quick update.
Both boys are just starting to say words, so far they can say - pu (puss), Mummy, dad, ank you (thank you), boon (balloon), baw (ball) ock (sock), um cant think what else right now. They understand so much as well, like at the moment they are "helping" dad in the shed and they put nails all over the floor so I said to them to please pick them up and put them in the box and they did! I can't believe how much they understand. I think when they start to talk they will just do it!

They love balls, balloons and anything with wheels. Ruben is right in to drawing and he is nearly making cirlce shapes instead of just lines. They both love to help mummy around the house and dad in the shed.

They change so fast at the moment - the next 8 months or so will fly and then they will be 2!

Hope everyone else is going well,
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