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Any September 04' Babes? Lock Rss

Maddisyn had her second tooth come through on Friday, they are both the front ones on the bottom.
Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi September mums,

my second boy Kody was born on 6 September 11lbs (5.050kgs).

He rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time yesterday (exactly 6months old) but I think he was shocked as he doesn't like being on his tummy too much. He will sit for short periods of time on his own and loves being in his walker.

He loves his solids mainly cause he sees his brother eating and wants whatever he is eating!

No teeth yet but my first didn't get any till he was 11months anyway. I love watching him grow and discover its all going to fast second time round. Unfortunaly I am going back to work next week part-time and he had his first trial at the family day care sitter today. Needless to say he was fine but his older brother and I were a bit teary.

Hi everyone,

Bella was born 7th September 2004. She has always slept on her tummy because she was a reflux baby so she learned to lift her head and roll over early and has been crawling since before 5 months. She is now climbing over things and pushing herself up to a standing position. She is a little terror. She loves to chase the cat around the house. She is only 6.5kgs but the doctor thinks it is because she is burning up all of her energy before it has a chance to turn to fat. Would love to know what other bubs weigh at 6 months.

My son Dayle was born on the 9th of september 2004 and weighed in at 10lb 8oz. He's a sweet little boy and has been pretty easy-going from the start. Sleeping through the night by a few weeks old. His two bottom teeth came through about a month ago and he was really no trouble at all with that.He's crawling in a fashion but commando crawling everywhere.. theres no stopping him now! He loves his food.. whatever is put in his mouth is fine by him! Dayle is still breastfed which is his most favourite thing of all!

Danielle, QLD, Jorja 22/5/01, Dayle 9/9/04

Hi there,

My son Samuel was born on 19 September at 3.3kg (7.4oz). Hes such a placid little boy, great sleeper once he got the hang of it (thank god), wasn't so good at taking in the amount of formula he should have been but loves his pureed mush. No teeth yet but theres a sharp bump under the gum so it wont be long. Hes starting to get mobile but its on his back by pushing off and moving his legs about. Hes not going far... yet. Aren't they great now?
Hi everyone!!

Great to hear about all the gorgeous sept. bubs. My little Jasper got his first tooth down the bottom about 4 weeks ago, he is rolling all over my lounge room, pulling out my dvds and chewing on them, he is very cheeky. We have only just started him on solids, he is just over 6 mnths old now, he loves weetbix, but not any vegies, little bugger!!
He is still sleeping through the night usally goes down at about 7pm and wakes at 7am, then waits until I take chloe to school before he eats breaky at 9.30, I'm so lucky. He is also a dummy boy and yes we do have to do dummy runs some nights. He weighs 8.5kgs, and is 68 cm long. Keep all the updates coming it's great hearing all about these bubs. Enjoy all your cuties.
Mandy + Jasper.

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Tell me ladies, are any of your bubs having a personality crisis? My little lad was such a happy wee soul and now hes short tempered, grumpy, not sleeping well during the day, hard to entertain, easily bored, cries at strangers if he cant see mummy..... and the list goes on. Ive heard its about this age that the awareness starts. Any tips or stories to make me feel better? LOL.

My gosh how time flies,
It has been nearly a month since I was in here last. Madelyn and Tiahna had their six month needles and now have the biggest bruises on their legs. My poor little darlings. They were so brave, braver than Mummy.
My girls still don't have teeth and there really isn't any sign of them at this stage. They are not crawling. Tiahna lies on her belly and sort of does the superman thing and flaps her legs and arms around. They love being on their tummy. If I put them on their back they roll straight over onto their tummies.
They looooove their fruit but don't like any of the pureed meat dishes. depending what mood they are on they might eat pumpkin. Does it matter if all they eat is fruit at this age?
I had them weighed the other day and they both weigh exactly 7kg each.
My girls are onl;y just realising about pocession of things. Now if they have a toy and you take it off them they get upset. Madelyn has just realised she has hair on the back of her head and she rubs her head all day. She loves it. When I comment about her hair she just laughs at me. I'm sure they know what I am
hope you are all taking care and enjoying your babies.
P.S. Only did three dummy runs last night. Yeh!!!!!!!!

Jodi, W.A. Twin girls 6 mths

Hi Sept Mum's

Isla had her first try of solids today and just loved her farex. I'm sure it's not ther first solid food as my other daughter loves to push food in her mouth!

It won't be long till she's crawling. I just can't keep her on her back now and she has started comando crawling backwards.

I've also noticing the morning sleep is becoming shorter and shorter. She still has a big sleep in the afternoon though at the same time her older sister does yippee!!
Hi Sept mums,

Kody is about 61/2 months now and settling in to family daycare okay, still makes sure mum is around when anyone is nursing him (even dad!) I guess he is just a mummies boy!

He is sitting on his own for long periods of time, which is great, only falls over backwards occasionally. Unfortunaly thou he is still being wrapped to go to bed, which is still up to 4 sleeps during the day. I think he has decided he would rather solids than bottles the only full bottle he will drink is his 6am bottle.

Sam got his first tooth today!!! So exciting.
Hi Sept Mums,

I have a beautiful baby girl born 21st Sept 04. Her name is Skye. She weighed 9pd 11oz at birth and has kept growing she now weighs 8.7kgs! After reading all the posts it made me realise how different all the baby's are!! Skye slept through the night for the first time without a feed LAST NIGHT!!! and she is 6 months and 1 week!!! I nearly cried when I was reading that some of the baby's have been sleeping through for months...

Tamara, it is great to hear Kody is doing so well, Skye can also sit on her own for short periods and she is also still being wrapped to go to sleep (3 sleeps a day). Do you know how long you should wrap for?

Hope your having a nice Easter.

Bel, Sydney

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