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babys born on feb Lock Rss

hey there is there any babys born on feb or this year?
I thought id add to this thread as the other one is getting quite long.
My dd was born on the 15th feb this year which makes her 7 months old.
She was only tiny weighing in at 5lb 9oz and her lenght was 49cm.
I was induced with her 10 days early as she seemed to be small for dates throughout my pregnancy which doesnt surprise me as im only really small myself.
At 7 months she weighs 7.3kg and measures 66cm long (little tubby).
She can roll back and forth every now and then, suck on her toes and sit unsupported for a longer time now. She also tries to pull herself forward on her belly but can only go round in circles.
She has 3 big bottles a day and 3 pureed meals as she cant take many lumps without choking!!!

Would love to hear about your bub.

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My dd was born 10 th of Feb., 3.740kg, 52 cm long . She is over 7 months now, can roll from back to tummy but not very often the other way around.She just sits unsupported for few minutes (and if she reamins still ). , moves around the cot , Just strated to have 1 bottom teeth(my 2yrs old dd had 2 teeth and was crawling at this age but every baby is different.....), talks a lot .and hates being alone....She is having weet brix for breaki and trying new foods in a small amount, I haven't yet given her any meat or fish.
Hope to hear from other mums who had baby in feb.
We had a beautiful little girl Heather Rose on Feb 11 was 6lb and 49cm long. Is now 7 and half months old. No teeth and not crawling but can roll from back to side to tummy and reverse, loves being on tum tum. Adores all smooth food but nothing lumpy, has a wicked cheeky laugh and adores her brother 4yo Andrew.
I'm back at work full time as is Dad, she goes to daycare at same place Andrew does kinder and loves being with the other babies, gets to spend time with Andrew too. Now weighs in at 7.3 kg, very happy baby except for on-going colds and a bout of gastro. Love to hear how your bubs is going
Regards Jo

Jo, Vic, 1 of each

My bub was born Feb 6th. Which now makes him 8 months old! He is very full on! Crawling and climbing everywhere! We actually had to take him to the hospital on Friday night because he had put his bottom teeth throug his lip. Blood everywhere.

Christie, Vic, Baby Boy

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