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Any September 04' Babes? Lock Rss

hi ive got a little girl born in september.

vic 2 kids

Hello there,
My daughter Jessica was born on the 10th of september 2004 weighing 6lb 2oz and was 4 and a half weeks early..
She is doing very well and has done from day 1.
She is now 18 weeks old and is laughing, gooing, playing with her toys, trying to roll, moves around the floor on her back, eating fantastic, and also sleeps 11 hours a night.

She has been sleeping full nights since the first day we got home from hospital and she was breast fed for 14 weeks.
She has been on solids since she was 10 1/2 weeks old and loves it..

This is my 3rd child i also have 2 boys 5 and 2 1/2 and they were both good babes too..

I am sure a full night sleep will come to you in time and you deserve it..


SA mum of Aaron, William, Jessica and Jack....

Hi All,
My daughter was born on the 30th september, she is my 2nd child, i also have a 2 y.o son.
My daughter was a very restless and hungry baby to begin with, but now she sleeps 12-13 hrs every night for me. She also has a couple sleeps of a daytime. I did have alot of trouble in the first month though, we had lots of problems breast feeding, so she is on formula now.
She isnt doing much activity wise really, she smiles alot, eats well, but isnt really trying to roll, doesnt do much when i put her on her stomach, she does try to reach for toys when i put her on her activity mat. I suppose we'll get there.
I am engaged but yet to set a wedding date.
Is anyone from the northern suburbs melbourne???? would love to know.

vic 2 kids

Hi just a update on bub progress.
The other day hubby put bub on floor with his dome playmat, bub was quite happy playing with toys. We turned our back on him for a minute when we looked back he had pushed himself along on his back about 1-2 his body length. He was laughing as if to say cann't stop me now mummy. Still not rolling though but often turning in circles on his back by waving arms and feet. Loves "talking" and standing on our legs or table always pushing up with his legs to stand, think he will walk early as is doing far more at his age then his sisters in way of standing, scooting on his back. I find it unbelievable that he can move along on his back already. By the way he wasn't on slippery ground either laying on lambskin, carpet underneath. He also is showing interest in food when he see's us eating but I am hoping to keep solely breast feeding for as long as I can. Gut instinct tells me that it will not last until 6 months though. He is still sleeping well sleeping on average 8-9 hours at night quick feed then back to sleep for another couple of hours. Has couple of naps during the day,with lots of play time in between. Dribbling heaps and sucking fist all the time looks like first teeth want to show soon gums swollen but luckly he isn't grizzly with them "YET"
Hope everyone else's bubs are progressing well and you are all enjoying these wonderful moments we have with our buddles of joy they grow up so quick smile

mum to 5

Hi All,

Isla was born 18 Sept, 8lbs 7oz.

She rolled for the first time last wednesday. She rolled onto her tummy lay their for a few secs then thought this sucks and rolled on to her back.

She loves a chat and smiles all the time. She's starting to move by pushing with her legs, I've found her at the end of her bassinett a few times.

As for sleeping through, we're getting there. She likes a big drink around mid night then sleeps till 7ish so I guess thats not too bad. She had weight gain hassles so she's been formula feed since 14 weeks. Her sleeping has improved since then.
Hi there, I'm new to tis site. Joshua was born on 9th September and weight 8lb and 2 1/2oz.

Since last week Joshua started to roll over onto his tummy and now he just likes to sleep on his tummy. Initially I'm a bit worried that he can't breathe but every time I rolled him back, then he just rolled over onto his tummy again. Seems like realising that he is not on the right position.

But ever since he sleeps on his tummy, his sleeping pattern improving so much smile)
hi i had a girl on the 23 september was 7 pounds 1 was a week late . she is a good baby sleep through the night .

kylie mum of chloe

Hi everyone,
Great to see so many september bubs, just an update on Jasper, He starting to get his first tooth, not much fun as he not sleeping as good, which is hard as my daughter started school today so i need some catch up sleep, but who does'nt? He is rolling completly over and back again, wriggles all over the place, some mornings he is completly the wrong way in his cot, he thinks it is very funny. At his 4 month check he weighs 7.9kgs, no wonder i have back problems,He really talks and giggles lots and loves playing with rattles and toys, they all go straight in the mouth.
Thanks for letting me share and I hope to hear more about everyone else's baby's soon.

