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Any December 2004 babies?? Lock Rss

Hi ladies how you all doing? well everything going fine from my end laylen is starting to calm down abit after his needles although last night was the night from hell as they both kept me up most of the night hopefully things are looking up tonight i knew they would both play up as there father has gone away for a few days it is always the case.
So how many of you are doing night feeds still? i havent had to do one since laylen was 8 wks old so i have been lucky he sleeps straight through unless something is upsetting him like his reflux.Do any of you have a reflux baby? laylen only has it mild but it is still a pain in the bum i have him on s-26 AR and that has helped alot but still spews alot and squirms around.
So what are all your babies routines like during the day?just thought it would be interesting to see how your days go with your lil ones.
Mine with laylen goes something like this.
Goes to bed anywhere between 8:00-8:30pm wakes at 8:00-9:00am bottle,play,breakfast back to bed about 10:00-11:00am
wakes(he normally dosent sleep long in the day) plays,bottle,plays,lunch,then back to bed in the afternoon about 1:00-2:00pm then wakes again and plays,bottle,plays and might doze off for a cat nap then has bath at about 5:00pm then has a nap then wakes has tea,plays,bottle and then bed.
do your lil ones sleep much in the day? laylen dosent sleep for long periods in the day but he sleeps all night.takecare Nat
Hi i am a first time user. so forgive the spelling errors!
My Daughter Lauren was born on the 20th December 2004. She has the same routine as Laylen nearly to the letter, except we aren't interested in solids! At easter time Ben my 3 and a half year old was horrified as Lauren didn't like chocolate! ha wait till next year!
Ben had reflux pretty bad but i didn't realise this till he was nearly 1 yr old and i put him on the S26 and it got a lot better. Keeping him upright for half hour after a feed was the key to him keeping his food down. No such worries with Lauren loves her boob and a bottle! She was born 8 pound neat and is about 7 .5 kgs now had her needles on Tuesday and gave the Dr the meanest look. got to be cruel to be kind as far as needles go.
Lauren has been sleeping through since she was about 2 and a half months old. I figure she will wake up when she is hungry, let her and me get some sleep!! she woke up last night and i put the dummy back in and she went to sleep am not about to start night feeds now, don't want to start that as it will become expected!
Anyway had better go
hope you are all enjoying your babies as they all grow up so fast!!

Katrina Qld. Ben 3.5 yrs Lauren 4mths

Hi Nat

Just replying to Laylens needles. My third child had trouble with her needles where as the others didn't i had to have her on panadol afterwards and she was cranky for nearly a week after. I found out that she actually had a reaction to one of the components in the needle so maybe he had a slight reaction also should ask your dr next time you go.

Lily is such a placid baby you don't here boo from her unless she wants to be fed. So i'm really lucky. She isn't due for her needles for another 1.5 weeks I think she is the baby out of all the babies so far that are on this thread. She just scraps in being born on the 30th.

Chat soon

Karen, NSW, 11,3,1yrs & 3mths

Hi Nat,

Not doing night feeds unless Ethan is sick. I've had 2 reflux babies. My eldest was on S26 AR but continued to vomit until he was 12mths. (poor thing) . But i have got Ethan on Karicare AR and the vomiting stopped instantly. I wish i had of known about the Karicare with my first.

Days are a bit over the place at the moment, as he has decided to change his routine on me. He used to sleep for an hour in the morning, 4 hours in the middle of the day, than an hour in early evening and then go to bed between 8 - 8:30.
Life is so much better when you have a routine. Hopefully i'll have worked out his new routine in a couple of days.

