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August 2004 Babies Lock Rss

Thanx Bec, i do keep my eye on him in the jolly jumper and i know what you mean. someone told me if they go on it in bare feet its better than having shoes/slippers on. i don't know... we get told so many different things these days. I must say tho Jai is as proud as punch just before he goes for his bath and he's all naked and he's standing up! he loves it!

I've noticed lately too he's really into hi-5! i don't usually let him watch tv, but he's so funny when it's on!

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

Hi Diddle,

Its amazing how the bubba's know what on the telly. Nate loves hearing/ watching the wiggles DVD's. I use to do baby yoga with him and whenever the Wiggles came on he just started kicking and tensing up with excitment.

Is Jai looking like crawling yet? I think Nate is just going to skip the whole crawling thing, he keeps trying to pull himself up on the furniture.

Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

Hi bec,
hows it going and how is baby nate? Isabella is pulling herself up on everything now, but it means tears when she falls down

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi everyone,

Hasn't the last 6 months gone fast!!

Haven't been on the site for a while - too tired from heading back to work. Who would think that working a few afternoons a week would wear you out so much! Have been keeping up to date with the email alerts from the posts, so that has been good.

Cayley still doesn't like her tummy, so I doubt she'll crawl. Can get from one side of the room to the other side on her back. Her balance is amazing as well. Holding onto us and standing. She is just starting to pull herself up to sitting - Oh for tummy muscles like hers! She is sitting really well, only a couple of tumbles here and there (one on concrete - oh the screams!)
She has started squealing again and thinks anything that makes a big noise is FANTASTIC! She is also fascinated by faces, and paws all over our faces (lovely with hands covered in slobber!)

Still sleeping really well. Solids, she prefers the sweeter stuff like fruit and custard, so we are having to mix that with meat & veges. Still n teeth though. One day they will stop moving around and actually come through!

Well, Have a great week everyone.


Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Hi Andrea
sounds like she's doing really well.
Isabella got her first two teeth no problems but the next ones seem to be moving alot but not coming through either

Well have fun at work, I don't think i could face it yet (Worn out just staying home)
see ya

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Bailey was born on 7th August 2004
He has his bottom 2 teeth the top ones are there but not through yet.

He has had a bad time teething.

I have been back at work for about 4 weeks.
Only good thing is I work for my father in-law so I can take Bailey to work with me. He is very distacting while he has been teething and needs constant attention. He gets into everything at home and at work.
I would like to stay home but i also like working aswell.


Hi Jo,

Well we are having a very long week at the moment mummy, daddy and bubba are all sick. Nate is the worse though. We were up at the hospital because his temperature was too high and he wouldn't keep anything down. Its so sad when your kids/babies are sick sad.

Isabelle sounds as though she is doing really well, do u think she may crawl soon? I doubt Nate will crawl, he seems to do things differently. We could never get him to drink out of a bottle but put the contents in a cup and he'll take anything no worries!?!

Well I better get to the mountains of washing before all the sickies wake up. Have a good week


Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

hi bec,

hope your all feeling better, theres nothing worse than everyone sick at the same time.

isabella has been crawling since 5.5mths so shes really on the go now.
we're trying to wean her too, but she hates formula!

well better go
talk soon

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi proud mum of 2

i'm pretty lucky that i can take isabella to work if i have to as well,( not that i've gone back yet).

I hope bailey is getting through teething a bit better, sometimes it can be really cruel.

Better go

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Yeah he is better now thanks for asking he still has some bad days but not all day every day.

He is pulling himself up on things. He still isnt sitting by himself yet!


Hi everyone! My son Jake was born on the 24th August. It's been really interesting reading the development of everyones angels that are the same age - I don't feel like we're being left behind now. Here's where Jake is at:

He is on 3 solids feeds a day (loves mashed banana for lunch!). We have a cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and veges for dinner - that's usually what happens anyway unless he's suddenly picky. Sometimes he'll also have a small snack of more fruit in the afternoon.

He is a breastfed baby although I have tried bottles - he just doesn't like them and I've tried all kinds of teats. Still, it doesn't worry me - just seems to worry other people. He also likes to drink water from his sipper cup so I'm guessing he'll probably take milk straight from the cup as well.

He has only rolled from back to front twice but rolls from side to side all the time. When on his tummy he has just started to turn to different directions but not crawling.

He prefers to stand! He can walk holding onto our fingers and when he sees the cat he practically runs!

No teeth but drooling like a bulldog and chewing everything in sight - perhaps not far away???

Anyway, a big hello to everyone. I look forward to reading more updates. smile


Hi Tarns
good to see a new face

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

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