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Best thing/memory of your labour Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Just thought it would be nice to share some positive memories of our births.

I would have to say i enjoyed it all but the best memory for me was being at home with the three people i trusted most,DH,midwife 1&2.
And of course holding bubs for the first time-i was shaking so much it felt like she was vibrating!!
Would love to hear anyone elses...

Mumma to M- Growing a Nov babe

I would have to say that the feeling of baby sort of sliding(if it can be called that!) out-after the intense pain of the head is over, is an amazing feeling. I only felt this with my third because the other two i was on the bed on my back for and with Molly i was sort of on all fours on the ground over a bean bag. Was so intense!!

and my other favourite time is about 2 hours after giving birth when you have had a chance to collect yourself, have a shower, put on your new jamies pop a bit of powder on to get rid of the whole washed out look and are sitting in bed holding new bubs with darling hubby beaming next to you!

Cant beat it-wish i culd re live it over and over!

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1


Neither of my labours were easy (but then again I am not a pain person!!) but the best bit of the whole labour is when your new bubs is finally out and they place them on you straight away.
It is such a great feeling, looking down at the beautiful baby that you created. I don't think nothing beats this moment!!
Like others have said I could relive this moment over and over again.
With my second labour, just before second stage (ie, about 9-10 cm dilated), I had an endorphin rush. It was a particularly big contraction, but weirdly, it felt amazing, and started smiling, then laughing. But better than that were the few precious minutes I had with my baby before he was taken to special care nursery. BTW, he's now 10 months and healthy!

Paula, Ellie 3 yrs and Will 18 mths

These are so lovely to read.

I had no pain relief for 14 hours and to finally hear my Obstetrician say he can see the eyebrows, then the shoulders, it was such a relief to finally be at the end.

Then when he was placed on my chest, and they leave you for a while, the room was silent and it was just baby, husband and I all gazing at each other. The midwife had opened the curtains in the room and the sun was rising over the special.
I enjoy everything and even my pregnancy and I think that the best thing was when they pass me my daughter to me and my partner and when she cry for the first time to know that she was okay and also having my partner there to experince for the whole thing with me.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi there,I think the best moment is when they put your baby on your chest and u look at ur baby for the first time. Its magical.After all that hard work u have something to look at that is so precious, i cant wait to do it again.
Best thing about my labour was my sister was allowed to pull baby out (by head) and put on my tummy! She birthed my baby! It was really lovely to have my sister/best friend do that for us.

What a great post - I always complain about the pain and forget to remember that it was actually the best day of my life!
After a 23hour or so labour, the best thing was having Ella put on my chest & hearing her cry!
I don't think anything can top that first moment!

Hi all

I have to say i was induced an had an epidural, i had my partner, mum and dad in the birthing suite with me all day and it was quiet a relaxing day. Then when it was time to deliver it was just my partner me and my mum. I had two lovely midwives as well!
One of the most precious moments i will remember foreva was the seeing the emotions that my partner experienced, when our beautiful baby girl isabelle was born. The tears running down his face and the smile on his face was just amazing, and beautiful.
i never thought a man could express his emotions as much as he did that day it was truely beautiful!

Nicole, First Time Mother to Isabelle (Perth,WA)

I agree with Kath that final push as the rest of the body comes out is great, because you know you've done it.

But I would have to say the best part is when everyone leaves just you and baby alone and you just get to lay there and stare at the beautiful little face that you've waited so long to see.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

The whole experience I'd have to say was totally AWESOME to me, just amazing how we can create along with our loved ones such a gorgeous most precious innocent little life that shares our looks and our personalities!

But... if I had to narrow it down to just one thing, oh is 2 okay? lol!, it would have to be the very first sight of their head crowning, just knowing/seeing how close you are to meeting your new precious life is such an overwhelming joy, but oh... I cant end there, that very first cuddle and look into their gorgeous eye's is oh so exhilarating!!!!

What a lovely thread to have started up!

Everyone here has a beautiful answer to such a warming creation of life!

Edited to add: Because I stuffed up! Oppzzzz...

[Edited on 24/04/2007]

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