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Any September 04' Babes? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
Its nice to hear not everyone gets to sleep a normal 8 hours a night. i know how you feel getting up so many times a night. my son Hayden Blake is a very active 6 month old, who has to date only slept through once at 16 weeks.
Hayden was born Sept 26th, at 35 &1/2 weeks. He first rolled over at 9 weeks and is now sitting up, talking (says dad and mama) has two bottom and one top tooth, he also likes to stand on his own against the lounge. He only sleeps for 40-50 minutes at a time during the day, and usually has about 3 sleeps during the day. He doesn't have a dummy so everytime hes up at night i'm feeding him! (for the past month this has been anywhere from twice to six times a night) He has 3 solid meals a day and has done for about 6-7 weeks and he still has at least 6 breast feeds. He definately loves his food and has put on a lot of weight since his 5pound 12oz birth weight.
does anyone elses baby only sleep for such short periods a day? Hayden has an average of 12-13 hours sleep a day, what about your babies?
Hello All, just stumbled accross this forum & I too have a Sept 04 bub, I have a little girl Madison born 2nd Sept 7lbs3ozs. She is a delightful baby,she's my 4th child & the easiest so far.She was a surprise baby, my hubby & I thought we were over having more kids but I wouldn't have it any other way now. All my other kids love her to pieces(1girl 9yrs 2 boys 8 & 5yrs) they dote on her. Babies never cease to amaze me the joy they find in little things really do make you realise how precious & joyful life can be. I hope you all cherish them now because they really do grow up in the blink of an eye.

Kerri,Tas 4kids Madison2/9/04

HI Bel,

Glad I am not the only mum who's bub is still being wrapped. We wrapped my first boy (who is now 3) until he was 12 months old, even thou he could always get out once he got older, it just became routine for us and a comfort for him I think. I imagine Kody is going to go the same way especially with winter comming along.
He is sitting up really well now and rolling over too. He is slowly about to get his first tooth down the bottom. Its taking ages to come through. He hasn't been too uncomfortable - nothing a bit of bonjella hasn't been able to fix.

Let me know if you have any success in stopping the wrapping of your bubba.

My son jacob crawled today i am so proud of him is any other babys crawling? whats everyones progress

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

Hi All,
Isla's still being wrapped too! I've tried lowering her wrap ie. wrapping under her arms but to no avail. She likes full wrapping.

No major milestones like teeth or sitting alone yet. She is very very close to crawling. She gets on her hands and knees and does the rocking thing.

I'm just trying to enjoy every moment, Isla seems to be growing up so much faster than I remember Tiana. My hubby doesnt want anymore kids so I really have to make the most of this baby time cos' it just goes so fast.
Hello Ladies
Hope you are all doing really well. My girls are coming along just perfectly. Madelyn got her first tooth last Thursday and Tiahna got hers three days after. I didn't even know they were on their way. The girls were sooooo well behaved. I rang everyone I knew to let them know. I can't believe how excited I was.

As far as wrapping up your babies I don't think there is anything wrong with it at all. They will stop once they are ready. I put my girls in sleeping bags/gro bags now and they love them and I know that they will be warm all night no matter what!!!!

Give Jacob big kisses and cuddles for yet another milestone he has crossed. How is his craling going? They say once they do it once thats it... they get the hang of it and their off!

Has Kody's tooth come through yet. Bonjella is the best. Always a good idea to have baby panadol on hand for just in case. My girls were so good and I only had to use bonjella. Must admit they really didin't like the taste.

Welcome to our thread. FOUR children. WHAT A WOMAN!!!!! What a lovely suprise thoughto find out you were pregnant again with your fourth. It must have been a bit scary. But then again.....

I take my hat off to you for perservering with no dummy. To me "the dummy" is a blessing from heaven. At first I was sooooo against them but with two bubbies I gave in at about 6weeks of age. My girls both only have small "catnaps" throughout the day. Sometimes I let them just lie in their cots for a while because sometimes that rest is as good as a sleep. I don't know that because there is two of them they keep eachother entertained and I can get away with that. Not sure. It must be wonderful to see your little man standing tall against the lounge. I bet he is proud of himself to be able to see his little world from a totally different angle. I can't believe he is talking. Any tips. My grils gooh and gah all day but no mama or dada yet. I think I may have heard a bub kind of noise and occassionally a mmmmm sound in the middle of a cry. And three teeth. WOW he is really coming on wonderfully.

has Skye still been sleeping through the night?

CONGRATULATIONS on the first tooth. Have you had many problems?

I have been trying to change my girls routine to three meals a day. 3 bottles of milk, some water and a bottle of juice. If I give them water they cry because it is not milk so I end up having to give them milk to calm them down. If I give them juice the same thing happens. Can anyone let me know their routine so I can perhaps give it a go. I am so ready to go back to my old routine because it was so much easier.

