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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi to all the March Mummies.

I am starting this post because it seems that we have lost our old one when the web was updated.

I hope you all can find it. I have also put a post in the preg & birth section to say come over here.


Found you!
I hope others come soon.
It's a shame that we lost so many pages, all I can say is that I'm glad we weren't the only ones LOL

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi Naomi

I am so glad you found me. I am really upset that we lost so much of our lives on here just because Huggies wanted to change something that was working fine. They didn't even tell us that they were going to do it or I would have printed all the pages off to put in my girls baby books. I like to keep things like this and I thought it would be safe on here. I didn't even think of Huggies getting rid of the pages.

Well how is Annika going? It is hard to believe our bubs are now over a month old. I have a check up with the gp tomorrow for Natalie and Helen. Natalie's 4 week check and Helen's 18 month check and immunisation (sp) for chickenpox. I hate having to get the girls immunised (sp) but it is much better than if they were to get sick.

Well I had better go now before this turns into a long novel instead of a short novel. Helen is also wanting me. She is probably wanting to go to bed.

Chat again soon.

Hi Joyleen,
Yep I was cranky too that we lost the lot! There was no need, it was still obviously being used.

Kids are doing great.
Annika is six weeks old, like you say, I ant believe it. Annika also has an appointment tomorrow with the MCHN. I'm sure she will be aroung 6kg. She has really packed the weight on lately. She is a fantastic sleeper still, last night 7.30pm until 5am. It was great to get a good nights sleep but my boobs didn't appreciate it lol.
Dominik is cutting teeth, he has 2 molars, 2 more cutting. He has been getting into a bit of mischief of late, that puts some strain on my patience. The mummy in me gets frazzled, the childcare teacher in me says, he's just exploring and testing the boundaries.
Hope all goes well with the girls tomorrow.
Sorry I did turn this one into a novel lol.
Let me know how it goes tomorrow?
Take care...

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi Joyleen & Naomi,

Ive only just recently got into the whole forum thing and noticed this post about bubs born in March. Im pretty well in the same boat as you both, with 20mth old Isabella and 4 week old Connor.

Im so, so tired at the moment. Connor is waking every two hours and then wanting mummy and daddy time at some silly hour of the morning. Isabella is coming into that terrible stage and really pushing the buttons.

I got Connor weighed yesterday and he is at a healthy 4.5kg. So he has put on 900g since he was born!


Hey guys I found you!!! I have changed my username. I was bechope. Ashlee is 3 1/2 weeks now and she is doing good. Hope to talk to you guys soon..

Bec- Sunshine Coast, QLD, DD-Ashlee 26/03/07

Hi March Mummies

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since I had Brandon. Take me back to 6 weeks before I was due and I would have been complaining that the whole thing was taking forever and now I am complaining that time is flying too fast.
From Brandons 2wk check and 4wk check he had pilled on 750g. So my boobies are doing the trick. You can tell too as he is gaining a second chin and his legs aren't looking so chickeny.
We will all have to keep in touch and let each other know how our babies are going.

Kylie & Brandon

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hi there,
im a mummy to 3 beutiful girls.
miss charley aged 11 years
miss taya aged 12 months
and miss shanae aged 3 weeks. Miss Shanae was an early bubby still not due till the 22 april. She is doing really well, with a mild case of reflux and colic.

One thing ive found is that im so over being soo tired all the time. having to chase after a very active 12 month old and a colicky baby of the night it is hard work. then on top of that miss 11 years wants some attention because the babies are getting it all so she has being having minnor dummy spits.

ahh the joys of being a parent.

hi to all the march mummies

[Edited on 21/04/2007]
HI everyone.

We are doing fine. I am a little tired though. I seem to be attending to one baby or the other non-stop all day. This is the first time in ages that I have had a full two hours to myself without having to do washing or housework and not feel guilty for it. Ok so I should be doing the dishes or going to get that all important sleep that I need. I just wanted to catch up with you guys though. I miss chating everyday or so. I hope you don't mind but I am writing a novel here.

Helen had her 18 to 20 month check up on Tuesday just gone. She is now 11kg and 80cm tall. She also had her chickenpox needle and didn't even cry. She grizzeled as if to say "you are hurting me, please stop that".

Natalie also had her 4 week checkup on Tuesday and all is fine. She now weighs 4.48kg (0.74kg up on birth weight) and is 55cm long(3cm up on birth length). She has also started smiling this last week. I am so excited.

Well I had better go because I am starting to get really tired now and Natalie will probably wake for a feed soon. She is going about 6 to 8 hours over night now between feeds and 3 to 4 hours during the day. I can't complain about her keeping me awake at night it is just that I try to do to much before going to bed after I get the girls to bed.

Keep smiling it can only get better.

Hi guys,

really annoying they got rid of the old forum, but i hope all is going well with those who manage to find the new one.

Briar is 5 weeks old now and going really well. She sleeps through the night, only waking once for a quick feed and then she's back asleep again. its great cos i'm getting lots of sleep smile She's started smiling now and has started to look at everything thats going on. She's just beautiful!! i can't stop looking at her smile

hope all is well and that more of us can find this forum smile

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

Emma it is good to see that you have found us.

Natalie is doing really good. She is starting to take more and more in every day. She is a really happy baby.

Well I had better go I think Natalie has a wind bubble.

Will chat again soon.

Hi All,

I'm also new to this whole chat thing. My little girl Ella is 8 weeks on Thursday. And i too can't believe that not too long ago i was pregnant. boy does the time fly. I wieghed Ella today is she is now a massive 5.4kgs when she was born she was 4.4kgs. Does everyone elses bubs eat frequently during the day (BF) than one long sleep at night (6ish through till 4.30ish if i'm lucky)?

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