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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi Naomi77, Austin not long had his rota virus vac.He got the runs for a couple of days.Did your other child get anything.DS#2 did for a day.and i did for 2.Dont know if it was connected or not.
Lil Austin has decided again to wake up more of a night, have to try changing it again.Last night he woke 4 times for a lil feed and cuddle.His been rolling heaps from tummy to back.And is trying to sit up when he is layed on the mat with a pillow under his head, so cute!!
His enjoying his rice cereal, breast and formula feeds. And just started on Heinz baby food.He has half jar a day.
Well take care all...Leah
hi where are you all from and wat date in march was your baby born?
hi lilly-marie

i am from brisbane and bub was born 16 march.

well better go


Hi Girls

How has every one been, we have been very busy and haven't been able to pop in. Cooper has been a little sick with one of those naughty winter colds. We had our needles on monday and boy did he scream, poor little man. He was really good after wards but the next day he was miserable, with high temp and just really grizzly. Well better go time for a feed. Good to see everyone is doing well

have a great day everyone[/img][/url]

Hi lilly marie.
I have just moved to Katherine in NT and Isaac was born on the 14 March. What about yourself and your bub?

hi there my baby lilly was born the 16th march also i live in new zealand dunedin
Naomi i missed you too. Oh so far away now!!! Glad i have all you guys or i might go nuts up here hehe smile nah its not so bad. I come from a small town so its much the same.
coops mum i hope cooper gets better soon. Isaac is having needles and weight done tomorrow so will fill you all in then.

Lilly marie welcome to our post smile Oh you must be freezing over there at the moment. Is Dunedin on the south island? I went on a 3 week hol to the north island a few years back. Very beautiful i must say smile

hehe thanks fi76 i think you get used to the cold -2 over night and 10-12 during the day it is at the bottom of the south island
My teeth are chattering just thinking how cold that is. Im originally from vic and it snowed there last week! I wouldve liked to have seen the snow but i dont miss the cold at all. Well must go, the little monkey is yelling out to me, probly has his leg stuck in the cot again. He wakes and the first thing he does is roll onto tummy and his leg and arm hang out the side hehe doesnt look comfy. I think he only knows how to roll one way so far.
Catch you all later
Fi xx

Hi Mezz, I call Louise Lulu.....mostly my beautiful girl. She was 2700g when she was born. They said if she was full term then she would of been over 4kgs. Her Brother was a little over 4kgs. He loves his little sister. When ever sher crys its a race to see who can get to her first....he wins every time.
Hi girls just a quick 1 to let you know isaacs weight. He is now 7.2kg and 68cms so he is growing very fast! He had 3 needles too and he cried a bit but no side affects which was great. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend xxoo

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