Hope you are all well and enjoying every minute with your bubs

Jodi, W.A. Twin girls 6 mths


I have just found this area and I also have a six month old baby boy 'Archie', born 30/9/04 9lb 13oz. He has been crawling since five months and has just started to pull himself up onto things. This sometimes ends in tears when he falls over but my husband and I catch him most of the time. Today was the first day he pulled himself to a sitting position while crawling along the floor so we were both very excited.

Archie does not have any teeth yet but I keep checking each day and everytime he has a grizzle I say to my husband....'he must be getting a tooth', my husband just laughs and says that as each day passes I must be one day closer to that statement being true! (he,he).


Mum of Two lovely children

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to the website. My son 'Corban' was born 14 September 04, weighing 9 pound 10 or 4.36kg, 54cm length and 38cm HC, and yes it hurt like nothing else.

He has just got his 2nd tooth through. He got his 1st tooth only weeks prior to the 2nd one. Finally the painful teething cry has stopped. Wasn't getting much sleep for a bit there.

He is doing the commando crawl and sometimes puts his bum in the air and rocks still but doesn't want to crawl on his knees.

Two nights ago when hubby was bathing him, he said 'Dad'. Needless to say hubby was so excited that he yelled out for me to come and see but in doing so scared Corban and made him cry. Ooops! Luckily he hasn't stopped saying 'Dad' since.


Shannon, NSW, mum to Corban (14.9.04)

Hey Jodi,

Thanks for asking YES, Skye has continued to sleep through the night - thank god. It looks like "boot camp" paid off.

Our little family has been hit with the tummy bug, me especially. I was so dehydrated on the weekend that I ended up in hospital on a drip for a few hours on the weekend. This in turn set off a chain of events in our household. Skye had to be given her first bottle of formula on Sat, after I was told to breastfeed her as long as possible the day before as she now has ecxema. She loved it and guzzled down 250mls. The next morning she woke up covered in avocado green vomit! We took her to the medical centre and was told she was OK but maybe had a touch of the tummy bug. Then Sunday night her back was bright red some sort of skin reaction. I took her to our GP on Monday (after feeding her sweet potato) and she has now has been diagnosed with food allergies! So for the next two weeks I can only feed her rice cereal, pears and potato. I will just add this to the list of challenges along with her hip displasa, reflux and ecxema!

Has anyone else had any experience with ecxema or food allergies? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences.

Bel, Sydney

Hi Skye's mum
We have a september baby as well and he seems to be doing most things right. Still not sleeping through the night but we are working on it.
He has had excema since he was born and we have tried all sorts of things to help control it. Food doesn't seem to make it any worse or better although he does get a funny little pinpoint rash from strawberries and strawberry flavoured things. Several things help the excema, we don't use any baby soaps, lotions or washes, we use QV bath oil and QV wash. I also smother him with moisturiser after a bath, either QV skin lotion or sorborlene. I also found Calendula products to be really good. (I call it the wonder cream!). It is a greasy ointment made from marigold flowers that I bought from a health food shop. It's called Greenridge Calendula Wound Healing. It helps to keep his skin really soft and supple and seems to prevent it from drying out so much. When things get really bad we use sigmacort prescribed by the doctor. The doctor feels he will grow out of it but his father still gets excema so I think we are stuck with it for a while.
Hope this is helpful, good luck with your little one

Helen & Charlie, Vic

Hello September 04 Mums!

My name is Kirsty and i am mum to Jordan, born 3/09/04. We live in the Sutherland Shire (bout 40 mins from Syd City)

It would be great to chat with all of you, and share notes on bubs development.

Jordan currently has 6 teeth (2 at the bottom, 4 at the top), and is kindof crawling. He tends to pull himself forward with his arms, and let the rest of his body drag behind!! It's working well for him though, he can move quite far, quite fast, and sometimes gets up an all fours and rocks backward and forward, so maybe will progress to "proper" crawling soon.

He is still unable to sit, which i am a little concerned about, but he weighs about 11.5 kilos, and has a quite a long torso, so maybe he's stil a little top-heavy.

Has anyone got their bub in a walker?? How are you finding it???

If anyone would like to exchange e-mails, you can write me at

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Kirsty and Jordan

'~ Jordan ~ Sept 04 ~'

Hi everyone, Been a couple of weeks since Ive been able to log on here.

Thanks for asking Twinnies about the teeth, no major isseus, just some pains and grizzling but just the norm.

However, I took Sam for his 6mth injections the other day and he cried for 23 hours straight afterwards. I don't know what was wrong. When we did finally get some sort of sleep at 3am, he still cried every 20-30 minutes in his sleep. Has anyone had something like this happen? I'll be seriously considering what injection he does and doesn't need from here on in.

Hes also underweight. Hes only 6.9kg and 68cm. I give him 4 bottles a day which he always leaves some in, I give him three solid meals and morning tea and he never leaves his highchair hungry. The Dr said "well have to keep an eye on him" but seriously what more can I do? Hes happy, alert and healthy.

Hes also just going through his first cold. Poor poppet. Dealing with it ok though. Aren't vaporisers god sends.

Well, I think thats all our dramas.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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