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February 04 bubs Lock Rss

Every other month seems to be here!
Would love to know what other bubs are up to that aere born in Febraury.
My little man is crawling++++
walking along furniture+++++
chatting heaps
starting to have little tantrums when i take stuff off him.
Really he is just a tonne of fun!
Hi there
21 February 2004
you'll have to add growling to your list .. lol

Adelaide, sahm, 2 boys 1 girl

Hi there rosesmum
My little man was born the same day!
He was born at 1227am via emergency c-section.
Hi Casper & Roses mum,

I was only thinking today that the only month that hasnt been covered was February.

My son was born 27th Feb 2004
He is crawliing around in top gear, Pulling him self up and cruising around furniture... His new trick now is to climbing up on things, like my daughters table and chair set.....
Oh and lots of chatter as well...
Hard to believe that in just over a month they will be the big No 1...

Take care
Enjoy your kids, because they certainly do grow up fast..

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

I know it is hard to belive the big 1 is coming up, I have just designed Caitlyn's invites for her party, but have decided NO presents this year, as I feel its so close to christmas and she's so busy playing with all her new toys, and all the people invited are from our antinatal class and all their birthdays are so close together. I know not to go crazy next christmas with all her presents and to hold off for her birthday.
Caitlyn is now pulling herself up ALL the time but has yet to figure out how to sit down safely, have any of you got any tips for this?
And she's into everything opening bottom draws and pulling everything out, not to mention what she does to the things in the change table. She knows now that when I count to 3 in my 'loud' voice, she's done something wrong, because after three she gets a little tap on the hand and moved away from the object she shouldn't be touching. although she often starts laughing when I get to three and its so hard not to laugh back at her, she just thinks its a game. But then again lifes a game at their age.

BTW how many teeth do all your kids have????


renee, Qld,mum to Caitlyn 25/2/04 grin

Hi all

I have a little girl born 7 Feb 04. It is amazing to watch how much she is taking in at the moment and how quickly she is learning new things! She's just started with the Mummummum which is great after a few months of Dadada! Now each morning when she wakes up its either one or the other depending on who she wants to see first I guess! Crawling, cruising and testing her balance holding on with one hand...! Very scary to think this has all happened in a year!
She has just cut her first tooth but it seems there are a couple following closely behind...

Kelly, QLD, 28mth Kate

Tahlia was born on the 10th. She is coming along in leaps and bounds now.

SHe has only just started getting around. Crawling and pulling herself up on to her knees. She's a bit slow in that department lol. It doesn't bother me though because I know she'll do things when she's ready.

What she lacks in physical activity she makes up with her speech. She says Mum, Dad, Nanna, Bub, Hello, Cat and Tigger (our cat). As you can tell I'm pretty proud!

The changes daily are amazing. The world is a very exciting place for her at the moment.

Do any other babies SQUEEEEEELLLLL. It is constant, ear piercing and every annoying. But she's just so excited at everything.
oops, I meant very annoying
Hi evryone

Rencait: my man has 6 teeth and more coming @ the moment! We have started talking about a party it will be more of a bbq for the oldies though! I've asked for clothes for pressies as he got heaps of toys for chrissie.

KellyB: It is very exciting when they say mum/dad it's like a competion to see what he is going to say.

Tahlias mum: I'm glad it isn't just me that has a squealer/grunter!

Anyone else has problems trying to change the little ones? I haven't changed my man lying down for ages.We do it standing up when i can catch him!

My e-mail is [email protected] if anyone wants to chat.
Hi Casper! Yes, dressing, changing etc is all done cahsing her around. It takes for ever, but it's all good fun.

As of today Caitlyn just sarted saying Mum Mum mum, I'm soooooo happy as I'm sick of my other half rubbing in dad dad dad all the time, now its mum mum mum all day, she's also saying bub and nan, but today she was playing with a friend and her friend took her book off her, she snatched it back and said "mine' I don't know where she got that from but its sounded so cute.

any Ideas for different birthday presents that are inexpencive??? I was thinkin maybe a towel and a lunchbox full of home made cookies fro all of caitlyn's friends but if you have anything else in mind let me know.

Are any of your kids putting their toys on their own? Caitlyn seems to be doing this alot, even at her little friends houses, its definatly a good thing and I'm praising her for it but its not something I would have thought a 11month old would do

renee, Qld,mum to Caitlyn 25/2/04 grin

Hi all
My little man was born Feb 14 by emergency c-section (I call him my little Romeo since he was born on Valentines Day!!)
Lachlan is at the crawling, standing and walking with his stride-to-ride stage, its amazing how fast he gets around! He has 3 teeth and is about to cut another one shortly. He's been throwing some major tantrums lately when I take anything away from him, thankfully within a couple of minutes he's back to giving me big smiles.
Lately at dinner time, if he doesn't want the food he's being offered he'll sit in his chair shaking his head until something better is bread, he's addicted to it I!
Change time is a battle, I've decided its safer on the floor since he just wants to stand up all the time. In the evenings my hubby & I both change him, one holds the other cleans up.
Lachlan still isn't saying either mum or dad...sigh, can't wait for the day I hear him call me.
They're so much fun though aren't they!!
Hope you all enjoy your bubby's 1st birthdays!

Michelle,SA, Lachlan & Holly

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