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August 2006 babies!!!! Lock Rss

Hi there to all the new Mums and Bubs out there and Congratulations on the new addition to your families!!!!

My son, Rory Liam was born on 11th August 2006
Weight: 3545gms
Head circ:35cm
Length: 49.5cm
Hospital: Royal Women's Carlton Vic

Just wondering how many of you had your baby in August.... I look forward to chatting to some new Mums

Rory 11/08/06

Hi Clara! Congratulations on the birth of your son!!

My son, Nathan Bailey Horswell was born August 20th 2006
Weight: 3.2kg
Head circ: 34cm
Length: 51cm
Time: 8:23pm
Hospital: Blacktown Hospital, Sydney, N.S.W.

I hope your labour went well?
Are you a 1st time mum? I am and i will tell you i am lovn every minute of it!!!..... well except 4 the not sleeping part. LOL
Look 4 ward 2 chatting more...
Take care
Becky xoxo


Hi there!!
No ones really posted in here lately but here goes anyways smile

My daughter, Chelsea Elizabeth was born 2nd August 2006...
Weight: 4060gms
Head circ: 36cm
Length: 51cm
Time: 10.10 am
Hospital: Katanning Health Centre WA

Chelsea was born by c-section after 17 hrs real labour ( had regular contractions for 2 days beforehand). Labour and birth were cr@p but im ready to do it all again!!
Congratulations to all the new mums,

My Daughter Dilara
Born:Wednesday 23rd August 2006
Weight: 2.7kg
Length: 49cms
Time: 4.14pm
Hospital: Bankstown NSW

I love being a new mum i adore her, wish i had a baby sooner, definetly will have more, everyone around me said to have as much sleep as i can when i was pregnant, but i had no idea why everyone kept telling me this till i had a bubs, now i understand!! my daughter hates to sleep. Would love to hear of any other new bubs born around the same time.

Take care

Hi To all the mums who had bubs in August

My First child Jasmine Louise was born on 8th August 2006
Weight: 4010gms
Head circ:35cm
Hospital: Wagga base NSW

She was the first bub born on the census


Hi. Congratulations to all of you. My daughter Aaliyah Paige was born on the 25th August at 4.49pm. Weighing 3.575gms, 52cm. At the Angliss Hospital Ferntree Gully

Hi Claire,
My second daughter Alyssa was born the same day as Rory. She was born at 8:55pm, 7lb 11oz, 50 cms at Knox Private. She is a chubby baby compared to my first. She now weighs 7.1 kgs. She chats a lot and its so cute to listen to as we are driving in the car, or when she is gouing to sleep.

I cherish every moment as I am unsure if we will have a third baby (as much as I love having babies!) I suffered hyperemesis with Emily and was not as bad with Alyssa, but still felt really bad. Hope Rory is doing well.

Take care, Amanda

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

Hey Everyone,

My daughter, Madison Jade was born on August 28th 2006
at John Flynn Private Hospital , Gold Coast QLD
Weight: 7.5pounds
Lenght: 49.5cms
Head: 35cms

She came very quick - 1 hr 45mins and was born at 1.15am.

"Sometimes the tiniest things in our lives shine the brightest".
[Edited on 11/09/2007]
My liitle girl was born on the 30th August 2006
Name Mischa Lee
Weight 4180 kg
Head 34cm
Length: 53 cm
Time: 6.00pm by non elective caesarean after 17 hours of labour.
Hospital: Nickal Bay Hospital Karratha
Hi trace,
i see ur baby was born on the same day as mine, where abouts is karratha? how old are u? how is your baby doing now?
olivia was born the 9th of aug,
3340g (7.6ozs)
at 2.21am
good health wanganui nz

congrats on ur lil 1
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