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Babies born May 2004 Lock Rss

I have a daughter born May 21 2004. I am a stay at home mum and live in the country. Just would like to hear from other mums with babies around the same age to see what they are up to.

Mum to Amber 21/05/04

My son was born on the 27th of May he seems to be coming along in leaps and bounds lately!!!! He is crawling properly now, sitting, pulling himself up on furniture, waving and clapping. He has his two bottom teeth.

He eats 3 solid meals a day and has just cut down to two bottles (morning a night).

He's been a joy lately. Since he's been able to move around freely he doesn't cry for attention anymore. He just sees where he wants to go and goes for much easier on me!

How's your girl going?

Vanessa, Cooper's Mum - 05/2004 new bub due 11/05

Amber is commando crawling but trying really hard to get up and go on all fours. She thinks she is really clever that she can stand up holding onto to something.

She also eats 3 solid meals a day, but is still breastfed and is a bit of a sook for feeds, thinking about weaning soon as she can drink out of a cup quite well.

Amber is very active and I think that she can't wait to start walking around.

Mum to Amber 21/05/04

Hi SJP & Vanessa,

Sophie was born on 11/05/04. She is crawling flat out & loves to climb up onto her feet holding onto things.

She eats 3 solid meals a day & is breastfed (she sometimes crawls over to me & pulls at my top when she wants a feed). She also drinks water throughout the day from her little lidded cup with a straw - she can use this cup completely by herself & she thinks she's so clever!

She babbles away all day... mostly dadadad & bababa & squeals & chats to the cat. She was saying mumumum a few months ago, but stopped when she discovered more exciting sounds to make. I hope she starts saying it again soon!

I'm going to start taking her to swimming lessons (water babies - through adult ed) in a few weeks, I'm really looking forward to it. We are also going to start going to play group next Month. I think I'm more excited about it than she will be, but oh well - I never realised being a mum would be this fun! It is the best thing in the world, isn't it?

Kelly, TAS, mum of Sophie born 11/05/04

Motherhood is just wonderful!

Cooper has been doing swimming lessons since he was almost months old. He just loves it! We just had our first lesson back today after a 6 week break. He's the youngest there and all the other mum's were amazed at how much he's developed in 6 weeks!!!

playgroup is also wonderful. We go to mother's group every Thursday. It is more for the mothers at this stage than the babies. Its just great to get out of the house and meet with other mums going through the same thing.

Vanessa, Cooper's Mum - 05/2004 new bub due 11/05

My daughter, Emily, was born on the 24th may. She is walking and getting into absolutely everything!

We are starting swimming next week so it is good to hear that it is worthwhile!

Haven't started in a playgroup as I was worried she is too young. Was wondering what sort of things they do at playgroup?
HI! I live in NZ, my daughter was born 4th may 2004, she has become a little character over the last couple of months.
She is crawling at great speeds, walks around the furniture, walks while pushing her trolley or bike and lets go for a couple of seconds sometimes but definatly hasnt got the confidence to take a step.
She has three meals a day and three bottles plus loads of water thru a straw cup and she thinks she is very clever too! must be the age, dev wise she waves, claps says "Ta"as she passes or takes stuff from you, and has just learnt to say dog and looks out the window for our dog, she also says the normal "mumum, dadad, nanan, bubub"but i dont think she has put meanings with these sounds as yet.

Its great to see what your babies of similar age are up to, in my coffee group my daughter is three months younger than the rest.

NZ mum to 10 mnth old girl!!

Hi mums!

Sophie has started clapping & waving over the last few weeks - she gets so excited! I think they feel really clever when they can control their movements enough to copy what you are doing.

We have been to playgroup twice now. She plays with the toys (loves the wooden abacus), she has done some finger painting (She doesn't want to hold the paintbrush!), we read stories & watch the older kids running around. Plus it's so nice for me to chat with the other mums.

Last week her third tooth popped through! That was a bit of a nightmare, she was very grizzly. Now we are waiting for the next top one... it's neverending!!!

Kelly, TAS, mum of Sophie born 11/05/04

Hi Mums,

Thanks for starting this link.....I love reading what other bubs around the same age of my daughter are upto. Well I just fit into this topic as my little girl was born 31/05/04.

She is a little slower than all the other bubs in some things.......she is sitting up, rolls around everywhere but isn't quite crawling yet (why when everything is brought to you!!!) She is just teething right at this moment, the two bottom teeth are breaking through and fingers crossed she hasn't been in any pain.

She is the same as some of the other bubs, clapping, waving, blowing raspberries as well!!! She is such a joy, and this is a great age with bubs, they are very responsive.

We went off to swimming lessons today which she really enjoys. I like the idea of finger painting, thanks for that tip.

We have been to playgroup since she was 3 months old (really a chit-chat for the mums) and it is great to see the other bubs interact together.

I hope you are all enjoying motherhood and look forward to reading all your updates.

Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

hi its so good to be able to chat to other ppl with babys the same age my little boy was born on the 5-5-04.he is crawling every where now just started on his hands and knees,he stands up on every thing and walks around the couch.he has 8 teeth and can say mummum and said dadda a few times. hope to hear from u soon from susan.

susan,vic, tyler 3 yrs old

hi i live in australia and my son was born the day after your little your daughter my son is crawling at great speed it is so funny to watch,he also walks around the furniture, he says mumma,waves goodbye,and when asked for something that he has he gives it to us. he has 3 meals aday and 4 bottles,it is good to be able to see how other mums like yourself are going with there babys.hope u can reply it would be good thank u.from susan

susan,vic, tyler 3 yrs old

HI Tylersmum!!
Yes I was quite excited when i read the forum just now to see how close our children are in age, shame you are in australia and im in new zealand!! But very cool to hear what your son is up to! Out of curiosity, how many teeth does he have, if any?? just that my daughter, paige has only just popped thru her first one!! which is very exciting for me, she isnt too excited tho! poor wee thing!
Paige has also started saying "bum" I know she doesnt know what it means or even that its a word but she just adds it into a whole lot of babbling she does, but its very funny in public!

NZ mum to 10 mnth old girl!!

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