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Any December 2004 babies?? Lock Rss

Hi there,

Reilly was born on the 14th December and I would love to chat to any other mums with bubs born in December. He is a great little sleeper (most of the time), loves playing with his gym and toys, loves tummy time, is smiling and laughing (just gorgeous!). He is not rolling over properly yet (only a few times front to back).

Hope to chat soon.

Kim, TAS, 4mth baby

Hey there

My Jacob was born on 30 December. He too is a good sleeper but he doesn't really like his tummy time but I have noticed in the past couple of weeks he has started to life his head up whilst on his tummy. Apparently he rolled onto his side the other night - hubbie caught him but I missed it as I was out.

He is smiling and baby talking which is the sweetest sound.

I just love being a mum!
typo - I mean lift his head up!
My little Elissa arrived 8th dec - 4 weeks early. She to is a good sleeper, laughs & smiles. Only occassionaly reaches out for toys but will put themn in her mouth if you give them to her. Is yet to roll over - isnt even attempting it at this stage. The drs tell me to add an extra 4 weeks onto her development due to her being early. She is just a delight to have - she is so lucky to be alive & im cherising every last moment of my last baby.

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

Hi there,

My Ethan was born on Dec 9 - 5 weeks early. He smiles and giggles & chats away to anybody or anything if he thinks it is looking at him. He isn't rolling over yet, prefers to sit up. His favourite pass time at the moment is chewing his fingers, it is a challenge trying to feed him when he wants his hand in there as well as the bottle.
hey there,

Ethan arrived 9th Dec - 5 weeks early. Have finally got into a routine so i know if i'm coming or going. He isn't rolling over yet, but isn't showing any interest to. He prefers to sit up so he can see what is going on. he laughs , smiles & chats away especially to his big brother. His favourite passtime is to chew on his fingers, which makes feeding interesting.
hi there,
my son zac was born on the 28th november 2004, i was due on 4th dec but was induced a few days early.....on my birthday!
zac is now smiling laughing rolling both ways, he has slept through the night from being 4 weeks old so i am very lucky! I'm interested to know everyones birth weight and length and what they weigh now zacs stats are weight 4.01kg now 8.36kg length 54.5cm now 68cm as you can see he is a big boy..........hope all is well with everyone.


Hi everyone!
It is great to hear from mums with bubs born in Dec 04. It is interesting to see where the babies are up to. Reilly is really starting to talk and babble the last few days and sooo many smiles and laughs - it is great! He weighed 3.36 kgs and is 47cm long at birth and now weighs 6.16 kgs and is 62cm long - we had a few weeks of no weight gain so are monitoring that at moment. He is still very happy though so can't be too hungry. Has anyone else experienced slow weight gain?? Last night I couldn't even wake him for a feed at 10pm he just didn't want to know about it and then slept until 6.30am - so again mustn't be too hungry! I didn't sleep a wink though.
Hope everyone is have a lovely day.

Kim, TAS, 4mth baby

Ethan weight was 2.5kg now 5.5kg length was 46cm
now 63cm. He is slowly starting to catch up to a full term baby. Ethan was sleeping thru the night since 8 weeks but, then got sick. He has just started sleeping thru the night again. It makes things so much easier.

Hope to talk to you soon.
Hi Kim,

Ethan had a few weeks of no weight gain when he was feeding every 3 hrs day & night. So i stopped breast feeding & put him on the bottle, because he was so small i couldn't afford for him not to put on weight. Ethan didn't like being woken at 10pm for a feed either, so now give him a roll over feed. It's great because i don't have to put up with a cranky baby.

Talk soon
Hi everyone well i had my baby boy Laylen on the 4th december but was due on the 16th he decided to come abit earlier.I also have a little girl who will be 2 next month so i have had my hands very full with 2 under 2 but things are a whole lot easier now. My little boy just had his 4 mth old needles today.Do any of you have other kids? where so u all live? I live in vic with my partner jay.

Hope to hear back from takecare Nat.
Oh and my Laylen has been sleeping through since he was 8 weeks old and he is rolling over to his stomache and yesterday started to roll back to his back.He is very happy most of the time and just loves to play and chew on his rattles he laughs all the time and it is just so cute.His teeth have already started to move around and hopefully they arnt anything like his sisters when they start to cut.

Anyway just thought i would tell abit about him and what he is up to.
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