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August 2004 Babies Lock Rss

hi anu

Isabella is into everything, and you can see the mischeif in her face, cheeky girl

just had her 4th tooth come through.

i still cant get her to take formula, but i mix her cereal up with it so she's getting used to it now!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

hi everyone

my son brandon was born on 20th of august and for the past three months he has been crawling and sitting up. and now reasontly he is standing up and walking holding 0n to the furniture.

its quite scary as he is always falling down.

brandon has also been eating solids for 3 months and just yesterday we stopped breast feeding and now onto the bottle.

carly,nsw,7 1/2 mth baby

hi Carly

welcome, it's nice to get a few more babies to see what they are all up to

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

My son Rhys was also born on 20 August. He's teething at the moment and just started 'commando crawling'. He's getting pretty fast now!
Hi Everyone,

Don't all the babies just grow SOOO fast!
I have been really busy lately, but have been reading all the posts via email. Great to read all the little milestones!

Cayley still has no teeth - not for lack of trying! and I am beginning to doubt that she'll crawl - just doesn't like her tummy! She get along on her back pretty well though. Loves her food!! Would much rather have solids than a boring old bottle! She has dropped to 3 bottles a day, and most days that is a challenge to get that much into her!
We go swimming once a week - and that is just the highlight of the week. Excitement doesn't begin to descibe what Cayley thinks of the water!

Have a great weekend!

Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Hi everyone

I've just been reading through, its amazing to see how everyones bub are growing up!

I have finally got Isabella into a routine, had to use CC which i hate but it only took 3 days and she actually has 2 sleeps a day now, before i was lucky if she would have 30mins which made for a really cranky & overtired baby.

Her 4th tooth is nearly all the way down but she looks so funny with the top one being all the way down and the other one trying to catch up, the kids have started to call her Fang!!!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi All,

Nate has finally cut his first tooth. I was at my wits end with what was wrong with him and out pops this little tooth. Yah!!!!

He's crawling around into everything, the other day I left for a second to fill up the sink and came back to check on him and he was under the lounge. I might have to attach a bell! (Just joking)

Does anyone know how many milk feeds we are suppose to be giving the bubs at around 8months?

Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

Hi bec

I'm not sure haw many milk feeds they should be having!

Your not wrong they do need a bell sometimes! hehehe!!!

Glad to see he finally has a tooth, they look so funny when they smile!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi everyone

Jake has another tooth!

Also, every time I put him on his tummy he now rolls over onto his back - he's worked out how to bend that little leg underneath. he refuses to be tummy down - doesn't cry, just laughs the second he's got himself onto his back!

He still prefers to stand and can stand up holding onto us, back of the couch etc. He likes to walk around holding our hands - gets a real kick out of it and giggles all the time. Don't think he's going to be much of a crawler - if he ever starts!

The past few weeks he's been waking up constantly throughout the night (about every 2hrs) - I've put my problem to the Sleep Expert in the 'General Discussion' forum. Hopefully I can get this sorted. I'm feeling drained and with another one due later this year I need to get this sorted.

We started swimming lessons yesterday! He was a little freaked out the first time his face got dunked in the water (yep, they make you do everything straight away) but he had a little cry and got over it quickly. Lots of nursery rhymes/games. Seemed to quite enjoy it although he wouldn't sleep afterwards. Was awake from 11am until bedtime at 7pm! Just refused to have any type of nap even after all that swimming!

Finally found a teat that he'll take - NUK. Yay! He will only take 10-20mls of formula but it's a start.

He's also enjoying munching on crackers, mini vegemite sammies, mousetraps with vegemite (bread fingers baked in oven) and I give him chunks of fruit to chew on - think he likes it for his teeth. I watch him constantly though in case he chokes on something but he's been ok so far.

He's started saying what we think is daddy and he says mummy when he's upset. He also says Ack Ack. We think it's his name for our cat Mac Mac which he absolutely adores!


Hi everyone
Wow...isn't it amazing how fast they grow and the milestones they reach. My little one has just cut his 5th tooth. His first tooth was a nightmare but the rest he just winges for a couple of days. He is also commando crawling but loves pulling himself up onto the furniture and semi walking along once he attaches himself.
He's not so much of a snack feeder but loves a rusk. He loves other finger food but gags once he's tried to swallow it then vomits so i restrict what i give him to snack on at this stage.
Brandon went through a period of waking alot at night about a month ago. After approx one week of it he went back to his old sleeping pattern thankgod. The community nurses said it's normal around 6-8 months for this to happen. Until next time...

Christine-Brandon born 18/8/04 Drew born 11/2/06

Hi all

Isabella is standing on her own alot of the time now, and the other night she took 2 steps (Noooo)

Finally she is taking a bottle so after we go away this weekend for our holidays im going to start weaning her.

It's funny how you can get al the fancy, expensive bottles and teats in the world and the one bottle she has taken to is the cheap $2.50 ones from the supermarket!!!! Little Monkey!!

Had her weighed the other day and she is 8.1kg Or about 18lb i think that is.

Hello to all the other mums and bubs!!!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi all

Gr8 to hear abt the pogress of all babies. Raasi has cut her first tooth. It looks soooo cute:-) Not much trouble but we have been a bit unwell this week. She has had the measles.. poor kid. Started with a temperature on the weekend and bad cold followed by the measles. She is better today. All this just when we are holidaying in QLD. Back home tomorrow - hopefully she will be ok.

Still not taking the bottle but prefers drinking in a cup... problem is she wont go beyond abt 20 ml. Don't know how I am going to wean her off!!


Raasi, ACT, 25/08/04

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