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Any December 2004 babies?? Lock Rss

Hi Nat,

I have another little boy who turned two in february. So i know what you mean when you say you have your hands full. My little one had his needles on Tuesday. I hate taking them to get that done. Harry my eldest was very distressed because ethan was crying. I live at Swansea in Newcaslte nsw with my husband.

Hear from you soon Lisa.
Hi everyone,

My daughter Lily May was born 30.12.04 (like Jacob) she was 3 weeks early with a low bith weight of 2.1kgs she is now 4.5kg so she has doubled her weight.

She goos and gaas and has not long started to laugh it is so cute when she laughs but i suppose we all think that. She has not yet tried to roll, but she does grab for toys and also loves to suck her 3rd and fourth finger at once this is a great look.

Lisa I am from aberglasslyn near Maitland about how far away are you at swansea?

I have an 11 yr old son Jesse and 3 daughters Haylee3, Kate 15mths and Lily 3.5mths. I know you are probably all thinking 3 children 3 and under and i agree, it is so hard especially since i have become a single mum. So talking to you all is my life line. So thanks for reading and hope to her from some of you soon.

Have a great day

Karen, NSW, 11,3,1yrs & 3mths

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a good night and got some sleep! Well I live in Hobart Tasmania and we have the most wet, cold and miserable day and I have to take little Reilly out! Would you believe yesterday was 22 and today is 13 - crazy! We are going down to the open clinic to get him weighed to see if has put any weight on.
Does anyone elses bub suck on their bottom lip? Reilly does it constantly, sleeping and awake and also when I try to feed him. He refuses a dummy spits it out at me and yesterday just wouldn't take a bottle - won't suck. I am breastfeeding but like to express and give him the occassional bottle. I really want him to take a bottle so that I can express and go out or if I can't feed him someone else can. How frustrating! Any ideas?? I tried him again this morning and no luck!

Okay that is enough from me this morning - must fly. Have a good day.


Kim, TAS, 4mth baby

Me too! I have twins Emma and Brandon born Xmas Eve 2004. They were 4 weeks early and weighed 2.6kg and 2.1kg - they spent 20 days in the SCN. They are formula fed - just starting to grasp toys, and Emma is trying to roll over. They now weigh about 4.7kg and 5.2kg. I have just started them on rice cereal -which Brandon loves, but Emma is not so keen.
Hi everyone how are u al doing? well laylen has got the sorest legs after his needles because this other lady did them as my normal health nurse was away i have never seen this before as every other time my kids have had needles there wasnt even hardly a mark but this time his legs are swallon and have big red welt things on them i have had to give him panadol every four hours as they are just so sore poor little bub have any of you experienced this after needles i honestly think the lady didnt do them correctly. Well laylen is bottle fed has been since day one he is also on solids as he is a very hungry baby and my daughter was also so he has 3 feeds a day cereal for breakfast,custard and fruit for lunch and vegeies for tea he loves his food he is a real chubby any of you have msn messenger? as if u do would love to catch up and chat sometime only time i normaly get on the computer is of a night though as i dont have much time in the day. Lisa How has your 2yr old handled haveing a new edititon to the family? my daughter was fantastic at the start then she could get abit nasty but now dosent seem to worry at all.
anyway better run nice to meet you all and catch up soon takecare Nat

Laylen 4 mths
caprice 23mths
Hey there,

Karen i'm not sure exactly where aberglasyn is but, maitland is only about 40min from swansea.

Nat ethan had his needles the other day you can see the spots where they jabbed him but, he doesn't have any welts. It sounds like harry is acting the same way as your daughter towards the baby. We are at the nasty stage at the moment. One minute he is kissing him and talking to him , then the next moment he is throwing things at him or taking things off him. I'm hoping this is a faze and will pass soon.
Talk to you all soon Lisa.
hi.......we're new parents and our son was born on the 15th december 2004.....he's smililing and laughing...likes to lay down play with his gym and roll front to back....he hasn't got the hang of crawling yet but he can hold his head up....he's a little cutie....but all parents are

Matt & Shell

Matt & Shell

we live at rutherford/aberglasslyn border and are looking for people to chat to.......don't be shy to reply!

Matt & Shell

I live in aberglasslyn right on border aswell what street? How many kids do you have and what ages?

Karen, NSW, 11,3,1yrs & 3mths

we only have 1.......he's 4 months as of today......we live in Aaron Cove.........if anyone finds it easier to contact by email.....our email address is [email protected]

Matt & Shell

hello ,
my son Liam was born on the 1st of dec 6 weeks early, hes a real cute little chubby thing.
i've got another little boy Jack who was born on the 13th of jan 2004 Yep 2 bubs in the one year..yeah yeah i forgot how to say NO!!!!!hhahhahhaha
take care everyone
my daughter Cassidy was born on the 21/12/2004.She is soo cute she just started on rice ceral and she loved it she likes to roll side to side hates sitting on her bum but loves to push of her legs up and lifting her bum of the ground when she is laying down. she beening sleeping through the night since 8 weeks. She hates having her nappy of for long periods of time and hates to lay on hard surfaces like the change tables in ths shopping centre

mel nsw

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