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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi All

Thanks for the advice Joyleen last night was a little better had a few more hours sleep, I reckon your right over the next few days it is rest time for me and bub house work can wait.[/img][/url]

Hi Mum2Lukas

My baby boy was born on the 30th March you are so lucky to be getting 11 hours each night, I could only wish to have that much sleep. Cooper is the same he has tummy time every day but still has not managed to roll over he can roll onto his side but cant quiet get all the way over.[/img][/url]

Hi coops mum. I am lucky with the sleep, I think it's just luck of the draw.. he'll probably make up for it by being a crazy toddler or something. I held his hand today to roll him over, thinking maybe it'll get him started! I also received his Huggies mat today which is awesome. He lies on it and wonders where the noises are coming from. I love the name Cooper, very cute..
Also coops mum, Lukas is on formula so that probably helps him sleep for longer. We also stick to a routine of him showering with his Dad and then I massage Johnsons Baby Oil with Lavender on him, get him into his pyjamas then lights out - hope this helps ;o)
Hi Mum2Lukas

LOL I think all toddlers can be crazy at times. we also received the new huggies mat the other day it is pretty cool I didn't realise that it was plastic, cooper isnt to sure about the animal noises but has a good old giggle at the nosies from the piano keys. I thought it would have been the other way around. I will have to try a bath before bed and the massage oil it might help him sleep a little longer. He almost rolled over today, got half way over and then rolled back his arm got in the way can't wait for him to really roll over.[/img][/url]

Hi Girls i'm here!!
I had my operation last week (9 days ago lol) all is well. I think I spent the first night and the next day in lah la land with the pain relief drugs! DH stayed home though so that was good then it was the weekend.
The op went really well, I was surprised at how quickly I have healed and how the dissolving stitches don't feel like razor blades cutting me (sorry tmi) lol. My movements and healing has been so rapid compared to when I was stitched after giving birth. I'm starting to wonder if this is how I was originally meant to heal, according to my bestie, it was. Not weeks of razor blades and soft squishy pillows to sit on. So I am happy! sorry to go on, but I am so relieved.

Now someone mention toddlers and pay back, well I seem to have one at the moment lol. Today he was such a perfect little boy, came shopping with me, helped me in the house, played with his trains, did some cutting, had a nap, played some more in the dirt, happily being a little boy. Then bath time came around and he turned it on. I ended up dumping him in washing him down and quickly getting him out. Then he wanted lollies before tea, then wouldn't leave annika alone! Always touching her head! grrr. He does love her dearly though, giving her toys, her dummy, kisses. Today I got some beautiful pics of tem cuddling together.

I took Annika to the Dr's yesterday, she was 4 mths old on Tuesday, so more needles. But I knew she had a cold and wouldn't get them, but her chest was rattly and she was wheezing occassionally, so I wanted that checked out. Well, her brochilitis has returned, or flared up again. Since Annika is strong and well built (meaning porka!) the dr checked her strength, she tries to pull herself forward when sitting and lifts her head on tummy. My little girl has been put on ventolin!!!
Normally kids under 12mths are not, but we cant shake it and the poor little love needs to breath better and not be coughing all the time, even in her sleep. That's why the Dr did strength tests. Normally children under 12 mths odn't have developed trachea muscles and ventolin is usless.
She started yesterday and already i can see and hear a difference yay!
I also had her weighed 6.7kg and 63cms. She has only put on 500gms in a month and grown 1 cm. I guess her being unwell hasn't helped with the weight, but she still feeds well.
She is such an angel, never cries (unless being overloved by Dominik) always has a smile, gurgles and kicks. You would never know she is unwell.

He he the other day she discovered she had feet! Was too funny, and today she managed to catch on of the little wriggling suckers!!

Sorry for the masive novel girs, I would write more but I'm sure your eyes are already hurting.
But one more thing..... she avidly watches me eat now, but i will wait longer til start her on solids. She needs to get well first, so I can immunise her too.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

OMG girls, so sorry, I just saw the size of my post!!!!!!
[Edited on 06/07/2007]

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi March Mummies!

No one will probably remember me as I was only here very briefly back in August, not long after I found out I was pregnant again.

Fast forward to March 20th and my darling son Harry was born. Soooo gorgeous (not biased at all lol) and weighing in at 10lb 1oz.

I forgot how much it HURT!! :|

Anyway...hope to stay in touch this time around. Have a great Saturday night everyone. Bye for now
Annie smile

Proud mum of Sam ('97) and Harry ('07)

Hey all you March Mummies!
whilst i was pregnant last year, I couldnt join the forum becuase Huggies was having some technical difficulties,
but i did follow all of the stories as i was going through much of the same things you were (Naomi and Joyleen)

After a 17.5hr labour and being 4 days overdue, Kiarna was born with the help of an Epidural (which didn't work due to her facing the wrong way which ended up in being a back labour for me) I had a drip, a catheter and just when i started pushing the drip fell out so they put another in my other arm!! (i felt like a pin cushion)

Then after i was pushing for 1.5hrs, they realised bubba's head was too big and wasn't going to come over my pelvic bone, so then they ordered a vacuum extraction because they recorded baby having an abnormal (FHR).. Then they done an episiotomy to finally get my 8.5 Pound baby out LOL (I laugh now but i thought i was going to die!) so 17 stitches later !!

Kiarna was born on the 27.03.2007 at 12.01am (the first baby born that day at the hospital lol

Im not in too much of a hurry to do that again,
but i look at my princess who is 13.5 weeks old,
8.5Kg and already teething and i would do it all over again in a heart beat for her =)

I think the hardest part was recovering from the stitches !!

Bye =)

Hi everyone,
as im just new to all of this just wanted to say hi and see what everyone's up to? Not much here just fed Liam so he's talking to himself now gives me time out. how is the weather up there? its cold here in vic. hope to hear from you soon.
Danielle,melbourne Liam 7/03/07

Hello all,
Just thought I'd stray away from the usual pages and have a bit more of a look around and found this page!
So cool.
My DS was born 6th of March, via emergency ceasarean section.
He was 7 weeks premature, but I had severe pre-eclampsia, (seizures), so they had to get him out for both our sakes.
I'm really proud of my baby boy, he's over 6 kilos now, was 1.5kg when he was born, so he's caught up pretty well.
I'd wanna hope so considering how much he eats.

Just wondering where other peoples bubs born around the same date are in their weight gain? As I have a friend who's baby was born 6 days after Lu, was overdue and weighs less than him now.

PS, weather here is crap, cold and probably going to rain soon. (Tassie)

Mezz, Hobart, Luka 6/3/07
Just wanted to welcome the new mummies to our "cyber mother's group" lol.
Liam's mum, Dannielle I think, good luck with the DH going away, we soo are here if you need us!
Mezz, Annika was born the 3rd (due the 5th) she weighs 6.7kg. She is now in the 75%, before she was in the 95%, but still guzzles like a piggy.
Well, it seems that the ventolin is doing the trick yay!!, her rattly chest is all but gone, no more wheezing, so hopefully Iwill be able to immunise her soon.
She actually has woken in the wee hours a couple of times this week, grrr. I think her coughing has woken her. Fingers crossed not tonight lol.
Anyways, she's calling for her dummy lol, goodnight all, chat again soon.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

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