Talk soon Lisa
Hi again Ladies well how are we all? well everything seems to be looking up my end laylen has calmed down after his needles now alothough he still has bruises and hard lumps on his legs but they are starting to clear up now boy i hope next time i dont have this much trouble goodluck to all of you's that still have to take there lil ones for needles.
Lisa laylen still seems to chuck a fair bit but he isnt as unsettled when it comes up now How long do you have to keep them on the reflux formula for? i havent had a reflux baby before so dont know all that much about it they do grow out of it dont they eventually? how do you know when it is gone? any info would be great.
Well i seem to be having more trouble with caprice lately today she just hasnt stopped whinging she is driving me crazy. Well i have to agree that having a routine is the best thing well it is for me as whith 2 kids i guess u kinda have to or u end up all over the place. So how many of you are planning on having more children? I plan to have at least 1 more maybe even 2 as i am only young but then just have to wait and see what happens.
anyway better run caprice is pulling my leg off cause she wants something takecare everyone Nat.
Hi all - has been great reading what your little ones are up to. Elissa has 4 bottles/day, sleeps thru til about 5-6am tyhen back to bed til about 10ish. Has another 1--2 hr sleep at lunch & another hr in the afternoon. She is a reflux baby too but seems to be inproving - am actually thinking about taking her off thre Zantac as she doesnt seem to be in the pain that she was in before. Paige was on Zantac & Mylanta until she was 18mths old but she also bled internally from the reflux. I would be lost without my other 2 to help keep her occupied - she just loves them. We went away for the weekend without the girls & she was so glad to see me she threw up all over me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE Talk to you all soon

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

Hey Nat,

I kept my eldest son on the reflux formula for 12mths. It is up to you how long you want to keep them on it. The only way to find out if has gone is by putting them on normal formula. It is meant to settle down once they are on solids and sitting upright more. I'm planning on leaving Ethan on it for the 12mths as well.

At the moment we are planning to have another baby next year, but then i have a bad day with the boys and it makes me think twice. That thought only lasts for a second though.
Have to go Harry is trying to type while i am.
Talk soon Lisa
Hi Lizza, My daughter Lauren was born on the 20th december was due on the 21st. and she isn't interested in food at all. too busy poking out her tounge! She also likes rolling from side to side and sitting up and watching everything/one. Her brother Ben 3.5yrs is a very proud boy as he is the only one who can get her to laugh! Touch wood lauren has been sleeping through for about a month and it is great, now i just have to learn to go to bed before midnight. :~
have a good day

Katrina Qld. Ben 3.5 yrs Lauren 4mths

Hi Twinkletoes. My little one is 20 weeks old and has been sleeping through the night since she was 6 weeks old. She was in neo-natal for 12 days eventhough she was only a week early (I was induced) as she had low-blood sugar levels. She's very well now and is both breast and bottle fed. She's on Nan HA and has been on it since day on.

Her routine goes like this:
Goes to bed between 10:30-11:pm wakes about 9-11am (it just depends), has a feed and then goes for another nap for a couple of hours. When she wakes up between 1&2pm she has a bath or sponge down.
3pm we go for a walk with another mum for about an hour which she sleeps for the 1 st 1/2 an hour. Dad gets home between 6-6:30 and he has quality time with her while I cook dinner. She has a feed about 6:30 and then we (hubby and myself) sit down and have our dinner while she plays with her toys for a little while and then has another nap and then a final feed approx at 10pm and off to the land of nod for the rest of the night

I noticed that if my mother looks after her she is more cranky and is harder to settle her to sleep at night but if she has a normal day time routine she's fine

Ally, Perth, 4 1/2 mth baby

Hi well i have enjoyed reading about your lil ones routines So how are all your lil ones doing? my 2 are great laylen had an unsettled night last night not sure what the problem was but he fianlly settled down about 2:00am What size clothes are your lil ones in? laylen is 00 and some 0's the ))'s are just about ready to be put away he is just so fat compared to my lil girl she was so little she wasnt in 0's till she was about 12mths old.
anyway hope u are all well takecare nat.
Hi all

My Zak was born on 30 December also, he was two weeks early. He sleeps very well with an average of about 9 hours at night. I've started him on a routine of a couple of 1.5 hour naps during the day lately. He never used to sleep during the day and got a bit ratty! He's getting to the stage now where he plays with his gym and looooves his teddy bear. He laughs and smiles a lot and has just recognised his feet and is starting to play with them. He is also starting to sit up by himself.

As for solids, I've got him on rice cereal first thing in the morning, which is helping the nap factor tremendously. I tried starting him on pureed fruit but it was a bit too much for his tummy.

Hope to chat more soon. smile

Baby Zak, SA

Jessica is going very well. She has had a bad day today. She suffered from Colic for majority of day and is finally asleep so hopefully she will sleep til 8 or 9am. She was up at 7:45am this morning after a restless night. She fits into 00 clothes and some 000 shirts. She only weighs 6.2kg. My friends son is already 7.5kg and he is only 9 weeks old.

Ally, Perth, 4 1/2 mth baby

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