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Any December 2004 babies?? Lock Rss

Hello Kim,
my name is Belinda and I had Ellie Sienna on the 3rd December 2004, she slept throught the night by 4 months old once on solids and was bottle fed(having 2 other children 1age 5 on 30th August and the other age 2 on 25th June)gave me no breaks to have adequite milk unfortunately, but she is doing well, always smiling and laughing if provoked and over tired,easy to feed and a really easy going baby-great for us!
love to hear from you!

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

Hi girls,
has anyone else experienced this? My daughter will sleep 1 hours a day if I'm lucky, but goes to bed at 6pm and sleeps till 7am,yes that's great and all 3 of my children are in bed by 7pm at the lastest but I need to get housework and things done during the day, luckily I guess Maddison is at preschool 3days one week,2days the next but Lleyton is turning 2 on 25th June and a real handful, now sleeping in his toddler bed,doesn't usually sleep during the day anymore aswell.......I feel like I'm never ever getting a break from these children and I'm sooooooooooo stressed out! Am I the only one??????????????????//

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

Hi Everyone

I have just discovered this forum and I am enjoying reading about everyone's experiences and their precious babies.
We had our first child on the 23rd December 2004, a little girl named Hannah, though she is not so little anymore.
Hannah was originally due on 31/12/04 but was booked in for a caesar on the 23rd as she wasn't going to fit through my pelvis.
Hannah is formula fed and absolutely thriving. She weighs about 7.5kgs now. She is a happy delightful baby with plenty of smiles.
She loves her toys and playing on a big mat on the floor so she can practice her rolling, though she only gets as far as her side. She enjoys tummy time too but ony for short periods of time. Hannah absolutley loves the Jolly Jumper, one of the greatest inventions ever!! She thinks she is so clever and has a ball bouncing around. I live in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs and would love to hear from people either close by or not so close.

Till next time

Hi everyone sounds like your little ones are doing really well.
I have a household full of sick little ones at the moment. First my DD came down with a horrible cold then one of the twins has got a dreadful cough and chokes all the time, and his brother has just started today.
I have to keep a good eye on him today(doctors orders)-yes he is right next to me, if his breathing gets much worse it will be a quick trip to the hospital. Which will be hard as he is a twin.
You feel so sorry for them

anyway on a brighter note,
they are still trying to get the hang of rolling,
can kick and grab at their toys,
have got the hang of huge smiles and giggles, and thankfully can sleep well, but not at night still do the 4 hr thing.

If anyone is interested I have a site set up which someone else started in general discussion under the heading photos please.
I would like to see some of your little ones too.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

hi there my son konrad was born boxing day afternoon he to is a great sleeper and love's his gym and soft toy's,my son is teething now has been for a month he to is not rolling over properly but when it's tummy time he has sarted to put he's bum in the air his so cute.are you a stay at home mum like me i love it he does something new ever day and i get to see it.
hear from you soon i hope
nesha from n.z

nesha. nz.10 month old baby boy

Hi everyone how you all doing? well we are all doing great laylen has really grown over the last couple weeks have to get hime weighed next week have any of you had your bubs weighed recently? what did the weigh and measure?
laylen is rolling over to his stomache and he has a couple of times rolled back to his back but now i think he has forgottenhow he did it.He gets angry when he cant get back to his stomache.
janelle am sorry to hear that your kids have the cold there is nothing worse mine have recently just got over the flu once again.
well maybe we should try start up a msn group for december mums as there seems to be alot of us here? just an idea that we we could show our babies off and lots of other stuff.
anyway better run takecare Nat.
ok well i have made a group for us if you wanna join?
heres the link

look forward to seeing you all there Nat
If the bottom link dosent work try this one
come on december mums come join all us others in the group.
hope to see you all there soon Nat
Tallan was born on December 16 2004. He was due on christmas Day, but I asked, well actually, alnmost demanded that I be induced as I did not want to be on hospital over Xmas. After having my waters broken, I successfully followed with a drug free natural birth. It was amazing!! So different from my first labour experience in which I tried every drug there possibly was! (without much relief though!) Will definately go drug free again!
He has been sleeping through for at least three months or a little more, and is on teo solid feeds a day. He is quite lazy though, and isn't really rolling much. At two weeks old, he rolled for about a week, then gave up, and has only rolled over again perhaps five or six times. I don't ming though, as I also have a very active two and a half year old that does enough running around for the both ot them!! lol!

She, and my three....boys!!

Hi Everyone,

Ruby was born on the 25th of December.Ruby is a great sleeper as well.Ruby is always laughing and is an expert at rolling over.She does not like tummy time and by that she has learned to roll over.And She loves eating babyfood.I am from Adelaide.
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