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August 2004 Babies Lock Rss

Hi, my little man is teething, he has cut 3 and 4th one coming through now, all have been in last week and a half, and all are his top teeth, no sign of any bottom teeth, they are giving him some grief and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to help him through it. His doctor told me to give him Pamol every night but I feel like I'm drugging him to go to sleep, and would love any suggestions of kinder solutions

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

Hi Nate has Finally cut teeth after months of trying!!! I tried the Brauer's natural teething remedy and it worked wonders. I was very skeptical to start with but by the 2nd dose Nate was a different baby.

If the bub is having a really bad time you can safely alternate between Panadol and Nurofen (Nurofen is a little bit better for teething cause it has anti-inflammatories)

The other thing Nate loved was having his fruit and yogurts really cold from the fridge. Good luck hope some of my suggestions help

Rebecca- Gordon Park, Qld

Hi all

You can also let them suck or chew on a wet face washer!!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi all and thanks for the tips on teething, sorry wasn't really posted in right place! Liam has 4 teeth now, and seems to have settled down a bit. The nurofen was great, but couldn't find that natural stuff anywhere, but managed to get some powder stuff of a similar effect. He still has no sign of bottom teeth yet, starting to wonder if the even there! Liam is crawling and trying to walk, which is causing alot of bumps and bruises, anyone elses baby doing the same? Do your babies sleep through the night? How do you deal with night waking? I'm exhausted and the only advice i get is to let him scream, it took him two hours to go back to sleep last night, I can't handle the screaming, surely he is screaming for a reason?

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

Hi everyone

Back on the sleep issue as well...

My little man has never had a problem GOING to sleep - we've always put him into his own bed in his own room from day one and he knows that 'bed = sleep'.

However, he is still waking during the night. Sometimes it's only a couple of times (around 10-11pm and then again around 2:30 - 4am) when we put him down around 6:30pm. He'll then sleep until about 7:30am.

Other nights he'll be waking up every 2-3hrs. I must admit however that the past couple of weeks he has been MUCH better and the gaps between the wakeups are getting longer.

I have also worked out that he sleeps better when he's not too hot so I don't use the heater to warm his room or put him in anything too warm and fleecy to sleep in and I don't add another thick blanket unless it's a chilly night. His little hands get quite cold but he seems to prefer it that way (although I do slip mittens onto them sometimes in the early hours).

I've also been told that it's quite common for babies around this age to suddenly have unsettled sleep patterns so I'm not going to stress over it and just let him work it out. I really can't do the whole 'let them cry' thing. People in our coffee group have let their bubs scream for 45mins during the night but I just can't do that.

Anyway, my little man doesn't scream - he just makes noises and I always leave him for 5mins or so to see if he'll go back to sleep. When I do get up, he just wants a good breastfeed and within 10mins he's back asleep in bed - guess I can't complain. He's now on 4 solids feeds a day and eats lots - guess he's just a hungry, healthy, growing baby boy!

He does have a 'blankie' that helps him sleep - it's a little square of muslin about the size of a hanky and he likes to hold it, chew it and drape it across his face as he goes to sleep - my partner and I quite often sneak in to see him laying there with it over his entire face. At least it's thin enough for him to still breathe. lol. smile



They are cute when they have a blankie or something aren't they!

My DS(11) had a red bear that he took to bed and loved it (still has it & loves it mind you)

When i put Isabella to bed she grabs her blanket and pulls it up to her chin, it looks so cute!!

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Hi all

How is everone?

Well Isabella has started walking!!!! now she gets into even more mischeif, i wish she had stayed a baby a little while longer though!

I'm slowly getting her weaned too.
How are all the other bubs?

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Our little miracle arrived on the 22nd August '04 @9.54am, I was in the 27th week of my pregnancy (due date was the 22nd Nov '04)and so not expecting to go into premature labour. After a 12hr labour Little Lily Mae Wood arrived into the world weighing 1110 gms..She was actually about 300gms bigger than the average 27weeker...

We spent 13wks in hospital and came home around her actual due date..

We went back to the hospital for our usual check up and she now weighs 6.95kg and is neally ready to sit up. She jibbers, Dadda, bubba and mumma (only when she is upset), she is reaching for things and just loves her feet OH and the latest she is blowing spit everywhere (just devine..)

The Dr tell me she is pretty much up to speed for a 6mth baby so we are happy, it just makes it hard to compare to a baby born the same time..but I know eventually she will catch up..

It is lovely to read where your babies are at, before we know it Lily will be there too...

Fiona (NSW) Lily Mae 22/08/04

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