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December 06 Babies Lock Rss

hi there

my name is emma i had my first bub on the 6th. just wondering if theres any other mums with december bubs out there.

would love to chat

emma nsw dylan john 6/12/06

hi Emma my name is Sandie i had i baby boy Carlo on the 15th dec i also have a son Dylan who will be 8 on 10th feb

Sandie with Dylan 8yrs. Carlo 14 weeks

Hi Emma,
Just a wee reply from across the waters in NZ! i was due Christmas Day but my wee darling girl, Keira came on 11th Dec, very thoughtful of her!! I am actually from Scotland and have lived here for 3 years now. Keira is our first baby and we are so thrilled!

lynn, NZ, Baby girl, Keira Anne, born 11th Dec

hi all december mummies
My daughter Hayley was born on the 7th December weighing 7pd 8oz and was 47.5 cm Hayley is a very good baby she eats and sleeps well. She just had her 2mth injections and weigh in and she is now 56.6 cm and weighs 5.4kg.


hey i had my maddyson ont he 5th!!! if u wanan chat add me to msn
[Edited on 18/04/2007]
Hi Just wondering how all the Decemeber babies are going?? Was told by the clinic nurse that my DS isnt a baby any more he has turned into a beautiful little boy (my heart swelled). Well I can't believe James is four months today, where the time went i dont know. He rolled onto his belly today, just doesnt like laying on his arm, the one underneath him.

Would be great to hear how you are all going?? James has started to wake through the night again, wondering if anyone else has had this happen?


[Edited on 17/04/2007]
Hi emma Im tania new on her i had my 1st bubs (my partners too) on 2nd of dec James too lol he was 11lbz 7oz.

I neva found out i was preg untill i was 8 months and never found out my due date untill 5 days before i had james

I had a natural birth with james and was only on gas.

James in on soilds twice a day now and hes loving them YAY.

He has been waking up during the nitefor the past 3 weeks at 2 and then at 5:30 i just get up and put his dummy in his mouth and he goes bac to sleep , I only give him a dummy when hes sleeping, Hes been sleepin thur the nite for the past 2 months.
Hi, just wanted to say G'day and say that my little fella was born on the 21st of Dec (06).

He too is waking usually only once during the night sometimes twice whereas he used to be sleeping through. He is also feeding more during the day so maybe it's a growth spurt.

My munchkin has been rolling onto his tummy for the past 3 or so weeks and is now almost rolling back. So proud!
He also gets his knees RIGHT up under him and tries to crawl but his tummy is still flat on the floor. It's so funny to watch. He is also pushing up off his chest now so he can see where I go. We always have to place him back on his mat too as he does 360's and end up in a totally different direction that what we placed him in. He's a dag!

Must run. Cya

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

My wee man james has been doin the same when hes on his mat with a bear bum i have to put cloth nappies over the hole mat as he wriggles around within seconds, He hasnt tried to crawl yet tho but theres alot of him to hold, hes 8.520kgs which s 18lbz 12 1/2oz and that was at 4 months lol
Hi there Emma,

My gorgeous little girl Hannah was born in December 2006. She's our little angel. She arrived on the 19th which was also the anniversary of my mothers passing. She has brightened up our lives. And brought so much happiness to all our family. she has been doing well sleeping through at nite. I love it.However she has just got two teeth and she's not a happy camper at present!
Hi my littlest man was born the 1st Dec.He was 3.2kg and 51cm born and at 4 months was 7.5 kg and 67cm. He is sleeping through the night but the last couple of days hasn't slept well during the day and seems to want more feeds so I am thinking he is going through a growth spurt. He is not interested in rolling over at all, but tries very hard to sit up.
I am seriously thinking of starting solids but will wait until he is more than 5 months at least. He is showing interest when we have our tea and I am feeling quite empty in the evenings. Although he is still sleeping through at night.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

My gorgous litle boy was born on the 21st of December and he is really powering along. Last weigh in was at about 3 1/2 months and he weighed 7.94kgs an was 63cms long. He has a bit of reflux, that has now settled done through a switch to reflux formula. He doesn't feed during the night but I'll be up a few times to put that dreaded dummy back in!!
I have also started him on solids and he loves them big time!
He also rolls from tummy to back but is not interested in rolling from back to tummy but he loves to be sitting up, witch he can do really well for a 4 month old.
Look forward to hearing what you Dec babies are up to!

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