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Any December 2004 babies?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone well how are all your lil ones doing? my 2 are doing just fine i have been busy planning my caprices b'day party for this weekend and then we are having visitors and my brother is also coming home so proberly wont get much time to get on over the next week or so.
Well laylen is almost sitting on his own also he was born the 4th december my daughter never sat up till late like 8-9mths so he is going to be alot earlier then her i think he willalso walk alot earlier as he would take off now if he had the balance.
anyway i havent had a chance to catch up with any of you on messenger yet but hopefully soon i think i have both you on my list.
takecare everyone Nat

Laylen neally 5mths
caprice 2 next week
I can't believe how advanced all your bubs are. It will be months before my two sit up. Brandon can't even lift his head off the floor more then 2cm on tummy time (Emma can lift her's up and look around for a minute or two). My two have been sleeping through since 3 months. they feed at 10pm, then sleep till 6am. I am finding it hard but lately to keep them entertained. How do you play with a baby that can't sit up, can't grab at toys, can't hold toys etc.
Mrs Blud - try reading to them, talking to them in silly voices etc. ITs time consuming and a little boring but its worth it because they'll get to play with you.

Hi Mrs Blud,
I too have twins, identical boys. They can only hold their head up a little bit as well and can slightly roll to the side or on to their belly and get stuck. They only hold onto a toy for a few mins then drop it but can work out how to pull that dummy out.
(game wise) I sit them on my lap and play like peak a boo and sort of scare them and they laugh their heads off.
otherwise mine tend to sleep more than they are awake, during the day anyway.
gotta go I have a 3 yr old that is sending me gcgcsg cj bnxbc

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hey December mums - need some advice?

I know this topic may have been covered before so I apologise if I'm rehashing.

Jacab starting rolling onto his tummy last weekend - YAY! but when he gets to his tummy he screams blue murder. I've tried getting down to his level and playing with him and I've also tried picking him up and settling him only to find when I put him back down he's straight onto his tummy and crying again.

I know this is probably just "one of those things" but I'm just curious if any of you have had this happen and how did you help your baby?

Hi all you December mums
I don’t really know where I fit in because my little man was born in Sept but wasn’t suppose to arrive until Christmas (3 months prem) but after reading all your messages, he is mostly at about the same December level as your bubs.
Charlie loves to chat to anyone who will listen, even when his fingers are constantly attached to his mouth. He loves his gym but is not quite there on grasping his toys. His favourite things are some rings looped together that we got from K-mart. The rings are small enough to grip and must taste good too! He loves them.
He hasn’t started rolling yet and hates tummy time. Im guessing 3 months in hospital mostly on his back didn’t really give him a good start, but he is happy and health and lights up our hearts with his cheeky smiles. He now weighs 6.1kg and is 59cm long (born 900g and 37cm)

Caz, Melb, mum of Charlie 3 months prem

December Mums,

Would there by chance be any of your ladies who have experienced this.....

Jacob was sleeping very well for 2-3 hours from about 11.30am to 2.30pm approx. with two little kips in the morning and late afternoon. This was something he just seemed to do right from when we got home so I went with the flow and he has slept very well at night and continues to do so.

But in the last week he has started to skip the lunch time snooze altogether and only cat nap in the mornings for 45 minutes and hence he's quite cranky by the afternoon. I have tried the usual sleep triggers like warm milk, lullaby's etc but alas they don't work and the tears flow. When this happens I usually try to settle him down with rocking him in his rocker which works to settle the cries but not help the sleep.

I know some might say be pleased he at least sleeps well at night - of which I am don't get me wrong but I wondered if there are any mums who have catnappers and how do you help them to settle?

Hi december mums havent been on in a few days as we had caprice's b'day party on the weekend and have had visitors.
Well laylen is great has been waking on and off a bit in the night lately i think it is due to teething so gave him to panadol tonght hope this helps hi abit.
Tricia Laylen used to sleep well in the day also but now has cut out his morning nap and has one in the afternoon and then just cat naps the rest of the day he sleeps well at night most times but now the teeth have started to move. Laylen never seems to sleep for long periods in the day i dont know why how long are al your babies sleeping in the day.
anyway takecare Nat
Twinkle toes - I feel silly now - he slept for 3 1/4 hours straight today.

But other mums in my fitness class today said they went through the same thing - basically if he sleeps well at night which leads me to sleep well - he can get through a day on catnaps - well we shall see what happens in the next few days.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Caz,
Welcome to you and Charlie sounds like he is doing really well now.
What date was he born???
I have got twin boys who were 2 months early one now weighs 5.2 the other 6.9
Hope all other mums are doing well also
The boys had their 6 month needles yesterday, because of their birth date. Not happy at all.
Anyway better go time for a feed soon.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Janelle
Twins! I find one to contend with is enough....
Charlie was born 27th Sept 04 at 26 weeks. He has done really well besides his lungs being immature. He has chronic lung disease and is still on oxygen but hopefully not for too much longer. We are in the process of weaning him off it and are hoping to be free of his 'snorts' and lead before he starts crawling.
He currently weighs 6.5kg and is on a feeding frenzy wanting a feed every 3 hours which is torture during the night! Must be a growth spurt but do they get them at 4 months? (corrected age)
I have just started him on solids so hopefully that will fill him up a bit more.

Caz, Melb, mum of Charlie 3 months prem

Hi all

Annaliese was born on 13th December and was sleeping thru from day 1!! Don't get too excited as it only lasted about 2 months and now she seems to wake once at night, sometimes more. Oh well, at least she is better than my son (who will be 2 next week) who used to wake every 2 hours!!
Annaliese was rolling both ways from 3 months and the last 2 weeks has been crawling very slowly a short distance to get a toy. I wouldn't really say she is crawling as she gets tired straight away and frustrated, but she is using her legs, tummy and arms to move her body. I have also started her on solids about 2 weeks ago as well as she seemed ready and hungry all the time. She took the rice cereal 1st go, and the next day I added fruit to it and she loved that too. I also began with a whole mix of vegies and she scoffs that down no worries! She seems to be wanting the food rather than her formula, which I'm not sure what to do with, but a few people tell me go with what she wants.
She seems like she is developing in that sense a little too quickly and I don't want her to become damaged in any way.
The weird thing is, is that she is totally different than my son, who we still fight with daily to have a full meal. He refused everything from day one and it was such an effort to feed him anything. and still is!!
I guess all babies are so different and you really shouldn't compare I guess.

Have a nice day....!!

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

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