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August 2004 Babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Isabella has got 2 teeth now, she wasn't worried when they came through(we didn't even know she was teething) but now they are through she's being a bit grumpy.

Only one more week till the kids go back to school, so then she might start sleeping during the day again.

Gotta go

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi there my little man was born on the 7th August, he was 8' 15oz and a week and a half late!!! (takes after dad).
He is on solids twice a day he has farax (banana and pear one) at about 12pm - 1pm and then he has veggies and rice cereal at 6pm - 6:30pm before bed. He started having solids a few weeks ago and wasnt real keen at all at first on the rice cereal but I added baby apples to it and he loved it, our favourite at the moment is pumpkin and sweetcorn. ohhh how I miss the fully breastfed nappies.
He is rolling onto his tummy and although he can roll back or keep going the other way he prefers to be stubborn and wait until someone does it for him. I have seen him do it heaps he will mostly do it when he is really tired then he seems to roll over everywhere. He is also going around the room in circles and it is not unusual to find him on the other side of the room when you walk back in.
he sleeps well at night but is somewhat of a power napper in the daytime which is fine with me as I have an older boy and need to be abloe to get around for his things too.
He also seems to be teething at the moment as the ears are being pulled and I swear I have never seen so much dribble in my life.
ok well I had better go and get the bath organised and the older one to bed
catch uyou all soon

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

Hi everyone
Isabella has decided that a sleep during the day is not what she wants, hopefully when the kids go back to school she might start again

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum so I thought I'd make this topic my first post. I'm a 1st time 25 year old single mum and my daughter Maddison was born on the 20th of August last year. she was due on the 12th but slept in a bit. She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and was 53cm long. I had an awesome pregnancy. Only gained 10 kilos and didn't have any morning sickness. Labour was excellent too. Only went for 7 hours start to finish. No drugs, no stitches and I had her in the water. Exactlly the eay I had planned it.

Maddison is rolling over. She has been for ages now. Haven't been able to stop her since she started. She's just about ready to crawl too. Gets up on all 4's and start rocking backwards and forwards. Looks so cute. She's teething at the moment. Has been now for about 2 weeks. Started her on solids last Tuesday. Absolutely loves it. Wanted to wait till she was atleast 6 months but she had been driving me mental. Trying to eat and drink everything I was. She's still breastfed. Want to keep doing it till she's atleast 12 months if I'm able to. Had no problems with it either. I've been really lucky. She's a very good eater. I love doing it too. She's a bit small though. She's about 63cms in length now but when she was wieghed last week she was only 6.2kgs. Now they say by the time your baby is between 5 and 6 months of age they should have doubled in wieght. Maddison has but the nurse seems to think my milk supply is low. I have lost alot of wieght (down now to 52) and have had low iron. So I'm on multi vitamins, Sustagen and I'm off to the health food store today to buy some Fenugreek. After every feed I have to express on both sides for about 2 minutes each and at 9pm give Maddison a bottle with 100mls of formula and express instead. Only prob is Maddison hates the bottle. Won't drink. I've tried everything. She plays witht he teet. She squeezes it till she gets a mouth full of formula then spits it out. She hates the taste. Don't blame her though. I've even tried it wih expressed milk. She will have about 20mls then get sick of it. Even tried it with one of the Avent sippy cup teets. So I've given up on that idea. But I look at it the more feeds she gets the more my milk will increase so I don't mind. She's not grumpy though and doesn't seem like she's hungry. The doctor said she's a healthy girl with a quick metabolism. I think she takes after me there cause my mum was worried about me when I was little but that's what the doctor told her. I guess she would let me know if she was hungry. She loves her solids though. Thinks it great fun. She gets a boob feed first to make sure she's getting enough milk then some rice ceral mixed with breat milk. Sometimes she willhave it in the morning or the night. Or she will have strawberry and bannana custard. She loves that one and it smells so good. She has no teeth yet but they're not far off coming up. She can get down to half a susk stick in 25 minutes so they must be just about ready to break through.

She's a very happy baby. Always smiling and laughing and she loves having her photo taken. She should be used to it by now as I have just started my 5th album. I'm also doing scrapbooking. Onto my second album there. She sits up on her own altough she gets a bit wobbly sometimes and she loves to stand. I have a full length mirror and she grabs onto the bottom rail and stands there by herself just staring into the mirror. She thinks she's pretty wonderful too.

Well I have gabbed on heaps. It's easy to get things out when they're sleeping. I'd love to hear from some other mums especially from NSW. If anyone wants to chat my email address is [email protected]


hi maddisonsmum
welcom to the forum, hope you find it useful

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

hello all,

My name is Chrisanah from Wyndham Vale, Victoria. I am new to the forum and quite sleep now so i will only make a short post. I have a baby boy Benjamin born on the 7th of august. I started him on solids a week ago and enjoying it but I am a bit scared about choking. I am falling asleep on the keyboard...i think i better go to bed. I will come back when I am more awake.
Is there anyone from wyndham vale/werribee, victoria? i'd love to catchh up.

Chrisanah, VIC, Benjamin, 7th Aug 2004

Just a question. Is there any way of posting pictures on here? There's a car forum I used to visit sometimes and you could post pictures on there. I would love to see some of the August babies. If there's not maybe everyone with August babies should email each other photos if possible so we can see size differnece etc. Just a thought??


Hi Everyone,

Well Cayley is sitting byherself now, not spilling over at all. Rolled over from her back to her tummy on Friday morning. Thought it was a bit of a fluke, but she did it again in Friday Afternoon. Still hasn't done it for Daddy - don't think he believes me!
In the midst of adding another solid meal a day. She loves her solids, but its funny how some days she will eat lots & the next day, not much at all.

Would love to see some photos of the other babies. Don't know if you can post them here, but feel free to email me at [email protected]

Have a great day everyone.


Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Hi all,
Well Tyler can now roll over properly and he is everywhere, although it is hard to tell if it is hom moving or if Jaycob is moving him around (I have caught him a few times moving Tyler). I still think Tyler is a far way off sitting up but he can sit up and balance for a few seconds. Isnt it funny how they all do things at different times.
It would be good if we could post photos on here but I guess it makes it hard to moderate who comes in and stuff.
Anyway Tyler is finally down for a sleep and I think I had better go and have a shower while I can!!! (before the neighbours call the police for the offensive smell lol)
catch you all soon

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

Hi Crisanah

welcome to the forum, My baby was due on the 9th of august but came a week early(thank god) on the 3rd.
Bengamin shouldn't choke if his solids are pretty smoot6h to start with.
Gotta go bub is awake.

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi Shanel,

Got the photos of Maddison.

Have really enjoyed looking at Maddison - she is gorgeous! She looks like she LOVES bubbles!
Food is always good for a photo!

Have a great day,


Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Hi all,

I have a query about the teething thing. We all know that it doesn't cause temperature rah rah rah but can it cause the babes to go off their food a little?

Nate was really enjoying his solids. He would eat breakfast and dinner. Now he is not interested in any of it.

Just wondering if any other bubs have done the same?

Oh by the way its his bottom canine tooth that has cut first!

Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

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