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Any September 04' Babes? Lock Rss

Antonia has started to babble as well saying "da" and "bwah" I use "ta" with her alot and I'm kinda hoping this is what it'll turn into lol. It's funny how ya pick up on the different sounds, but it sounds so much more defined than her usual rambling lol gasp) and so damn cute!!!

Jodie, 24, mum to Antonia Scarlett 12/9/04

hi everyone i had girl on the 23rd september 04 . Her name is chloe , she is trying very hard to round from back to front . They grow so fast and keep you on your toes .

chloe 4 and a half months

kylie mum of chloe

Hi Guys,
My 2nd daughter Ava was born on 15 sept and weighed 8lbs 11oz ( exactly the same as Jessica, michelles baby!)
She started life a bit rough, ending up in hospital on IV antibiotics for meningits for 3 weeks. This all began at 13 days old!
However shes doing really well now and developing normally. She can roll from her front to back but not the other way. She can stand well with us holding her hands. I think she would have to be the most realaxed and happy baby ive ever met!
I know this is bragging but she has slept through the night from a week old! (at a week old she'd sleep from9pm- 5am!)
Im only bragging coz my eldest was a terrible sleeper!!
anyhow its nice to hear about other sept 04 babies..

Hi there!
Daniel was born 13th Sept by caesarian.
He's now starting on solids and LOVES it! Not too keen on rice cereal but happy to have it if mixed with veg or fruit.
Still wakes at night for one feed but settles immediately after (thank goodness!).
Doesn't like tummy time but can twist to one side like a banana and turn onto his side to reach for toys or look around.
Learnt last week that he can blow louder/longer raspberries by gulping a big mouthful of air before starting... very cute but very wet and sloppy!

Sept 04 baby boy & Dec 06 baby girl

Hi everyone,
It's great hearing about all these gorgeous babies, Jasper finally can roll completly over he starts on his back over to his tummy and back again, he thinks he is very smart, he is also saying UK! (yuk) when I feed him vegies or his medicine and he is sticking his tongue out alot, can't wait to hear more from you all, Take care.

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi everyone. This is the first time I have posted. I just stumbled across the forum a couple of minutes ago. I have a daughter Tahlia born 1st September 2004. I also have a son born 3rd September 1999. (Thats not a typing error either!!.) I had both my kids at KEMH Family Birth Centre.
Tahlia is sleeping about 6-7 hours each night after her last midnight feed. I haven't started her on solids yet. The health nurses are suggesting not starting til they are 6 months. Is anyone else being told the same thing. I started my eldest at 4 months.

Naomi, did you have Hamish at KEMH FBC. If so what did you think?

Mamax2,WA,5yr old & 6 mth old

Wow, I just stumbled over this site which is so cool. What a wonderful thing to be able to talk to other Mums who have bubs the same age. I had twin girls on the 13th September weighing 6lb10oz and 6lb13oz. I was massive!!!!
Both my girls can roll right over. They have both started solids and love their food.
As far as sleeping through the night I am soooooo jealous of you who do. I get up on average between 5 to 10 times a night. Usually doing a dummy run. Does anyone else use a dummy. Doesn't seem like anyone else has mentioned it.
It is amazing to watch two little individuals growing up and you realise just how many little things they do that is all part of their personality not just part of being a baby.
So great to read of all of your experiences to date.
all take care and enjoy every minute of being Mummy.... I know I do

Jodi, W.A. Twin girls 6 mths

Hi Jodi - I'm a dummy mummy! Bubby is nearly 6mths now & his two best friends are dumdum & his little lambie. The past week we've been doing dummy runs (he's been waking crying) but I think that has a lot to do with him just starting solids & poo coming more frequently. Previously he was strictly once a week! His first taste of real food was a suck on watermelon - he loved it so now we're playing with apples, pears & now getting to vegies. So far so good.
But he's still lazy on the belly & although it worries me a little I realise he's a great lump of a boy - almost 9kg, so he's probably finding lugging all that weight is hard work. He can push up & spin around but you really have get him excited to do it. But he's a terror on his back - rolling & yabbying all over the place. And he's fantastic in the pool, almost able to float unaided. "Talking" is funny too - just when you think he's starting to make a word, he'll belt out a monotone at the top of his lungs. He's a real little boy & I just love being his mummy.

Please keep the Sept bubs updates coming. I love reading about how our little ones are growing up.

Love Belly

Belinda, QLD, mum to Lachlan

hi all
jacob was born on the 20th sep (i wrote in here ages ago so you wont remember me) he rolls now and laughs all the time he has farax(?) every morning and ive just started on jared food at night he doesnt like the fruits they seem too sour to him but the custard seems to go everywhere which means he likes it lol. im going to try him on veggies tomorrow.

has anyone has really funny moments with their bubs?
my son stuck his finger up at the camera at 4 months(he didnt know what he was doing) it was so funny,it wont be when he is 2 thoe

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

Hi Everyone

It's been AGES since I last got online. Isla's doing really well. She just adores rolling to get to the other side of the room at the speed of light. She just the happiest little girl always smiling. She still likes her dummy and being swaddled. Is any one else still swaddling?

I haven't started solids yet. I'm waiting til 6mos so only another two weeks. We're going away so I want to wait til we get back. Iwaited until 6mos with Tiana as well. I was also told to wait til 6mos.

Hi All,

Feburary has been a busy month for Maddisyn, she has started to sleep through the night, she rolls over, she reached out with both her arms to be picked up, and she has her first tooth the other day and i suspect her second is coming.

I have also started her on solids on the 18/2.
She is mostly always happy and giggles alot.
She is more interested in her surroundings, and loves to push her bum and back up and splash in the bath.

She also holds onto her feet during nappy changes and tries to put her toes in her mouth.

She also thought it to be amuzing to stick her fingers up her daddys nose.

I love being her mummy, she brings so much joy into our lifes.
Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi again!
Daniel's 5 and a half mths... and today we just found out he's got two little teeth on his bottom gum! We've been lucky that he hasn't been too upset teething (which is why we probably didn't clue in on it until today).
He's attempting to tummy crawl by grabbing and pulling himself forward but his feet aren't cooperating just yet.
Still wakes once a night for a feed though but I'm counting my blessings it's only once a night.

Sept 04 baby boy & Dec 06 baby girl

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