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Any September 04' Babes? Lock Rss

Hiya, just wondering whether there was many september babies around?

Jodie, 24, mum to Antonia Scarlett 12/9/04

hi Jodie,
My bub is a September baby, he was born on Sept 8th, weighing 9lbs 1oz. He started sleeping through the night at 2 weeks with an average nights sleep being 10 hours, I'm lucky he is a great baby. How is your baby going? Jasper is not rolling over yet is Antonia? I would love updates on Antonia's progress thru the months, Hope you have a great first Christmas and enjoy it all because they grow up too fast.

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

my bub was born on sep 20th weighing 9lbs8oz he sleeps through the night now (as of 11 weeks) he smiles lots and has rolled once but i think that was pure luck he doesnt cry much and loves cuddles
i would love to hear how other september bubs are going...
great topic!

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

Hiya Guys, Antonia was 7lb 3ozs and is also sleeping thru the night, she's such a good sleeper, I usually dont hear a peep out of her til 9am so I'm kinda lucky really. She's not rolling over yet, but has been trying, pushing up with her feet etc, but i think it may be the mat she's lying on, it's polar fleece and kind of slippery!!! She grabs for everything!!! and is holding rattles and toys really well, I'm loving this age at the moment!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone & All the best for 05"

Jodie, 24, mum to Antonia Scarlett 12/9/04

Hi Everyone,
My bub, Luke was born 23rd September, he weighed 7lb 15ozs. He was induced at 38wks as I had gestational diabetes, thankfully he is healthy and well.
Luke is trying to roll but not quite making it yet, he also pushes himself along on the ground. He sleeps through the night and is awake more during the day. He loves being held into a standing position and gets quite grumpy if you don't allow him to stand
Luke has 3 elder sisters. The eldest is 19 and has a family of her own, 17 mths and one due 21st Jan 2005 so the nephews will grow up will their uncle
Have a Merry and Safe Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!

mum to 5

Merry Christmas Everyone.
I have a Sept bubby too. Lachlan's our first & he was born 6th Sept as a skinny & long 7lb 3oz baby. Now he's a (very) chubby 61cm, 16lb-er. Sept mums must be lucky mums because my little guy is sleeping through the night as well although before that he only ever needed one night feed so I never lost too much sleep. He's a bit ordinary on the tummy (he gets frustrated - the clinic nurse says he's a little lazy too) & is playing with rolling around, but he just loves the water so we've compensated for some tummy time by floating him on his belly in the pool. And at bathtime I have to allow at least 20 mins - any less & he's very upset with me. Funny little man! Now we've discovered the Jolly Jumper so we'll see how that goes.

Belinda, QLD, mum to Lachlan

I also have a September baby. Jessica was born 15 September weighing 8lb 11oz. She is a wonderful little girl - but she DOESNT sleep through the night. I have just read all your entries and wish I had your sleep. She has only ever twice slept through. I still have probelems settling her to sleep and she will wake one to two times a night for a feed.

I am breastfeeding and she is thriving so it isnt hunger, as while I am feeding her she falls asleep. I think she is just a determined little girl who likes to make her Mummy tired.

She hasnt rolled as yet either. When given tummy time she tries to get up on her knees (as she does in her cot as well) and she pushes herself along. She holds and plays with rattles and any toys put in front of her and she loves it when I read to her (I have done this since birth).

She is a beautiful little girl and the light of our lives. Although I do wish she would sleep through the night!!
My daughter Maddisyn was born on 09 September 2004, weighing 7 pound 6 oz, and is our first child.

She is a very happy and healthy baby who now weighs 14 pound 9 oz. She hasnt yet slept through the night, but sleeps on average 5 to 6 hours before waking up for another feed and catnaps through the day for approx 1 hour.

She is now getting more character about her and smiles alot and talks non stop.
She hasnt yet rolled over but i dont think it will be too long before she does, and her new trick that she likes to show you she can do is blowing bubbles, so very cute.

She loves her bath, and she can hold her toys quiet well and loves laying down and playing with the toys that dangle from her playgym.
Hi there,
My son Scott was also born on the 9 September 2004, he weighed 6 lb 10 oz, he is also a first child.
He is a very bubbly boy, lots of "talking" at the moment, and the smiles, well are just too cute.
He is rolling only to one side at the moment, I'm sure that won't last long. He loves mouthing his toys. His bath time is quite fun, he has just realised that he has feet!!

Kylie and son Scott - 9/9/04, Southland, NZ

Hi to Jodie and all other September mums.
Congratulations to you all on your new bubs, what a great idea to all keep intouch.
I aslo had a September 04 baby. Hamish Michael Shenton French was born 13th September 2004. We had Hamish at a Family Birthing Centre ran by midwives.
Hamish started rolling at 14 weeks but does not roll all that often. He sleeps through most nights or sometimes wakes once.
We enjoy being parents soo much that we are thinking of trying for another baby in December 05. (We only plan on having two).
Take care and keep intouch.

Naomi WA
Hi all,

Its great to hear from other Mums of September babies that don’t sleep through the night.

Do any of your babies play really well with rattles and toys - where their coordination is really good (ie: passing toys from one hand to another and reaching and grabbing really well) and then when they get tired or even after a little bit of play time their coordination seems to get a little shaky and they find it hard to grasp and grab? I find that Jess does this and want to ensure that it is normal. Jess will reach and grasp her targeted toy and hit the bulls eye but after a while she becomes a little uncoordinated. I am assuming it is due to being tired but I am unsure.

Jess is my first bub and I am not sure what is 'normal'.

I look forward to hearing from other Mums with bubs the same age.


Hi Michelle,

Maddisyn does play quiet well with her toys, I will take notice next time if she has the same problem with her coordination when she starts to get tired as i havent noticed it before, Maddisyn usually starts to make a huu huu noice when she starts to get tired (also when she gets hungry) and starts to rub her eyes as well.

I am also glad to hear another Sept bub hasnt yet slept through the night i dont mean that in a nasty way as i too know how it feels to not get a full nights sleep but it is good to know that my babys sleep is `normal`. I long for a full night sleep but im sure this will come in time.


Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
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