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March 2006 Babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I have a DD who was born the 15th march 06.

Has anyone else got a baby that was born around that time that would like to chat??

Hoping to chat soon

My DS was born on 11th March 2006 - and how the months have flown, can't believe he's 13 months old already.
Hi guys,
I have a dd born on 13th of march 2006. How did you celebrate your LO's birthdays and how are they going now?

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

My DD was born on the 2nd March 2007. And we have just welcomed her little brother who was born on the 29th March I suppose I have 2 March babies!!!!
My dd Megan Dana was born on 22nd March 06
Hi Amber,
My daughter was born on the 15 March 2006, can't believe how quickly she is growing up.

Michelle, NSW

my daughter was born March 20th 06. What are all your dd ds up to?

3 Little Ones to Love.....

my little man was born at 31 weeks on the 9th march 06
DS was born 9 days over due on the 13th march.

Ava was born on 9th March 2006.

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi All,

My bubba Ryan was born on 22nd March 2006.


DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hi - my DD Lilli was born on the 31st March 2006 - 10 days over. Hard to believe that she is nearly 14 months old already.

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

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