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site too!
My little girl Kassie was born on 3 September, weighing 3.4kg and is now, at last weigh in, 7.4kg!!!

I've been really lucky with Kassie sleeping through from about 6 to 7 weeks which really makes a difference. In the last couple of weeks she has also decided to sleep on her tummy and it doesn't matter how many times I roll her over she always rolls back!! I've also had to invest in another no no - a cot bumper. I was practically tearing my hair out and not getting any sleep at all as Kassie was continually sticking her limbs, mainly legs out of the cot and getting them into all sorts of weird angles. I was terrified she was going to break her legs. The final straw was when I checked on her one night and she had both legs up to her thighs stuck through the same gap and was wriggling about. The cot bumper I got is made from breathable filling and has really helped.

Kassie is rolling over, but not more than once at a time at this stage. She also turns in circles, loves her tummy time, bath time and her swimming lessons! She really is a delightful, active and funny baby. She loves to stand all the time now and earlier in the week has started to bend over and pick things up whilst standing (with me holding her of course!!!). Kassie just loves to blow bubbles. I have also started her on some Farex and she loves it! Its great reading about the other bubs and would love to keep seeing more updates on all your little angels!

Julie, QLD

Hi all, sounds like everybody's little ones are doing really well!! Antonia is also rolling, I have to really keep my eye on her cos when she rolls to her tummy, she'd rather smother herself in whatever she's lying on, rather than turn her head to the side eeeek!! She's on solids twice a day and loves it, still sleeping thru the night and really gets into her toys, I love watching her playing as she gets deeply involved in what she's doing and you can really see the concentration on her face.

She is also teething at the moment and for a while I was quite concerned about the amout of bottle she was taking, so decided to start the solids, she's just weighed in at 6 kg and is still so tiny gasp)

All the best ladies and keep up the good work!!

Jodie, 24, mum to Antonia Scarlett 12/9/04

Hi all,
Sorry its been a while been a bit hectic with my eldest starting year 1 this year gee they grow so quick dont they.
Jessica is doing well, she is rolling now and started that not long after i was on last, on the 17th she rolled. She has one tooth and its a first molar though mind you, little scary seeing as they arn't suppose to come through to about 13 mths ..
She went to the hospital last tuesday for a follow up with the doctor and she layed her on her belly to see how strong she was on her arms ( being 4.5 weeks early corrected age 4ths not 5mths) and she pushed up on her arms and brought her knees up under her.. I nearly feel over i could not believe it.
She weighed in at 7.4kg last tuesday being the 2nd of Feb and was 67cm long. I got her ears pierced on the 30 Jan and she looks so cute.
She sleeps with a pillow now as came down with a cold and coughed everytime i laid her down so i put a pillow in , she loves it doesnt move from where i put her.
Anyway keep up the good work and hope to hear from you all soon..

SA mum of Aaron, William, Jessica and Jack....

Congratulations to all the September mummies.

It seems that all of the september babies were quite big!

My son Bailey was born on the 2nd September 04. He weighed 8 pounds 7 oz and was 53cm long.

Where I had my son there were 9 babies born on that day, it was quite busy! I was the 5th Ceaser in a row for the surgeon he informed me.

Bailey has slept through the night from 3 weeks and is eating solids now. He will eat absolutely any vegetable I give him and the same goes with fruit. His absolute favourite is sweet potato which along with rice cereal was the first food I gave him.

He has rolled a couple of times but doesnt like being on his tummy so he is quite happy to lie on his back and roll onto his side and reach around his head for his toys. And movement isnt an issue for him as he can go quite a few meters on his back. He looks like a little worm!

He has started to babble the word 'bub' but its not quite clear enough to class it as his first word yet but im still hoping for 'mum'.

Take care and hope to hear more about your bubs soon.

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